On 31.12.2009 the High Court at Kuala Lumpur delivered its decision on the judicial review application made by the Catholic Church on the use of the word “Allah” in its weekly magazine called “The Herald.” The Catholic Church was compelled to take legal action to defend its Constitutional Rights. This came about, as a result of the Home Ministry (HM) issuing a ban on the Herald from using the generic word Allah in the Bahasa version of its weekly.

What seems to be of concern, is the fact that the political leaders of the government appear to be illiterate or conveniently pretend that they have no knowledge that this word Allah has been widely used long before Prophet Muhammad, son of Abdullah, son of Abdul Muttalib went to a cave in the desert on a hill not far from Makkah for his month long quite meditation, when he had his first revelation.

The Makkans claimed descent from Abraham through Ishmael and tradition states that their temple, The Ka’bah, has been built by Abraham for the worship of the “One God.”

When Mohammad was in the cave at Mount Hira and when he awoke and was reminded of some words that were, “inscribed upon his heart.” he went out of the cave and heard the same awe-inspiring voice say: “O Muhammad! Thou art Allah’s messenger, and I am Gabriel.”

After the angel had vanished, he returned in great distress of mind to his wife Khadijah and told her about what the angel had told him. So on their return to Makkah she took him to her cousin Waraqa ibn Naufal, a very old man, “who knew the Scriptures of the Jews and Christians.” Waraqa declared that in his belief that the heavenly messenger who came to Moses of old had come to Muhammad, and that he was chosen as the Prophet of his people.

The words which came to him when he was in a state of trance are held sacred by the Muslims. The voice said:

“Read: In the name of thy Lord Who Createth,

“Createth man from a clot.

“Read: And it is thy Lord the Most Bountiful

“Who teacheth by the pen,

And these words are never confounded with those which he uttered when no physical change was apparent in him.

And because the angel on Mount Hira bade him “Read” and insisted on his “Reading” though he was illiterate, hence the Sacred Book is known as the Al-Qur’an, “The Reading” as it is the Reading of the man who knew not how to read. The latter writings are referred to as the Hadith or Sunnah of the Prophet.

For the first three years his mission was to only preach to his family and intimate friends, whilst the people of Makkah as a whole who were pagans regarded him as one who had become a little mad. So from being pagans the Arabs converted and became the followers of Muhammad and became Muslims.

Now, against this brief backdrop of the information about how the Prophet converted the Arabs, any literate person, which should be inclusive of the fanatical and ignorant parties and all the people who are the leaders of UMNO, should realize that even their Prophet got his revelations from the angel “Gabriel.” Then Muhammad was taken to consult the men who knew the Scriptures of the Jews and the Christians.

So what is this big issue about the Catholic Church using the generic word “ Allah” in the Herald?

All that the Constitution states is that the religion of the Federation is Islam. It also states that other religions have the right to profess and practice their religion. The constitution also states that we shall have personal liberty, equality and the freedom of speech and expression, which shall be save in accordance with the law.

So, Najib, the 1Malaysia man, can you show or point out a piece of law that states that we cannot express the word “Allah” when we all pray to the one and only “Allah” and we do not have the liberty to write it down or print it in our new letters?

Najib, if you do not know it, you are the Prime Minister of Malaysia and not the PM of UMNO. You have an obligation and a duty to think objectively when there arises a matter of a conflicting nature, and you have to be astute to administer the affairs of this nation, without bias.

But, if you intend to act emotionally and subjectively, you will be the end loser.

The court of public opinion, even amongst the educated ethnic Malays, is that this word “Allah” is a generic word. Do not waste your time in filing an Appeal. Be a man and direct your fanatical members not to make a mockery of themselves in the eyes of the world in general, and in particular, since most of you are immigrants from Indonesia, in the eyes of the Indonesians who have above 10 times of the entire Malaysian Muslims population, as Muslims in their country.

Please grow-up and follow the advise of Reinhold Niebuhr as he said:

“Democracy is finding proximate solutions to insoluble problems”

And remember, that you and UMNO should not be the cause of the problems. All that the people need is for you to  “act honestly and to be ethical” and this nation will have serenity.

For a brtter understanding of this issue go to this link.



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