We as a nation of people have come a long way from the days when each and every one of our forefathers immigrated to Malaya. The only people of the soil are the Aborigines. The question of nationhood and national identity should now be beyond reproach. This is owing to the fact that Article 14 of the Federal Constitution (FC) provides for Citizenship by operation of law and Article 8 provides for “Equality” of all persons and there shall be no “Discrimination” of any person.

Thus arises the burning issue, why is it that after 52 years of Independence, we the people, have to face an arena of ethnic conflicts? Who is the cause of these conflicts? Are there ethnic chauvinist who are barring the interethnic mingling of the people? Why is it that on a day to day basis no sensitive problems arise when the people are intermingling at every workplace? Or is ethnic conflicts caused by political mobilization by a certain political party, which disrupts the impact of social cohesion?

It is an undeniable fact that before Independence a majority of the ethnic Malays lived in the kampongs whilst the ethnic Chinese lived in the towns and the ethnic Indians lived in the estates. This was the result of the “divide and rule” legacy of the colonial culture imposed by the British.

It is a sad state of affairs that we as a nation of united people have to be of the realization that after 52 years of attaining independence, our government leaders in UMNO still talking in terms of ethnic groups, such as, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Muruts, Dayaks and so forth.

On a closer examination of the different category of people it would reveal that they are themselves a mixed group and are much more diverse culturally within the given group.

As for the ethnic Malays, they are a cocktail of middle eastern descent, Indians, and such people from Indonesia, that is, Acehnese, Boyanese, Bugis, Jawanese, Minangkabau, Rawa, Mandailing and from many other islands that surround Sumatra, but they may have a common faith and belief in Islam. Nevertheless they still do maintain considerable intra-group cultural differences.

In respect of the ethnic Chinese, they could be sub-divided into at least nine major ethno-linguistic groups, such as, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Hiananese, Hochchiew, Kwangsai, Henghua and Hockchia and several other minor ones. The ethnic Chinese are also diverse not only due to their linguistic differences but also have differences in customs, historical experiences and other cultural attributes.

As for the ethnic Indians, they could be sub-divided into Tamils, Malayalis, Telegus, Kanaras, Oriyas, Hyderabadis, Mysoreans, Punjabis, Sikh Punjabis, Pathans, Bengalis, Gujaratis, Maharattas, Sindhis, Rajputs, Marwaris, Parsis and Goans. The Sri Lankans and Pakistanis are generally not considered as Indians. All these South Asian groups display enormous intra-group cultural variation.

Then we have the people of Sabah and Sarawak where there are about 55 ethno-linguistic groups. These people are have been commonly labeled as Kadazans, Muruts, Dayaks, Ibans and Orang Hulu. This group conceals the enormity of their cultural diversity. They have been labeled as Bumiputras, whilst the ethnic Chinese and Indians are not.

As we are all citizens we go to the polls once in five years to elect the government. The government derives it power to govern us from the constitution. The constitution inter alia provides that all the citizens are equal and that there shall be no discrimination. So after 52 years the government through its responsible policies should have achieved cultural homogenization and we the people should be living in a state of cultural pluralism.

But that does not seem to be the case, as there seems to be an artificially created inter-ethnic instability within our communities and the society at large. There seems to be some form of inherently flawed policies which have been diabolically conceived and executed by the government that is causing a great deal of damage to the efforts put in by the people to live in cultural peace and harmony, on a day to day basis.

Recently it has been exposed in the media that the government has since the year of 1980 or thereafter introduced through the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) a course to brainwash especially ethic Malay Students at the Public Universities by indoctrinating then on the concept of  Ketuanan Melayu or “Malay superiority”(MS).

They also propagate and disseminate the MS concept on the youth through indoctrination camps through a song entitled “Anak Kecil Main Api” (A Child Plays with Fire) where one verse concerns the power of the ethnic Malays: which is,

Kini kita Cuma tinggal

Yang akan menentukan

Hasilmengalir, ke tangan yang lian

Pribumi merintih sendiri.

A loose translation is as follows:

Political power is what we are only left with

One that will determine the faith of our nation

Wealth of this nation flows into the hands of others

Sons and Daughters of the soil suffer in solace.

It is clearly apparent that the Public Universities have lost their fundamental principle of university autonomy. The government dictates on how to maintain academic standards. The universities is no longer regarded and guarded as a leading light and the centre where a student can be free to be in the pursuit of knowledge and the truth.

As Syed Husin Ali in an essay appropriately entitled “ Death Knell for Varsity Autonomy” where he concluded by borrowing the words of the poet Rabindranath Tagore and stated that a university should genuinely be a centre “where the mind is without fear and the head is held high and where knowledge is free.”

It is now apparent that the government has grossly violated the doctrine of the mandate we gave them to govern. They have instead focused their attention on instilling fear in the consciousness of the feeble minds of the ethnic Malays which is to make them hate other ethnic communities. In actual fact based on divine justice the ethnic Malays have themselves realized that the enemies of the ethnic Malays are UMNO leaders.

The technique of UMNO has been to colonise the consciousness of the ethnic Malays through a technique that was pioneered by Barzakov and Lozanov in the 1970 called “suggestopedia” which is a method used to instill a deep sense of  fear for oneself and hatred of others. You can go to the link to learn more of this technique.

With the growth of a new ethnic Malay middle class and with the people applying their native intelligence and commonsense to the attempted indoctrination by the mediocre UMNO political leaders, the people have realized that the days of master and slave is an outdated concept.

The current middle class in the society realize that the only way forward is to forge proper economic partnerships where there will be interplay between knowledge, experience, ideology and technology which has to be developed to function productively for the mutual benefits of the partnership.

The people are no longer keen to devote their attention to UMNO brutes, xenophobia in respect of other ethnic groups who are the citizens of this nation, where these chauvinistic brutes only want to cling on to power to enrich them selves. .



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