After almost 30 years of indoctrinating the cocktail mixture of a multiple ethnic group and staking an illusive claim that it is a supreme race, the Frankenstein monster has finally lost all sense of direction and has called a spade a spade. Maybe its shelf life is coming to an end. So before the term expires the monster has an urge to go back to its roots.

But, on the contrary when we look back into time, we have to give some form of credit to this ethnic Indian for having had been a good actor and for having had dominated his feeble kris weaving peers for 22 years. Even Adolf Hitler only ruled Germany from 1932 to 1945. Just like Hitler who wanted  the world to know that the Germans are an “Aryan” race, this pseudo Malay known as Mahathir artificially created a superfluous supreme Malay race.

Where Hitler failed, this pseudo Malay with other like minded opportunist and racist leaders of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) and the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) conspired to maintain their common root, whilst they we not to question Mahathir’s pseudo ethnic status.

What they failed to realize was the fact that since the late 1990’s the world was becoming highly inter-connected and with the internet, at the click of the mouse, it is  able to provide any form of information or answer to any form of query, for the purpose of acquiring knowledge.

These old intellectuals presumptuously believed that the current generation would continue to uphold their ancient mentality of respectability and would not question the indoctrination they hoped to instill.

As much as Mahathir despised the British, it would be politically correct to conclude that he must have made a pain stacking study to determine as to how the British gained power over the Indian caste system. During that period, the British held that they had the colonial fantasy of racial supremacy.

Apart from their divide and rule policy they also created the myth of the Indo-Aryan migration to India. This created myth led some Indian nationalists to support the British version of the theory because it gave them the prestige of common descent with the ruling British class.

In the same way, Mahathir diabolically conceived and implemented the Biro Tata Nagara (BTN) civic courses. After this recalcitrant mad man was compelled to ceremoniously step down from his high pedestal office, the other mediocre successors could not ape his diabolically conceived vision of pseudo Malay supremacy.

Lest not forget, that the ethnic Chinese and Indian people were not naïve. Nor did it escape the attention of the leaders and the people of respectability and responsibility in this world at large. They recognized the discriminatory practices but gave recognition to our sovereignty as a nation.

Whilst of late, since the issue of the racial discrimination practices have become a live issue which is beyond our borders, the remarks of foreign leaders do ruffle the feathers of our mediocre political leaders. This is owing to the fact that the Foreign Direct Investors are now voting with their feet.

On the other hand, the young cocktail  pseudo Malays have a new sense of an identity. As much as they respect their elders, they want their own space to express their human impulsive urgings or strong desires or tendencies, in their own time.

They do not believe in the ancient preaching. They are more out going, sociable and to some degree pragmatic in their vision and their station of life and disrespect the demand of blind loyalty. They are devastated by the mounting allegations that they are unable to stand on their own two feet and are accused of being dependent on clutters to eke a living.

As much as horses do make a landscape to be beautiful, these modern cocktail of  pseudo Malays, envision that freedom to them is a personal and lonely battle when their every movement is to be dictated and premised on some misguided interpretation of the ancient wisdom which has to be enforced on their modern lives. They want their mixed parentage cultures and faiths to meet and interpenetrate.

As a result of their observations of how other faiths and cultures live freely, these young pseudo Malays have come to the realization that they have to break free from the fictitious web being spun by the powers that be. They realize that there will be no lasting peace unless they learn not only to tolerate and to respect the religious beliefs of others, as their own.

This situation gave rise to some young courageous pseudo Malays to openly voice out the racist policies propagated through the BTN. Thereafter there arose a flood of a partisan movement on the alternate media where one thing led to another and the voice of reason demanded that a ban should be placed on the attendance of the BTN courses. This was first mooted by the Selangor State Government and followed by Penang.

In the ensuing snowballed scenario of events Mahathir the great recalcitrant being true to his colours opened his sewage gap. He declared that the BTN was still useful, as it was installing patriotism. This led to another misfit Nazri labeling Mahathir as a racist.

Then, Mahathir lambasted Nazri for being a member of a one race party, that is, UMNO which is a racist party. The response from Muhyiddin is that the opposition is using its strategy to discredit the government.

From what is unfurling on a day to day basis, it is apparent that the government of Najib has a lot of its own fears which it wants to keep under a tight rap. Through the moribund 1Malaysia concept the government endeavoured to gain the confidence of the people. But now it seems to have a fear within its own ranks, that it is not working.

Najib’s government has to realize that by the laws of nature nothing is perfect. So in the conduct of human affairs there can be no blind obedience. It appears that Najib is no longer able to distinguish the tree from the forest. As now even Najib’s own pseudo Malays tend to categorically and emphatically state that their life has not progressed as UMNO claims. In reality, only a chosen few have achieved a life which is beyond their dreams. The masses have been left to rot.

There UMNO’s education and indoctrination through the BTN would fall within the purview of what John Maynard Keynes said on education, that is, “ the inculcation of the incomprehensible into the indifferent by the incompetent.”

This is owing to UMNO’s own self inflicted death to its pseudo Malay egoism and pride and the people have become deaf as they know that knowledge is limited but on the other hand their imagination encircles the world.



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