Since we took a leap into the New Year we are constantly bombarded and compelled to face fanaticism from all fronts of the political spectrum. Whilst we have a written constitution that stipulates our bill of rights, the government of the day has miserably failed to uphold our constitutional rights. So what sort of a government do we have?

This is indeed an interesting question and to answer it we have to look back not too far into the annals of our fabricated history. The acts and conduct of the recent past would suffice.

In February 2009 we had Najib demonstrating to the world that “might” is “right” and the forces of the unseen hand at work on  the rule of law. This resulted in the rape of the Perak State Assembly. The sitting Chief Minister was unceremoniously removed from his office by the Sultan.

There are many questions which have been left unanswered. It has to do with what are the residue powers of the Ruler of a state. One is left to wonder, as to how the Sultan who was the former Lord President of our Supreme Court, who had written many a judgments with divine prescience and perfect clarity,  could have committed such a glaring error, of removing a sitting Chief Minister.

Or had the Sultan misjudged the constitutional principle that we are a modern constitutional monarchy and that feudalism has long since gone out over the open seas. And is it not an established rule of constitutional law that a sitting Chief Minister can only be removed by a resolution moved by the floor of the Assembly.

Be that as it may, the High Court in May of 2009 granted Nizar a declaration that he is the rightful Chief Minister of the State of Perak. An appeal was immediately lodged and within 24 hours a single Judge at the Court of Appeal granted a stay order. The appeal was heard and the declaration issued by the High Court was set aside.

Nizar appealed to the Federal Court which heard the matter on the merits and a much awaited decision is to be delivered on 9 February. 2010. The question on every ones mind is would the heavens fall after the 9 of February 2010. Let us wait and see.

Then there arose the sentiment of Najib to take over the Selangor State Assembly by hook or by crook. But unfortunately the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) over reached the bounds of its jurisdiction and fell into the pits of dehumanization.

This resulted in the unceremonious death of a young man on 16.07.2009. He was the late Teoh Beng Hock who was to be married the next day, but faith had it that he was given a one way ticket to meet his Maker. No doubt his death would not be in vain, as the Inquest into his death is almost coming to a close.

Whilst the nation was coming to grips with the rape of Perak and the untimely death of Teoh, the government announced that from the year 2012 onwards Science and Mathematics will revert back and be taught in the National Language so as to give the rural children the opportunity to excel in their studies.

This was a feeble way of leading by example or we have charlatans in government. It only goes to demonstrate that the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) is invisible to the fundamental connection of the basic educational requirements of a globalised and borderless world in which our children have to communicate and compete. The education policies have clearly drawn a division of connection and have now consigned or chartered  the roadmap for the destruction of creativity in education.

Then we had the New Year gift of interethnic chaos over the generic word of Allah. This led to the fire bombing of places of worship. Whilst in earlier situations, people who had carried out passive resistance over the death of democracy were put in remand. But in this situation,  Najib said that the government cannot stop people who had planned to protest against the High Court ruling that the ban issued by the government against the Catholic Church on the use of the generic term of Allah was unconstitutional.

It is indeed crystal clear that this moribund government which in the past has clearly demonstrated it will that it opposed any exercise of the people of the freedom of speech and assembly, now says it cannot stop planned protest. This smacks of institutionalizing racism to enhance the deteriorating support of the ethnic Malays for UMNO.

On the other hand after having had marginalized the ethnic Indians for 52 years and having had locked up some brave souls under the Internal Security Act (ISA) since November 2007 and subsequently releasing them based on mounting national and international pressure in 2009, Najib attempted to show the ethnic Indians on the eve of Thaipusam that he cares for the welfare of the ethnic Indians.

What Najib fails to realize is the fact that the ethnic Indians in Malaysia who have been marginalized for 52 years may be poor materially but they have their dignity and their integrity intact and further have a civilization of over, 5000 years behind then to look up too and treasure.  They can easily see through a hypocrite.

Now as of February 2 2010 we have the judicial circus of Anwar Ibrahim before the Courts. What does Najib intend to achieve is within the general contemplation of the voting populace. But will the Courts permit injustice to be the order of the day when the whole world is wired on the on goings of the trial is something to watch and behold.

As Anwar’s circus was going on in the Court another circus was taking place in Malacca where it is reported in Malaysiakini that Najib’s special officer namely Nasir Safar in the Prime Minister’s Department had stirred up a hornet’s nest. He had in his speech apparently referred to the ethnic Chinese and Indians as immigrants or guests and amongst other matters had stated that if they make extreme demands their citizenship will be revoked.

This prompted the representatives of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) and other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) to stage a walk-out. It is now reported that Nasir would tender his resignation.

The time has come for the government leaders as well as the few narrow-minded nationalist opposition politicians to be put on notice that they cannot act as though they are living in some form of an ancient community or a community without intellect.

They have to open up their mind and themselves to the whole world and compete on an equal footing. Affirmative action is dead but no one is compelling any body to forget their roots.

We as a people of this nation have a shared and common ideal that is to enlarge the economic cake where by mutual respect we can all reap what we sow which will provide for the foundation of our daily lives so that we can coexist in peace and harmony.

We should also eradicate our old indoctrinated habits which were developed from the old days of Mahathir a pseudo Malay who is a racist of the highest order who had the tendency to instill in the minds of the feeble ethnic Malays to look at the other ethnic groups as enemies and in consequence make them as scapegoats for the failings of their own leaders.

Let us commit ourselves to do away with the ethnic barriers put in place by UMNO, the MCA and the MIC and improve our ethnic and religious relations and work as a united people of Malaysia to expound and showcase our creativity to the world.

Let us educate our government leaders that they have a duty to uphold our constitutional rights without regard to race, colour, religion or creed. The government should cease from fragmenting the nation as we the people do know and do live with compassion and creativity in our daily interaction at our place of work.


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