The Alliance Party which subsequently became the Barisan National (BN) has since our Independence on August 31st. of 1957 been and still continues to be the mother of all racist and are operating as political parties in Malaysia.

The closing balance of all its political objectives and activates are now in the hands of the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO). It is common knowledge that UMNO being a racist party of the highest order only represents the interest of the ethnic Malays who are its members. But then the ethnic Malays are split into supporting UMNO or Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) or the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

But since March 8 of 2008 UMNO leaders and Najib, who were perpetually lazy and only thought of the Malay interest and raped the nation’s coffers by their formulated policies like the New Economic Policy (NEP) which was introduced by his father Razak and discriminated the non- ethnic Malays like the ethnic Chinese and Indians through the “concept” of Malay Supremacy, now all of a sudden want to purportedly represent all Malaysians.

UMNO’s attitude and modus operandi is more akin to the fable of Rip Van Winkle. Like Rip Van Winkle a villager of Dutch descent who lived before and after the American Revolutionary Wars in a nice village at the foot of New York’s Catskill Mountains, the UMNO men met the ghost of Henry Hudson’s crew playing nine-pins and drank some of their liquor of “Malay Supremacy” and went to sleep under the shady umbrella of BN.

Just like Rip Van Winkle the UMNO men and Najib woke up and returned to the voters after 20 or so years in March 8 of 2008 and realized that they have lost their two-third majority in parliament.

In the case of Rip Van Winkle he had proclaimed himself as a loyal subject of King George III not knowing that the American Revolution has taken place and had changed the American way of life.  Unfortunately an old local recognizes him and Rip resumed his idleness in his daughter’s home.

But in Najib’s case all those who were born before 1950 and most of us who are keen observers of politics are aware that in 1987, when Najib was the UMNO youths chief had threatened with the waiving of his kris that he would bath Kuala Lumpur with the blood of ethnic Chinese over the setting up of the Merdeka University and over some other politically sensitive issues.

Then we had a mad man who was a pseudo Malay as the Prime Minister in office for 22 years who was down right a racist but conveniently forget that when he Mahathir registered as a Medical Student in Singapore he stated he was an Indian. Najib inherited the ghost of Mahathir.

Thus the abuse and systemic marginalization of the ethnic Chinese and Indians resulted in the political tsunami that transformed the political landscape in our nation. It resulted in the making of a drastic change to the recognised “Brand” of elected members of parliament on March 8 of 2008.

Hence, the established brand of political parties within the BN such as the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and the Gerakan have almost come to the stage of facing extinction or to use a better metaphor is moribund which translates to being at the point of death.

Nevertheless, Najib who graduated from a university located around the region where Sherwood Forest is located conceived and introduced the idea of the 1 Malaysia Concept but it is not premised on the philosophy of the legend of the famous Robin Hood. But in Najib’s case he takes as he likes from the tax payers money and disburses it as he likes.

The 1 Malaysia “Concept” is a generic term which is generally used in an abstract base in the field of computer science, in the programming language. It is used to describe the support of operations on a type which include syntax and semantics and as such the concept is inapplicable to the governing of a nation where the Supreme Law of the nation is enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

As a leader, Najib is incapable of being astute and has grossly failed to use the image making faculties of his mind. The Star reports on 14.02.2010 that Najib hoped all Malaysians will look ahead with greater optimism and resolve to build a stronger and more dynamic 1Malaysia.

Najib is further quoted as saying, “that it was an opportunity for all to reflect on personal achievements, shortcomings and challenges….and resolve to become better individuals in the years ahead.”

On reading Najib’s Chinese New Year message it is apparently clear to all right thinking people that Najib is a “Hypocrite” of the highest order. In actual fact “NAJIB HAS TO RESOLVE TO BE A BETTER INDIVIDUAL” as the majority of the people of this beautiful nation of ours have at all times been civil and have always demonstrated the spirit of humanism.

Whilst Najib thinks he is the Prime Minister, we the voting populace think and we cannot be wrong until proven otherwise, that Najib and his Ministers and UMNO supporters are haughty, ignorant and arrogant.

As such Najib and UMNO must resolve in the first place, to set up an Inter-Religious or Faith Council to deliberate on issues relating to religious matters which can be amicably discussed and resolved so that Najib does not have to manufacture stupid statements when his fanatical UMNO supporters become intoxicated with hatred and threaten to carry out illegal demonstrations with the tacit approval of our highly in-disciplined high ranking police officers.

Najib and his grossly incompetent ministers who are mostly intellectually dishonest and arrogant and morally defunct or bankrupt must resolve to serve the people and protect the rights of every individual and the marginalized ethnic Malays, Indians and Chinese as they are all citizens of this beautiful nation and every effort should be made to elevate poverty and the civil servants must empathize with the sufferings of the unfortunate everywhere in this nation as though the suffering were being faced by them.

As the language of 1Malaysia is ambiguous and as it is redundant Najib should stop wasting good tax payer’s money promoting his dreams or ideas which to all right thinking people is an idea of a megalomaniac.

It is time to let go of the 1Malaysia Concept as it is in the pit of a bottomless sewer.

Channel the government’s energy to undo the damage done to this beautiful nation by a pseudo Malay who goes by the name of Mahathir. Stop the brain drain. Appoint persons based on meritocracy who are imbued with qualitative knowledge who will be able with their refined philosophy to impart their fresh growing wisdom from which the people of this nation can learn to appreciate and in return give respect.

Have the courage to replace the current educational policies, and do away with your preferential entry policies into institutions of higher learning and replace your current mediocre senior officers in all institutions as they are incapable of imparting knowledge which is capable of producing well qualified human capital to compete in the new world order of the knowledge based industries.

Therefore, Najib it is you who has to resolve to be a better leader. We are fully aware of the radical changes that are taking place in all the modern societies of the world. As such it is you who must stop playing racial politics and act with decisiveness and introduce and execute policies with speed to meet the demands of the business communities as we pay your allowances which keeps you going in your office.

If you and your government cannot be responsive then we as a business community cannot build or develop good and sound organizations. And may be that is why we are caught in a middle income trap and because of the government’s policies and poor response from the civil service we may be doomed to face stagnation in our economy.

Therefore, Najib and your henchmen should wake up or ship out.



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