In addressing this crucial issue we have to first address the all important questions that occupy our mind as citizens of Malaysia.

Are we wary of our government?

Has the government been allowed to wield a great power over determining social policies?

Has the government grossly abused the power given to it on trust?

Has the government grossly regulated and institutionalized educational and racial conflicts?

Has the government institutionalized discrimination in its employment policies in the public sector?

Has the government institutionalized racial policies on domestic and foreign investment?

Has the government planned ahead based on the reality that technological innovation was and is in a state of flux?

Has the government had the foresight and planned on how to phase out the prevailing low cost investment policies that were formulated in the mid 1970?

Has the government planned and implemented policies on how to re- model its education policies based on the on going technological changes that were being introduced  in the industrial manufacturing processes?

Has the government planned and formulated incentives for on the job training of workers so that low cost investors could plan to diversify and meet the demands of  bringing  about structural change and increase their investment base to accommodate knowledge based workers who can be rewarded a high income?

We seek answers to the above questions. We are a democracy. We have the freedom to express our opinion. Najib has himself in the past declared that we as citizens should be curious on the workings of the government. So the above posed questions are not premised on our imagination or magical powers.

They are premised and based on the current and on going pronouncements made by our leaders in the government on the functioning of our economy and how they are endeavouring to take the nation to greater heights. Therefore these questions are premised on the basis of being constructive and it is vitally based on our perception of the current prevailing social, political and economic conditions and requirements imposed by globalization.

These questions posed are to assess and to determine the most important ingredients upon which the legitimacy and continued sustainability of the government was built upon.

The time has come for the Barisan National (BN) government and its incompetent leaders to face the reality of our current ill structured educational policies, policies of racial and employment discrimination and the racially based investment policies which have had a direct impact on the continued sustainability of our low cost manufacturing industries which are highly dependent on unskilled foreign workers.

The government cannot continue to be a hypocrite and divide its mind into two compartments. It cannot favour and have an idea of racialism in one compartment and in an undisturbed fashion commercialize its morally defunct 1Malaysia concept.

Under these circumstances we the citizens have to send to you as a government a clear and distinct message that based on our democratic practice of majority rule, you are the government of the day. It purportedly appears that you have been given the “trust” to govern.

But if you are “astute” leaders you cannot fail to be of the realization that “trust” is a complex and interpersonal construction upon which is embodied the most important ingredient for the sustainability of the BN government or any government for that matter.

However, based on the current favoured perception of the populace at large we do not “trust” the BN government and that is why you as a government may not be able to attain any or most of your expected outcomes which are premised on your  ill conceived or cosmetic policies.

As much as you, Najib are endeavouring to project some form of professionalism with the assistance of your special advisers,  but it is imperative that like your father Razak, your projected loyalty appears to the nation to be superficial and a mere form of commercial honesty.

This is owing to the fact that your “credibility” is highly in question. Your government has made no good policies that are worth our consideration. There is a great body of opinion which now exist in a vacuum that gives rise to “social” distrust in the affairs of your government. Almost all the established institutions of the government are characterized by corruption. Even the Judiciary who are supposed to be the last bastion for justice have not been spared. And these prevailing scenarios are not a myth but a reality. And last but not the least is your act of the rape of the Perak State assembly, which we shall never forget nor forgive.

These  situations have  produced the deleterious or harmful consequences for your government to continue to govern this beautiful nation of ours.

It is about time that we require and hold your government accountable and it is only appropriate that the government,   give us the appropriate answers through its posting in the main stream print media and through Malaysiakini, for the questions that have been raised hereinbefore.

Never as a leader of the  government should you fail to realize that truth is the radiant manifestation of reality.  When we as a social community desire the truth on our governments formulated policies for the enhancement of the nation’s economic performance, it can only be construed that we have a direct desire to have a contact with a piece of the  reality of our nation, as we find that the doctrines of your pronouncements on the reinvention of investment to make our nation a “high income” nation to be without imagination.



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