Looking back in time and into what is recorded in history one cannot fail to the question as to what was the intention of our founding fathers in aspiring to attain independence from their colonial masters. It is a historical fact that the United National Malay Organisation(UMNO), the Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) and the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) were all established after world war 11 in or around the year 1946.

It is recorded that in the early days UMNO was afraid of claiming independence of Malaya when their leaders came before the British Officers. At such encounters UMNO leaders would proclaim that they were making their claim of independence for the Malayan people and not just for the Malays.

Onn Jaafar wanted UMNO to open its membership to the non-Malays. When he did not succeed he left UMNO. Tunku Abdul Rahman took over the helm of UMNO. Subsequently together with Tan Cheng Lock of the MCA and V.T. Sambanthan of the MIC, the trio formed the “Alliance” and issued a manifesto stipulating their goals for achieving independence.

They wanted independence by 1959 and required inter alia, a minimum of primary school education for all children, protecting the rights of the Malay rulers as constitutional monarchs, ending the communist emergency and reforming the civil service through the hiring of more Malayans as opposed to the British who were the Lords.

Whilst the British had a structured administrative order all over Malaya, the trio that issued the manifesto on behalf of the Malayan people moved about in the absence of any form of structured social order. Each party had their own individual rational self-interest on behalf of the people they represented. They never had the foresight of Onn Jaafar.

Therefore it would not be presumptuous to imply that each party in the Alliance had to compromise and voluntarily give up some of their self-interest to project a united stand to demonstrate to the British the benefits of their political order to enable the Alliance to attain independence from the British.

Ghandi in India attained independence from the British by the process of passive resistance. The communist insurgency was in play in Malaya and there was a state of emergency in force. The Alliance did not have the where whittle to stage a rebellion. Hence the Alliance who had no political authority must have envisioned that under the prevailing circumstances as they were free men it would be in the interest of the people they represent to establish a political community.

It must have been that through this process, that they bargained, compromised and ultimately gained civil rights for their respective communities and in return they must have come to some form of agreement which was to subject them to the established codes of the prevailing civil laws and to ultimately attain their political authority.

By this process the Alliance was able to establish and demonstrate to the British that there will be in place a civil society premised on which the Alliance would have political authority. That is what is known as the social contract which was determined by our fore fathers which ultimately resulted in the British following the terms embedded in the social contract and drawing up our Federal Constitution.

From 31st. August 1959 up to 13th. May 1969 the Tunku followed the Westminster-style of the Parliamentary system. Then Najib’s father Razak, Ghazali Shafie, Mahathir and Harun ousted Tunku and declared that the Westminster-style of Parliamentary system was inappropriate for Malaysia. This is when the seeds of disorder had been sowed and set in motion.

Razak succeeded Tunku in 1970 and established the New Economic Policy(NEP). By this time Mahathir had written his book, “The Malay Dilemma” which was on the “special rights” of the Malays. During this period or sometime in 1973 the MCA faced an internal crisis when Lim Keng Yaik left and joined the Gerakan.

Then in 1980 Mahathir became the Prime Minister and in 1984 he clipped the wings of the Sultans. Mahathir acted unilaterally without consulting the other component parties under the Barisan National(BN). In 1988 Mahathir sacked the Lord President of the Supreme Court. At about the same time Harun Hashim a High Court Judge declared UMNO as an unlawful society.

During Mahathir era even though he had registered in Singapore for his medical degree course as an Indian, this pseudo Malay charted policies which even the Malays would never have dreamed about. All government institutions and universities had almost 90% of all top positions held by 88% of  mediocre personalities. It was during this time when the Biro Tata Negara(BTN) was introduced.

The rights of the Non-Malays under the Federal Constitution was torn up and subject to destructive analysis. The civil service is now 90% of Malay origin. The centers of learning have been turned into institutions of indoctrination for brainwashing the students a majority of whom are Malays, a privilege of the apartheid policy. They have created a culture of hate and that the Chinese and the Indians are out to topple the Malay government, whilst they are immigrants.

Apart from the Chinese being branded as the Jews of the East the Holy Trinity of the Christians are mocked at as the Head and Shoulder shampoo as 3 in 1.

After the Selangor State Government banned it civil servants and students from attending any courses organized by the BTN the federal government announced that everything carried out by the BTN was to instill patriotism and was in order.

Now after more and more revelations are being made in the alternate media where those who attended such courses have suggested that the cabinet ministers should bring back their children who are studying overseas and let them have a taste of what BTN does, Muhyiddin Yassin the incompetent deputy prime minister has announced that the government is now going to revamp the syllabus of the BTN course.

The question that is on the mind of all right thinking people is, ”If something is not broken, why fix it.” This clearly shows how low the BN government would go to stay in power.

The BN government has failed to realize that they are dealing with a new breed of intelligent youths. They can operate on their own. They can work and use their mental faculties separately and independently. And they can think in a purely theoretical and speculative manner and ask questions on actions taken by the government and argue quite convincingly as to why it should be set aside.

It appears that the government is now in a confused medley endeavouring to comprehend the peoples,  philosophy, thought and demonstrated knowledge on the alternate media. The time for the BN’s demise is drawing near.



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