In the implementation of the apartheid policies by the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) over the last 40 years, it is amazing to note the demonstration of the maturity and pragmatism of the ethnic Chinese and Indian population of Malaysia and as to how they have stayed above the fray. The UMNO’s racial policies have currently gained live international attention. The systemic discrimination of the other ethnic groups, is apparently in gross violation of their fundamental constitutional rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Najib, who is himself a tinted character was appointed as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in April 2009. The ringing of the bells of his involvement in the murder of  Shaaribuugin Altantuyaa (SB) is still a very live issue, both nationally and internationally. Najib will never be able to find any consolation from the affliction of PI Bala’s revelations of Najib’s role in the murder of SB. He has dismissed the revelations as “frivolous.”

How could such serious revelations be frivolous?

That is why all right minded people are entitled to treat his expressed opinion as a feeble evdeavour to emancipate his mind of his guilt, of the murder SB. In the eyes of any civil society Najib’s conduct is contemptuous. It would not be wrong to have and to hold a perception that Najib will never have light in doubt and darkness.

Against the backdrop of the 40 years of implementation of the apartheid policies and with the nation being burdened with nippotheism, cronyism, institutionalization of corruption, preferential entry in institutions of higher learning, appointment of mediocre pseudo Malays to all the top posts in the civil service institutions, government linked corporations and public universities, Najib announced with great fanfare the 1Malaysia Concept.

Najib fails to realize that we the ethnic Chinese and Indians come from a common stock and that our civilization goes back to some 5,000 years or more. We can smell a rat, long before it arrives. In the same token we understand and comprehend that the 1Malaysia Concept is an “idea” and not a vested interest of the government. That is why we have concluded that the concept is defunct.

If  you were to claim that it is otherwise and that we are labouring under a misconceived comprehension, then why have you and neither your misfit of a cousin Hishammuddin, not taken any action on the recent article published in Utusan Malaysia with the caption, “Of noicy Indians and ‘keling’ blood” written by Zaini Hassan.

Would you not consider this article to be seditious?

Or are you now going to state that it is “frivolous” and we are a mature society and we should not be overtly sensitive.

But then, we are fully aware that you and your misfit cousin do not have a contrite heart. You do not have the courage to do your penance just like all your pseudo Malay leaders in the UMNO. Your past acts of 1987 of wielding the kris may be history but such desperate acts were childish in our opinion. Then your cousin Hishammuddin did the same. In our opinion based on our 5,000 years or more of track record of civilization we consider you chaps as being morally defunct and intellectually arrogant and dishonest as it only arises from your ignorance.

You seem to conveniently forget that there is in existence recorded evidence of the Indianized kingdom such as the Gangga Negara or Old Kedah, Srivijava which is approximately 1500 years ago. Historians such as J.V. Sebastian, K.T. Thirunavukkarasu, and A.W. Hamilton have recorded that Temil was the common language of commerce in Malaysia and Indonesia during historical times. In Malacca, and other seaports up to the 19th. century, Malay terminology pertaining to book-keeping and accountancy was still largely in Tamil.

Borrowings from Tamil include such everyday words as:

Tamil Malay English
akka kakak elder sister
kadai kedai shop
kappal kapal ship
katikam ketika minute
muthirai mutiara pearl
nagaram negara nation
purva purba ancient
raja raja king
suzhiyam sunyi empty/silence
ezhuchi (uthayam) udaya rise
vakai bagai kind
puvi bumi earth
parithi Suria Sun

So where is your supremacy “ Zaini Hassan” as you have only demonstrated how shallow is your new found culture.

Therefore, it is only proper that we make it clear to you pseudo Malays not to live in a state of self denial. You are not a race as you do not have a common stock like the Chinese, Indians or Europeans. You are a cocktail of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Arabs, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Philippinos, Japanese, Americans and God knows what else.

Najib, it is time that you forget about your 1Malaysia Concept in the interest of attaining the vision 2020. You should immediately dismantle the BTN (National Civics Bureau) in the light of your mentor announcing to the world that UMNO is a racist party and Nazri  who is your Minister calling Mahathir a racist. To us they look like fools.

Under these prevailing political scenario it appears that based on Mahathir’s out burst, he has categorically and emphatically confirmed all the allegations and accusations made on the biosphere that not only is UMNO a racist party but the MCA and the MIC.

It is now clear that we cannot have any form of political trust on the Barisan National (BN). The way the political system of the BN and its organizations and institutions function as well as the attitude and conduct of the individual political incumbents of the UMNO, MCA and the MIC clearly demonstrates that they have only time for themselves to exist for their own reasons, of accumulating material under the table, wealth.

We think that our postings on the biosphere have saved us from the sins that are being committed by the BN hegemony. It will go a long way to save us from the inconvenience of anarchy.

And as the inculcation of Najib under the purported 1Malaysia Concept, it is  completely incomprehensible, and all that we have to demonstrate to him is that based on our acquired intelligence we shall treat him indifferently as he is grossly incompetent to be our Prime Minister.



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