As the passage of time moves on, we are slowly getting acquainted with the fact that the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) does not have the gift of love even for its own people. UMNO is slowly learning that its material possessions which it had been hungry to accumulate, has deprived the very masses who had faithfully given it their unfailing support to keep it in power for 52 years. The masses that supported UMNO through the Barisan National (BN) live in abject poverty or just above the poverty line or have a means of living that is of a subsistence nature.

It is now clear and explicit, that the New Economic Policy (NEP) and all the other policies that were conceived by UMNO have in a general sense, failed to empower the masses. But on the other hand the NEP and all the other policies have only brought into our society, corruption, cronyism, nepotism which enabled UMNO to create some new found millionaires or multi-millionaires.

During this process, UMNO and its leaders lost their inner soul in managing the nations Human Capital and the vastly endowed natural resources, by the process of systemic discrimination which has been on racial lines, in its educational policies, employment policies and in the sphere of all business related matters. The ugly head of Malay Supermacy was being blatantly propagated, whilst the other coalition partners under the umbrella of the BN gave their tacit approval.

During the period of UMNO’s dominance until March 8 of 2008, there was an absolute lack of competency, accountability and transparency in the workings of almost all governmental institutions. In the name of Malay Supremacy mediocre persons have been appointed to almost all senior positions in almost all the institutions of the government which includes the institutions of higher learning.

UMNO in the first place never had the gift of authorship. Then it went on to rear it ugly Malay Supremacy head. In the process UMNO did not show that it cared for the masses whilst it had the power, as it is significant when it comes to dealing with the masses. A caring government shares its power freely with the masses and the masses who receive the care of the government will reciprocate accordingly.

Now after having had lost its two-third majority in Parliament UMNO has gone on an overdrive to demonstrate to the masses that it cares for the masses. On the one hand the government has introduced a moribund 1Malaysia Concept. This is clearly seen as that of a denial syndrome. The government has indeed lost its spirit and its right to demonstrate to the masses that it cares for their welfare and well being. All its current conceived ideals would not be able to create a way of life for the masses to accept and follow with the exception of its cronies.

We as a nation are facing a brain drain. Then we have a fright of capital from both the local and international investors. Even before the Allah issue became international news, we were sinking in terms of Foreign Direct Investment.

So the question that has to be asked is: Has UMNO lost its Roots?

The answer would have to be in the Positive.

This is owing to the fact that UMNO has by its acts and conduct demonstrated that it does not have an open heart. As UMNO seems to be the backbone of the government and if it has had a open heart it would be vulnerable and if that was the case the government would have allowed its institutions to drop their masks, and meet the diverse peoples grievances heart to heart.

All contentious issues would be discussed in a spirit of goodwill and we as the masses would experience a sense of unity and delight in the prevalence of an atmosphere of voluntary human exchanges. The end result would be the reflection that gives rise to a situation that mold the soul of the community, where the people live in peace and harmony. But this is not the case.

Whilst the people in general are tolerant and do live in peace and harmony, the government through UMNO is attempting to convert a democratic nation into a police state. Some resent examples would suffice.

The rape of the Perak State Assembly as executed by Najib. The aftermath of the police action, against passive resistance carried out by the people on the death of democracy.

Then the action of the police for using chemically laced water cannons against peaceful demonstrators and the arrest and detention of some of the peaceful demonstrators.

The ban issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)against the Catholic Church on the use of the word Allah in the Malay version of the Herald where the Church was compelled to go to court and obtain a declaration on its constitutional rights. The Church succeeded and the government announced that it cannot stop religious fanatics from carrying out demonstrations after Friday prayers.

Then there was a ban on the book entitled Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Extremism edited by the sociologist Prof Norani Othman which was published for a non-governmental organization the Sisters in Islam (SIS). The government claims that the book is inclined towards confusing the Muslim community especially the women. The High Court gave an order on 25.01.2010 and lifted the ban issued by MHA.

On the other extreme on the night of 24.01.2010 when Anwar Ibrahim we giving a talk at Kampung Kerinci chaos erupted. The Brickfield district police chief Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid and his henchmen went up on to the stage near the PKNS flats and stopped Anwar from speaking.

Where did this barbarian get his powers from to stop a politician from speaking to the people. This was a clear violation of Article 5 and 10 of the Federal Constitution in respect of a person’s liberty and the freedom of speech and assembly without arms.

Does it not appear to all our people that the institutions of government who are paid by the tax payer are pretending to carry out their duties to save guard UMNO?

It is high time that the masses realize that the institutions of our government are to be neutral and to execute their duties and exercise their power by grace. But it is now apparent to all of us that the act and conduct of the police depicts the collective will of UMNO which is more akin to that of animals.

Since UMNO has lost its roots and as the constricting spiral of their antics undermines our future sense of living in peace and harmony we should now decide that each of our vote at the ballot box against UMNO is going to be stronger than any bullet made by man.


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