The Catholic Church was compelled to go to the courts to protect its Congregations constitutional rights to use the generic word “Allah” in the Bible. The High Court on December 31 of 2009 ruled that the Christians have a right to the use of the generic term. However, immediately after the ruling was made public, certain sections of the Muslims made it clear that they were going to stage a demonstration after their Friday prayers on January 8 2010, which they did, in a small way.

In the meantime the government had filed an appeal and had made an application for a stay of execution of the decision and the Catholic Church consented to the order. Instead of letting the issue to be determined by the courts, it had become a great political debate and a political game.

Mahathir, the great pseudo Malay, started to fan the flames of discontent of a small section of the Muslims. He, had propagated that the courts would not be able to resolve this dispute. But, Mahathir conveniently forgot that when he was the Prime Minister of this nation for 22 years, it was he who had put a stop to the Catholics of Sabah and Sarawak from printing the Bible in the Malay language and using the word “Allah.”

Let it not be forgotten or overlooked, that the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, have been praying in the Malay language for hundreds of years. Their earliest printed Bibles in the Malay language go back to the early 1800, where the word “Allah” is printed therein.

So who is the cause of this current challenge made by the Catholic Church?

The writing is on the wall. On the other hand Najib as a responsible Prime Minister was  expected to be astute and decisive. He failed miserably in his duties and responsibilities to a nation of diverse people who have to inevitably live and meet on a daily basis where their cultures and faiths meet and interpenetrate at a dizzying pace.

However, early last week Hishammuudin when questioned by reporters on the planned demonstrations gave a feeble reply. Instead of stating that the government will not tolerate such demonstrations, this good for nothing mid-eastern mixed blood pseudo Malay stated that people should have the freedom to express their views. Subsequently, Najib endorsed the views expressed by his cousin.

The perpetrators of the demonstrations took the cue that they have received the tacit approval and the blessing of Najib and went ahead with their actions without any remorse. The police force did not take much action on these idiots who endeavoured to become a public nuisance, all in the name of “Allah” who is the one and only God to all human beings.

The government in the first place should have realized that God does not need any assistance from any mortal fallible human beings to regulate religion. In the final analysis the government has failed to realize that it cannot force any adult to change any of his/her thoughts. As Reinhold Niebuhr has rightly stated “ The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world.”

Therefore, Najib should have exercised the power of his government to defend the inheritance of our civilization and the established order of our civil society, however imperfect it may be.

Needless to say, Najib gave his tacit approval to the religious fanatics to demonstrate on last Friday. This irresponsible act of Najib gave rise to the seeds of tyranny and aggression being sown. And the result was the consequences which was even worst than what would have happened in a war. As even in a war places of worship are never destroyed.

Of all persons, Najib should have realized that under his 1Malaysia Concept he should have mastered the nature of our social fabric and the state in which the said fabric was in, when Najib decided to launch the said concept. Nevertheless the concept is now dead.

It in now apparent that Najib is a hypocrite as he has demonstrated that he vainly does not believe that he has himself mastered the said concept to be the substitute for equality as provided for in Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.

What Najib has done is to demonstrate to the world that he believes in the concept of pure religion. He has miserably failed to act in an unbiased manner. He has failed to demonstrate to the people of this multiracial and religious nation that there is no cure for the pride of a particular group of virtuous people in respect of a particular religion. But instead Najib turned it into a political issue to gain political mileage and now faces the peril for his ignoble conduct.

Now, after several Churches have been firebombed or there were attempts made which did not bring to fruition the desired results, the well known megalomaniac of a Prime Minister states that “In every society there are people who break the law.” (The Star on January 10 2010) What a lame statement.

It is high time that the politicians of all strips either from the ruling government or the opposition realize that “Religion” is a way of life. It is an individual’s belief and faith in a supernatural being and that such kind of faith or belief is like the belief in the Barisan National or the Pakatan Rakyat or in a belief in the concept of liberalism or conservatism.

There is no way that any government can regulate the image making faculty of a man’s mind. A man’s imagination of his religion or his other beliefs or for that matter a custom or tradition makes it real to him. Hence, a belief, custom or tradition cannot be regulated. But it is the responsibility of the government to regulate the actions of men or an individual to protect the interest of other people in this nation of ours.

Najib, the days of waiving the Kris and behaving like a Cave Man is over. We now live in a borderless and globalize world and the people can interpret the hidden messages of politicians which can be transmitted universally at the speed of light. We do not need to rely on the spin that is given by the main stream feeble print media.

There is now available to the masses the visual culture where there is the publication of visual images. These images coupled with voice reproduction, speaks more than a thousand words. As the poet and critic Rachel Lindsay characterized as the “hieroglyphic civilization.” This civilization has opened up the possibilities of reproducing visual images where people can visualize human acts and conduct in a new variety of ways.

Under these prevailing circumstances, it is best that you and your moribund Cabinet Members educate yourselves on the fact that the government has to uphold Article 8 of the Federal Constitution, without bias.

All the Bartizan National politicians must learn with pain that there will be no lasting peace in this beautiful nation of ours should the government and all its henchmen, fail in their duties not merely to tolerate but must respect the faith of all the people of this nation just like their own.

This is premised on the fact that no government however powerful it may be can dictate to adult human beings on what to belief in or how to think.



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