It is clearly apparent that as people of a nation based on the passage of time we have moved into the new year of 2010. We have had to face a puzzling and non productive debate over the generic term of Allah. The political leadership of the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) has not been astute and progressive. Whilst UMNO invented paradoxes its immature followers carried out dastardly acts against the places of worship of the Christians and Sikhs.

These uncultured people who carried out such cowardly and low lying criminal acts may have been given encouragement by some non-governmental organizations that have carried out protest after Friday prayers, as these people do seem to have only an irrational soul. They claim that the word Allah should not be allowed to be used by non-Muslims.

The reason for reference to be made to these people for having “an irrational soul” is owing to the fact that all humans to a large extent have some form of faith and belief in some form of religion and visit the house of worship to obtain divine guidance.

We go to a place of worship with humility and seek for divine guidance. And upon obtaining divine guidance, no rational person immediately thereafter shows or demonstrates his anger or displeasure over the use of a generic term.

Hence, it would be an inescapable truth that an irrational soul is the product of a disorderly mind that does not have an appropriate seat of reason, sound imagination, understands that there is good over evil, pseudo memory and malevolence.

On the other hand if these demonstrators claim to be literate and cultured they would in the first place never have carried out such dastardly acts just after Friday prayers. Even if there did prevail a contentious issue over which they were unhappy or had a grievance.

They could have acted in a divine or rational manner by preparing a memorandum stipulating their arguments against the issue with reason and wisdom, imagination and understanding, giving a logical explanation as to why the authorities should give attention to their grievance.

Now by their acts and malevolence, Malaysia has once again made news all over the world. This has compelled the United States of America to issue a “Travel Advisory” to its citizens, not to travel to East Malaysia.

Further, there seems to be a great deal of news on the alternate and print media all over the world which is of a negative nature. This negative news will no doubt have adverse affects on the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in our nation.

Malaysia has for sometime faced a “brain drain” situation where the best educated people, do not return to the country to serve, because of the governments discriminatory racial policies.

Now we are faced with a lack of FDI and soon we would have less income from our depleting oil reserves. Than, contrary to all matters being under control, there has been a flight of capital from both international and local investors, to greener pastures.

We as a nation of people are placing our hopes on the Pakatan Raykat(PR) to put things right in the near future on what the Barisan National and UMNO have not been able to do in their 52 years of rule.

But then the question that arises is, when will the Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) remove the rotten apple, that is, the Kulim-Bandar Baru Member of Parliament Zulkifli Noordin from the party. Anwar, it is time that you take stock of the fanaticism of Zulkifli Noordin (ZN).

We have been a nation of tolerant people but it is people like ZN that cause great apprehension in our communities and our society at large. ZN by his fanaticism is knowingly attempting to tear up the social fabric of PKR and the supporting base of PKR.

The supporters of PR are endeavouring to move on with their lives and hope to make the change at the ballot box. But ZN does not seem to appreciate our patience. Whilst Khalid Samad (KS) has pragmatically aired out his views at various public gatherings that the 1988 enactment on non-Islamic religions was out dated, ZN is calling the police to take action against KS for purportedly ridiculing the Islamic institution.

The Star of 23.01.2010 reports that in response to ZN call KS has stated that “there is an Arabic saying that the dog barks but the caravan moves on. I am not going to respond to his emotionally driven comments. I am just a caravan but I did not say he is the dog.”

This statement was made by KS after KS met the Sultan of Selangor who advised KS to avoid polemics, which in simple terms means avoid controversies.

We as a people of this nation have had a great deal of controversies thrown at us both from the print and alternate media.  But the time has come for our politicians to be taught that we need leaders who are ethical and thereon would demonstrate that they are morally experienced.

Therefore, Anwar, we have to make it known to you that PKR should have politicians who are not just moral persons who not only know what is the right course to take for the future well being of the party and the nation but they must choose it as well. As such every individual leader which includes ZN must accept their responsibility for their voluntary actions which will inevitably involve others.

Hence if ZN is not able to be the master of his faith he will not be the captain of his soul. Under that premise ZN would be a fool who would not make more out of the hereafter than he has made of this life. So maybe we should let barking dogs lie.



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