As citizens of Malaysia the least that we can expect from our Prime Minister is that he will be a distinguished personality with above average mental and moral qualities. This is what we expect to see at our daily place of work, when it comes to giving respect to our superiors.

Therefore, it is not unnatural to come across people who may project an image that they have some form of leadership potential but they totally lack  having a commonly accepted standard of character. Hence any leader in any field who has a good character would have the right setting to grow and nature his position.

So before we condemn Najib and conclude that not only does he significantly lack leadership responsibilities but he does and has not demonstrated to us that he is mentally and morally upright and does have a sound character.

Lets us examine the facts which are in the public domain.

Has Najib a destructive weakness which is generally known to the people?

From Najib’s student days in Nottingham University and thereafter when he was planted into the world of politics, after his father’s death, he has had the obsession for drinks and women. He had no control over his obsession.

Next, what will Najib do to be liked and to stay in power?

Well let us go back to the mid 1980 when he was the UMNO youth’s leader. Like his cousin Hishammuddin his favourite act was to wield the Kris and threaten to bathe Kuala Lumpur with the blood of the ethnic Chinese. To defuse the tense situation Mahathir locked up a large number of opposition leaders.

Now that Najib is the Prime Minister let us see the environment in which he operates?

Before Najib became the Prime Minister he was the Defence Minister. We now have the explosive case of the missing Jet engines and parts. Then, there is the case of C4 explosives that are only available in the Defence Ministry that were used to murder Altantua, and when questioned on the revelations made by PI Bala, Najib states it is “frivolous”.

On the other hand before Najib assumed the appointed position of Prime Minister, in February 2009 he diabolically conceived the “Rape” of the Perak State Assembly. Till to date the people of Perak do not have a functional government elected by the people. But the people are patient as it is active and concentrated strength. This strength will be unleashed at the ballot box.

Thereafter, Najib set his eyes on toppling the elected State government of Selangor. Unfortunately, it back fired, with the death of an innocent soul, the late Teoh Beng Hock.

In the meantime, there was a court battle on the use of a generic term “Allah” and the High Court at Kuala Lumpur ruled on December 31, 2009 that the ban by the government against the Catholic Church on the use of the generic term of Allah was unconstitutional.

Did Najib pay attention to the security and well being of the citizens?

Well, Mahathir has openly confirmed that Najib may be a good administrator but not a leader. This is owing to the fact that Najib was planted into the power base, and he does not have the grass root support.

So, when the Allah issue was made public, and some fanatics stated that the generic Arabic term belongs to the Malays, and that they were going to protest after Friday prayers, Najib aided and abetted these fanatics by stating that they cannot be stopped from demonstrating after Friday prayers.

Only a morally defunct leader would state that it is okay for demonstrators to go and pray and there after demonstrate and state that they are going to burn the “Churches of Christians.” This in actual fact they did the very same day. Now he calls the destruction or vandalism of churches as an aberration. For Allah’s sake please grow up.

Najib has not grown out of the shoes of being a Youth Leader who wanted to bathe Kuala Lumpur with Chinese Blood.

Najib, is not fit to be the Prime Minister of a nation. He has to be constantly  mentored by Mahathir or checked by the Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib, has created an environment that threatens generally the sense of the peoples security and their well being. On the other hand he wants to concentrate on creating a situation like his father, so that it will give his the cause for creating an emergency. Sorry, chap, once bitten twice shy.

Najib, does not under any circumstance have the attributes of a leader. He does not have character nor leadership qualities and most of all has no Integrity. He lack’s the courage to make tough decisions, like the decisions made by Anwar in the wake of the church fire bombings.

As Winston Churchill said “ Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all the others.”

How true is this statement of Najib and of his antics.

Since that is the reality of the political scenario in UMNO, Najib is not in any position to set any standards. The 1Malaysia Concept is a 1Malayu Concept and nothing more. He is not able to think strategically as his character has been tarnished beyond redemption. Hence, Najib will not be able to think and communicate his thoughts with clarity which would be accepted by the masses as forth coming from a leader who is sincere.

When a leader has a deficiency in his character, like the likes of Najib, he will not be able to build and maintain a sustainable coalition. That is why there is so much of disarray within the Barisan National.

It is now clearly apparent that Najib is not in a position to be considered to be of the same class as that of the leaders of the world. It could also be possible that the world leaders view him as a megalomaniac, who does not have much intellect.

Hence, it is important for the voting masses to determine the type of  intellect, character, integrity, charisma and educational background our future leaders have before we decide to vote them into office. Regardless, of the colour of their skin, if they can demonstrate that they have the capacity to be at the top of the political scenario in our diverse society, we should give our support for them. If not we may face an inward disintegration within our national boundary.

Hopefully, the future leaders that we choose will be intellectually honest with the votes. They must also above all recognize the impulse of the past and never carry it into the future. They should strive to keep well to the fore in any issues of political, legal or technical innovations that would likely have wide social repercussions.

Power sharing should be arranged in such a way that the people may not once again be able to recover their roots and maintain their faith and traditions in peace.



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