The daily life of an average middle class Malaysian is filled to the brim with nothing but racial controversies. The nation is the home of a diverse group of people who are from different ethnic classifications. Instead on being identified as nationalist we are trapped in a cobweb of our founding fathers making of a nation of racist.

This has resulted in the nation which is endowed with people of certain ethnic groups who have the talents and the ability to out shine and overcome any discriminatory policies that were first set in motion in the year of 1970 by the Barisan National (BN) government, as it still languishes in the pit of a bottomless sewer, where the ethnic purported Malay masses are still living in poverty.

Even in this day and age the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) which is the dominant party in the BN is not able to face reality that it will not be able to create history as UMNO endeavours to re-write history.

UMNO is engaged in an expedition and a misadventure to erase the well enshrined and deep rooted historical facts of how this nation was discovered, colonized and developed and grossly fails to give recognition to the people that devotedly contributed to laying the foundation to making this nation to be what it is today.

Why is it so?

According to historically documented facts the term Maleyu originated from Sri Lanka. The Ramananya is described as the monkey-god referred to as the Hamunan’s that came to the rescue of King Rama’s consort known as Sita from the demon King Ravina who lived in a city of gold in an island in Sri Lanka..

This city of gold was called Malayan. It supports the evidence that Malay culture originated from the riches of India when India was rich and powerful in gold and spices.

Further it is recorded in Malay history that Langasuka was ruled by King Wongakasan. He was a descendant of King Alexandra. This would suggest that the origins of the Malays are from the lower Greek Dravidian and Indo-Aryan ancestry as the Malays are of the Australasian group. For further reading and knowledge go to this link:

Therefore under these historically facts how are we to conceptually determine who is a “Malay Person”. It would be best for the reader to See Wikipedia’s  explanation at:( and at


Where it is suggested that a Malay person should be looked at in 2 levels, that is in the 1st. level the Malay should be seen as a race on the stock or racial stock level and in the 2nd. Level a Malay is to be seen at the ethnic level.

To maintain our sanity over the superficial claim made by UMNO and its racially defunct leaders let us just conclude that a person can demand for recognition that he or she is “racially” a Malay but then such a person is logically creating a fiction as he or she would still not  “ethnically” be a Malay.

Why would it be so?

This is owing to the fact that “ethnic Malays live mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei. This would make the Malaysian Malays demand to be recognized as a Malay race confusing when compared with other ethnic groups within the purported Malay race.

The other ethnic groups within the purported Malay race are definitely not ethnically Malays. Such as, the Javanese, Sundanese, Bataks, Minangkabaus, Acehnese, Banjarese and Bugis (examples from Indonesia), Tetum, Mambae, Tukudede, Galoli and Kemak (examples from East Timor) and Tagalogs,Cebuano, Ilocano, Bisaya, Hiligaynon and Bikol (examples from Philippines).

So the question that has to be answered by UMNO and its mediocre leaders is how are they to be “ethnically” categorized and identified when the word race is taken out of usage as we know it from our travels around the world.

When we go through immigration checks around the world all non-nationals entering a country are known as “Aliens” and these people are categorized as Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Arabs or Hispanics. The term “race” has no significance whatsoever.

So does Najib and all his band of thieves which includes the pseudo Malay known as Mahathir and the intellectually dishonest Cambridge export known as Khariy Jamaluddin (KJ) Abu Bakar  become “Aliens” when they demand that they are a Malay race?  It appears to be so.

It is apparent that by UMNO attempting to play the “Racial Card” it has fallen into the bottomless pit of being a “Race” without having any “Ethnic” roots upon which it can claim to have and behold to some form of tradition and cultural heritage, but it is premised on ethnicity and not “race.”

And this could be the root cause of all the problems faced by the Malaysian civil minded and mature populace, which has to be tolerant of the conceived and diabolically executed acts by a highly confused and defunct race willing to exist without its “Roots” that is its ethnicity which is only good for ones satisfaction and glorification and has no relevance to the acquisition of intellectual knowledge and the building of a robust and vibrant economy.

The cause for the research to pen down my thoughts arose from the unsavoury and misconceived statements issued by a Cambridge exported racist without ethnicity who had caused undue alarm to a small segment of racist in the Island of Penang over the procession that was to be held in conjunction with the birthday of Prophet Mohammad son of Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib.

This racist states in his Blog posting and I quote:

Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia (Pemuda UMNO) begitu terkejut dan memandang serius laporan Utusan Malaysia yang menyatakan bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang di bawah kepimpinan YAB Lim Guan Eng telah membatalkan perarakan bersempena dengan sambutan Maulidur Rasul pada tahun ini. Ini kerana, sekiranya laporan itu adalah benar, pembatalan perarakan menyambut hari kelahiran Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad SAW, yang merupakan satu amalan tradisi bagi seluruh Umat Islam di negara ini, adalah satu penghinaan kepada agama Islam dan juga Umat Islam di Pulau Pinang.

Whilst KJ has started to make a storm in a tea spoon Lim Guan Eng has stated as reported by Malaysiakini and I quote:

“There is a small segment of people who are playing with racial sentiments. They  wrongly interpret matters. They have only one letter in hand, and this is misleading.

It is like a blind person trying to comprehend an elephant. The person is gripping only the tail of the elephant, but has concluded that what is in his hand is actually a snake,”

Since I have quoted both the statement of the Cambridge export and that of the Chief Minister of Penang it is for the reading public to draw their conclusions which should be premised on our shared values and behaviour based on our good nature as a mature community.

From an objective view it is clear and apparent that KJ is currently suffering from a great loss of self respect even though he has been elected through corrupted means to the insignificant position of the Chief of UMNO youths. No doubt at one time that position held a great deal of power in the halls of power amongst the robber barons but not anymore as their days in office are numbered.

KJ is in the eyes of the general voting populace an endangered species. We all know that he is a show man and not a “dedicated leader” as he is a racist of the highest order. He should quickly learn to stop expressing his worthless emotions which are premised to garner support on racial and religious grounds to invoke or manufacture self pity.

He should also realize that if he considers himself to be an intellectual he should not reach a conclusion based on mere gossip as that is the most dangerous school of thought as it would make KJ a pariah in the image making faculty of the mind of all right thinking and mature people.

In the final analysis it would be an insult to the intelligence of all right thinking and mature Malaysians for mediocre politicians to ever dream of corrupting the heart of the people with their racially and religiously tinted antics as their visual presentations which is premised on race is no longer seductive to our imagination.

Therefore the last thing we need is a visual reconstruction of the dark clouds of racial and religious controversies. In its place all politicians on both side of the political divide should generally play politics but in particular focus and channel their energy to see over the horizon so that they can diligently chart policies on our economic stagnation and to arrest the current loss of our competitiveness in the global arena before we slip into being a despondent state, which is indeed not an imagined threat.



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