From biblical times people have been living in a global village. This is simply owing to the fact that man is the agent of change, is guided by his ego and endeavours to be adventurous. That is why no matter how great may be the system of a democratic government of any sovereign state, we will find that some people would still have the urge and find the need to immigrate to another country.

Malaysia, is not an exception. The aborigines are the only people of this land. Each and every one of the citizens had come to this land as immigrants. Some were forcefully brought to this land by the British. As for instance, the majority of the Indians from the south of India, who were uprooted from their homeland and brought over here to work in the plantation sector, for the benefit of the British Empire.

Then we have the Chinese who by nature have been men of commerce have frequently visited the Malay-Archipelago, as it was then called, even before the 13th. century, where the main port of call was, Malacca. Over a period of time, since immigration laws were non existent at that period of time, they too settled down within the various states of the Peninsula of this country.

Between the 7th. and the 13th. century the kingdom of Srivijaya which originated in Palembang in Sumatra extended its influence and controlled the Straits of Malacca. They adhered to Mahayana Buddhism. Then by the end of the 12th. century Srivijaya had been reduced to a small kingdom and the Majapahit empire became dominant. Parameswara was a Hindu Prince who had runaway from Sumatra and settled down in Temasek now known as Singapore.

When the raiders from Majapahit attacked Temasek, he fled to Muar and later founded the kingdom of Malacca. During that period Malacca was the centre of trade. Traders from Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes,  Moluccas, Burma, Siam, Cambodia, India, Arabia and China traded in the port of Malacca.

So the people who call themselves as Malays are actually a “Rojak” of all the above nationalities. Let us take a closer look at the so called Malay leaders of the past and the present.

The Tunku has Thai blood. Razak and Najib have Bugis blood and they originate from Sulawesi. Hussien Onn and Hishammuddin have Arabic blood. Mahathir has Indian blood. Abdullah Badawi Chinese blood. And all the other so called Malay politician have the blood line of any one of the traders of the Nations that carried out trading activities in Malacca in the 14th. century and thereafter.

There is another interesting feature that has arisen since we attained Independence in August 1957. There is a great deal of inter-marriages taking place with the existing cocktail mixture of the so called Malay women. So, would it not be correct to state that for a person to claim to be, of the Malay race, it would be useless or superfluous? The answer would be in the positive. The only thing that these useless or superfluous race have in common or compel others who want to marry them, is to follow Islam.

The question is, how could, a cocktail mixture of the blood line of different nationalities, constitute to be that of a particular Race?

Now let us seek the assistance from the Little Oxford Dictionary. According to it the word “race” means: each of the major divisions of mankind; group of persons or animals etc. (regarded as) common stock; posterity of.

So based on the dictionary meaning there, exist no “common stock” in the cocktail mixture of the blood line of the useless or superfluous Malay “race”. At best, these people are an outcast, and can only be referred to as a people of a nation and can only be identified as having a nationality and not a race.

Looking back in time, It is now clearly apparent that Onn Jafaar was perfectly right when he had suggested in 1951 that the United Malay National Organisation(UMNO) should open its membership to all non-Malays. But Tunku made a grievous mistake.

The damage has been done. The facts are now clear, that all the component parties in the Barisan National and in particular, the Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) and the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) have been outright incompetent and negligent and have permitted a useless or superfluous Malay race to highjack the Federal Constitution in broad daylight, for the last 52 years.

They have failed to realize that the constitution sets out the framework and the rules for the government in a codified form. It would be hopeless for the populace to read the articles of the constitution as they would not be able to comprehend its legalese. For that matter even lawyers find it difficult to understand the language unless they specialize in the field of constitutional law. A good case in point is the Nizar –V—Zambry case which is before the Federal Court for a decision.

Whilst the Federal Constitution stipulates as to what would be the principles of an autonomous political entity, it would also define the structure, procedure, powers, duties and responsibilities of the various actors of the government. It would also limit the government’s authority on certain rights guaranteed for the people. It is the supreme law of the country and applies to all other laws.

