A little more than a week has passed since some of the Christians churches were burnt or vandalized. The politicians have had their say. On the other hand the biosphere and the print media from around the world are abound with expressions of dismay at the way the government leaders have argued that the making of the word Allah to be synonymous with the word God may “confuse Muslims and ultimately mislead them into converting to Christianity.”

The question that has to be asked is: Are the Muslim leaders of the government themselves recognizing the fact that the Muslims themselves do not have self confidence in their faith in Islam? Or do the government leaders treat the one and only God of human beings as a tribal deity? Or are the government leaders pronouncing to the world that they have a “copyright” for the word “Allah” as stated by Marina Mahathir?

We have lived in this country where we see that the police force does not tolerate even passive resistance such as the wearing of “Black” shirts or having peaceful demonstrations such as “candle light” vigils and to proclaim that democracy is dead.

So how did the police authorities allow the protesters after Friday prayers to demonstrate at the mosques in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam where they openly carried banners which state “Allah is only for us.” There is even a video that is on You-tube where a protester has shouted the words “bakar gerega” and is this not an offence.

In actual fact on the night after the demonstrations the churches were firebombed or vandalized. Why has that individual not been arrested and charges in court?

Now every United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) politician is trying to make political mileage with the issue of the generic term “Allah.” Khairy endeavours to preach to the Christians that we have to practice religious tolerance. He conveniently does not seem to under that the problems were in the first place diabolically conceived and created by UMNO.

UMNO, for its own survival, has indoctrinated a small band of immature people to think that UMNO has the authority to claim that the name of “Allah” who is the God for all human being’s, is a private property of UMNO. So the issue is no longer a theological matter but has been converted into a political matter.

Then we have Nazri who states that the East Malaysian people of Christian faith can continue to use the generic term Allah. Nazri fails to understand that the people of Sabah and Sarawak have been using it for centuries.

Then as reported in the (Star of 18.01.2010) Nazri states although he agree that the word “Allah” had been long used in Christianity way before Islam existed , Nazri said “That’s why I say it is all right in Sabah and Sarawak but culturally you cannot apply it in a place where Allah has always been Islam’s God.”

Nazri must have become intellectually bankrupt after he joined UMNO. Now we have a God for Islam and a God for Christianity. We also have a Malaysia for Sabah and Sarawak and another Malaysia for Malaya. Is this not a lode of nonsense?

In the Sunday Star of  January 17, 2010 it is reported that Muhyiddin the Deputy Prime Minister stating that Nazri’s statement in Sabah and Sarawak was Nazri’s own opinion. Then Muhyiddin goes on to state, “It is not a political issue. It is an issue of peace and harmony in Malaysia being threatened. We must protect this (peace) at all costs.”

As the days pass by it is clearly becoming apparent that the cause of all this confusion about the use of a generic term Allah, are caused by the UMNO leaders in government and UMNO politicians in general.

All their statements appear to be totally illogical. No sane person can make any sense of such politically motivated statements. It is not that the people of the faith of Islam are “confused” but it is apparent that the UMNO politicians are like drowning men trying to clench to the “straw” that is, the generic term of Allah for their own political survival. Thus all their statements on the term Allah are a “logical fiction.”

All people in general are mature and follow the teachings of their faith by reason and wisdom then by blind faith. The government cannot compel a Muslim in general to follow Islam through the prism of reason and wisdom. It ultimately depends on the individual.

This nation has a majority of Muslims. There is no need for the Muslims to feel insecure. But the government leaders should not under any circumstance attempt to regulate the belief of the Muslims in order to protect the leaders so that UMNO can continue to stay in power.

As Hawkin’s has stated religion spreads like a virus infecting the young, depressed, hopeless and those individuals who are at their weakest point, both emotionally and intellectually.

In the same token, Allah does not need Malaysian corrupted politician and leaders to assist Allah to regulate Islam.

Hence the government’s ban on the use of the generic term Allah in the Bible imported from Indonesia and in the Malay language of the Herald is deemed as tyrannical as it grossly violates Article 3, 5, 8, 10 and 11 of the Federal Constitution.

May Allah save us from the tyrannical rule of UMNO as their leaders are ignorant of their faith in Islam. This has led them to their current state of arrogance in not having their faith in all other people who are practicing the Muslim, faith.

Forgive the UMNO leaders,  Allah, for they know not what they  are doing.

Please go to this link and watch the video.




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