As an observer of politics and by engaging in small take about the antics demonstrated by some of our elected representatives both in our Parliament and the various State Assemblies, it seems that the elected representatives are faced with a paradox. They do not seem to know their role and responsibilities as elected representatives.

Do they not realize that upon a person being elected, they address each other in the assembly as the honourable member and the general public also refer to them or address them as the honourable so and so. As much as we understand the fact that the human life of a political man is to demonstrate that he has the collective will and power to create his own environment to impress upon his peers and his constituents that he is contributing to the creation and betterment of a social order, but then, the political man should not violate the established rules of the game.

In the first place an elected representative should know that his prime role and responsibility is to engage in debate and create reasonable laws which the society as a whole has to obey and uphold. No doubt during any such debate there is bound to be frequent intervention by some other representative on a speech being made.

This form of intervention should be taken in good stride as it may more often than not be of good effect and may ultimately be for the general good of the society at large. No doubt as observers we do realize that some representatives would be astute and better than others in having had done their research and by the intervention would be able to turn the intervention into their advantage.

These interventions should not be a cause of concern, even if by nature some representatives may by their character not like to entertain such interventions. For all intent and purpose representatives should be able to think on their feet and hold their cool. They are required to be able to foresee the inevitable and if they could not do so,  they have only themselves to blame for they were ill prepared for the occurrence upon which they realize that they were defeated.

Under no circumstance should any elected representative display in the August House that he is born with a naked vulnerability and that he has not out grown out, from his infantile dependence or childhood tantrums. We have seen a number of representatives who have to the dismay of the public demonstrated their naked vulnerability by throwing out their childhood tantrums, only to be compelled to apologise. Some brave souls do, but cowards do not. Then, they endeavour to bring themselves into the realms of what Charles Maurice de Talleyrand said: “ Speech was given to man to disguise his thoughts.” But, we know what they have meant by their words, acts or conduct.

Just like in the legal profession the lawyers in court address each other in court as my learned friend and the judge as my lord.  In any case when lawyers address their opponent as a learned friend or the judge as my lord, it does not tantamount to the fact that the opponent or the judge may have much substance or gray matter in between his left and right ear. It is done out of humility and respect for the court. In that sense there is no exception to the rule of humility. On the other hand one has to also exercise patience in all ones dealings, as it is active and at the same time it is concentrated strength, which if put into practiced would bring out the virtue in any man.

In Latin, virtue means virility. In that sense it may suggest that there is to be a combination of strength, restraint and courage. No doubt virtue would be more appropriate when it is used in the context of womanhood as woman, do bear the larger share of saving humanity by their endowed reproductive cycle. This process in some way saves humanity for men, as generally men do have a tendency for climactic and catastrophic aspirations.

By nature all of us as human beings aspire in general to show that we possess moral rectitude. But, why then do some of our elected representatives change their character or could it be that their character was such,  which was unbeknown to their party leaders.

Could it be that the parties that nominated these unassuming characters did not have any nominees of sound mind or of any intellectual capacity or the leadership of the respective parties had become obligated to nominate these unsavoury characters.

Regardless of what may be the reasons for which these unsavoury characters were nominated and have been elected into the August House, we as the voting populace have to vow that in the predictable future, we are going to be the masters of our faith. We have to make a solemn promise to ourselves and our families that we are not going to fall prey to the appearance and the instant noodle election responses which will be marketed with great tenderness, with the hope that as in the past the people will buy the opportunist propaganda.

As virtue has bolted out of the August House, we can already see it the new antics in the marketing of the 1Malaysia Concept. Virtue has gone out, in particular from Najib, the Prime Minister and Hishamuddin the Minister of Home Affairs where both have played and are still playing on the Malay psyche and both have defended the symbol of Malay supremacy by the wielding and by the usage of the keris.

With this past scenario in mind, now is the opportunity for the people to play their part to bring about change. Each of us in our own individual way with our families should channel all our power in common with other like minded people under the leadership and the direction of the Pakatan Rakyat(PR) and subscribe to its general will. We know that through the PR we can aspire to attain what is good for the society as a whole and through the PR we can express our views as individuals through the PR as an indivisible part of the whole.

We can ensure that the PR does not adopt the ill conceived ways of the BN and that the PR leadership would be more attentive, concerned, caring and would not provide poetic service where the spirited quality of the BN’s moralities have become mere moralism and their Malay centered ethics feeble goodness just like the 1Malaysia Concept which is a logical fiction.

Its time that we the people bring our act together and put an end to the BN’s intellectual honeymoon and let the BN face an intellectual sorrow as the BN has no more virtu



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