The constitution is our Bill of Rights. We now find it inherently improbable that the component parties in the BN government had willingly authorized the UMNO which is an outcast and note, as the cocktail of people are not even considered a race to have dominated the seat of power for the last 52 years and completely destroyed all the established institutions of the state and have in the process made the machinery ineffective, inefficient, unaccountable, incompetent and are not transparent. Further nepotism, cronyism, corruption and abuse of power have become the order of the day.

It has always been the hope and the aspiration of the people that they have certain fundamental rights where inevitably all the people of different culture and faiths can interpenetrate in a dizzying pace. But unfortunately because of the negligence and the incompetence of the MCA and the MIC, we are now facing a political scenario which is in a state of flux and more akin to a soap opera. UMNO has gone to the stage of not even tolerating or respecting other faiths other than Islam.

For example, the resent cow-head incident at Shah Alam or the case of the confiscation of 15,000 Christian Bibles printed and imported from Indonesia where “God” is referred to as “Allah” or Christians are not allowed to use the word “Allah”.

How low can these misfits go to, to dominate a nation of free people?  How can  they have the right to govern? Apart from high jacking the constitution they have psychologically de-constitutionalised the fundamental rights of other people of their faiths.

They even do not understand what is stated in the Holy Qur’an that is, in chapter XXIII, The Believers, where at verse 90 it states: “ We have sent them the truth but they indeed are liars.” And at verse 91 it states: “ No son did Allah beget, nor is there any god along with Him: (if there were many gods), behold each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have lorded it over others! Glory to Allah! (He is free) from the (sort of) things that attribute to Him!

If these UMNO leaders like Najib, Hishammuddin, Muhyhiddin  and other leaders do not understand the simple issue that there is only one God but we being people of different faiths venerate  God in our own way, that clearly demonstrates how intellectually arrogant,  dishonest and how shallow is their capacity to think.

If that is the case, they are not fit to be the leaders of this nation and are not astute and capable as the leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat. That is why they create flip-flop policies all the time as they have no adequate knowledge and experience to argue and to continue to be able to argue on all spheres of their set policies.

They are unable to give recognition to meritocracy but recognize mediocrity. This is clearly apparent in all the senior appointments in all the established Institutions of the government, the government linked corporations, and the government established universities and even the banks and insurance companies.

Further they do not seem to understand between practice, substance and the application of skills as is seen in the giving out of tenders for the huge government, projects or between the economic significance versus the non-economic unjust enrichment under the New Economic Policy which has been around for some 40 years or so. They are unable to fathom the requirements of local industries versus multi-national corporations as there is a total mismatch of the so called highly qualified professionals in the employment market.

In this day and age with the wake of scientific revolution being in a state of flux, UMNO leaders let religious leaders or organizations to carry out their struggle to find plausible and compelling methods and application to implement the ancient wisdom to modern lives. Is it not practical to note that a man’s obligation to God is a personal matter and only that individual is personally answerable to God for his misdeeds. Or are these holy men going to take a trip on the passing of every man or woman of their faith to mitigate with God on behalf of the people they are endeavouring to prosecute. They know that it is impossible for them to make such trips. So why can’t they let sleeping dogs, lie. They are fighting a fruitless battle.

Finally, may the government leaders use their good sense.  As they say, when a ritual and a ceremony is authentic and attuned to the reasonable satisfaction of people, they will be fired up with imagination and their insight will be evoked and it may even touch their, heart, otherwise these leaders are wasting their efforts at the expense of the tax payer.

Therefore, to prevail in the current face economic depression and lack of foreign direct investment and the current widespread malaise faced by the leadership of the government, we realize that we need leaders with a vision of leadership which will be rooted in the enduring sense of the application of human wisdom with courage and compassion and not BN leaders.



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