As the days go by all the right thinking people of this nation would be amazed with the antics of Najib’s government. As a government it has the responsibility to maintain law and order without bias. The government in the first place should have upheld the constitutional rights of all the citizens, to profess and practice their religion without undue and nonsensical restrictions being enforced on how the citizens address the Supernatural Being. The government implied by its orders that the Muslims in Malaysia have a “Copy Right” over the generic term Allah.

The politicians from the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) and a lost sheep of UMNO by the name of Zulkifli Noodin who by default is now a member of the Parti Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) and Hassan Ali of the Pan-Islamic Party (PAS) have not learned to embrace the universal values of humanity which to our commonsense would translate to there being sincerity, empathy and the easiest of all would be simplicity as being our way of life.

These politicians have become unscrupulous in expressing their ideology in respect of their faith in their religion, so much so, that it has given the general populace a great deal of anxiety over the current prevailing situation.

This is owing to the fact that over the last three weeks some Muslim youths who do not possess wisdom and or compassion have chosen to express their prejudices and misconceptions on what they have conceived from the idea of ketuanan Melayu or the indoctrination through the Biro Tata Negara by fire bombing and vandalizing the places of worship of Christians and Sikhs.

As much as the UMNO politicians have not learned to improve their psychological well being they are now demonstrating to the world that they are not capable of improving their mental wellness as they have all along been intellectually dishonest.

Since they have no comprehension of what empathy and mutual understanding means in a diverse society, as it is not in their vocabulary, they have to carry out a crusade to showcase to the world that they cannot surrender their implied copy right on the generic term of Allah.

Whilst their antics of fire bombing and vandalizing  places of worship have been largely ignored be the Christians and the Silks, where in fact we have stated that we forgive them for they know not what they were doing, these errand youth decided to change their modus operandi, to create civil strife.

The errand youths or their puppetry miscalculated their acts. They decided to burn the place of worship of Muslims hoping to generate anger amongst the ethnic Malay masses. But Allah being the all Mighty gave our highly indiscipline but efficient police force all the clues and they had no choice but to act and arrest the perpetrators, which unfortunately includes the son of a policeman.

Whilst the perpetrators are under remand, the morally defunct puppetry may have directed the errand youths to hunt for wild bores and behead the creatures and wrap the heads in plastic bags and throw the heads into some Mosques in Petaling Jaya. Their imagined acts of creating civil disorder have failed miserably. They have instead let the cat out of the bag.

UMNO politicians and in particular Zulkifli Noordin of PKR and Hassan Ali of PAS are hereby put on notice that you cannot continue to play the dangerous game of professing blind religious faith or blind nationalism which is premised on racism.

We are currently living in the 21st. Century where all politicians from both sides of the political divide have to seriously take into consideration  the complexities of  globalization and further the dynamism of our multicultural society.

The ethnic Malay by themselves will get lost in not being able to navigate the labyrinth of the technological innovations that are taking place in the universe and more so with the education policies being that the children would have to be educated in the National Language.

Even now we have a large pool of highly qualified persons who are not comfortable in communicating and writing in the English language and are thus unemployable. Therefore it is only proper that the politicians from both sides of the political divide should stop playing and propagandizing and creating imagined communities. Their political acts will only lead the future generation of the nation to the tabernacle of misfortune and impoverishment.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said: “One must separate from anything that forces one to repeat no again and again” And we all know that in this day and age we as a nation which survives on exporting our goods cannot afford to progress in isolation on the premise of Ketuanan Malayu and say no to Foreign Direct Investment as we do not have much developed indigenous technologies to create employment opportunities.

Its amazing, that with the puppetry acts of today, Malaysia made it to all the major international press in less than a day and these are the links:-

Wall Street Journal:

This is extremely bad for foreign investment in the our country and now we wonder how many big foreign companies are going to start pulling out in the next few months or so. So are we doomed and have to be consigned to be a failed state and sent to the limbo of the stone ages again! The voters beware.

Here is another link which will give all of us food for thought.

The time has come for the government of Najib to realize that Malay Supremacy has long since been redundant as Mahathir burnt his fingers by toying with that pseudo ideology. We as a nation of diversified people should work towards the premise of multiculturalism and aim to establish the spirit of a global citizenship and harness our talents, skills and abilities to compete on the world stage to create employment opportunities for our future generations.

As Confucius said:“Men’s natures are alike, it is their habits that separate them.”

Therefore all politicians from both sides of the divide, as much as you are in competition with each other you should never fail in your duties to uphold the advocacy of tolerance as ignorance can only lead to arrogance where the end result would be the enrichment of the thoughts of the errand youth of this beautiful nation of ours which has in a megalomaniac way been advertised to the world that “Malaysia is Truly Asia”.

Make your actions speak louder than you words.



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