From the dawn of civilization it has become an accepted fact of life that in order to maintain law and order, any individual in the society has to accept and follow certain rules, regulations and laws. It must be noted that a society is a massive external reality in which people of different races, religion, culture and traditions interact on a daily basis.

For that matter even the cavemen had codes or rules of conduct or for that matter the red Indians of the not too distant past or the aborigines of today who live not too far out from our major urban city centres.

The cardinal aspect for rules to be effective is on the basis that any human being regardless of his stature in a society that rules and procedures are set in place must adhere to those rules, for the society to function harmoniously. And consequently the rules upon being understood and followed, would replace his thoughts.

Why is this so? It is simple, as to how a child learns to perceive the image of the alphabets ABC and listens to the sound of the pronunciation of the alphabets, and there after only would be able to recognize the alphabets and  also repeat it.

As time moves by the child as she grows would inevitably learn to conform to certain rules and gain an understanding to distinguish between what she can and cannot do. If and when the child wanders away from stipulated areas of what she is forbidden to do she knows or come to the understanding that she may be punished. Most children learn and seldom slide back into the depths of the valley of ignorance.

These same children grow up to adolescent and thereafter grown men and women. Some of them will aspire to become leaders in our communities be it in politics, business or whatever it may be. So like the leaders of today, these leaders must be the first to give recognition to the fact that they have in the first place to know the rules of the game and follow it.

When they know the rules of the game they would inevitably know what they can do and cannot do. As much as we all make a clarion call when the government uses the Internal Security Act and refer to the Federal Constitution in respect of our fundamental rights as enshrined in the Constitution being trampled upon, so we must like wise recognize that all reasonable rules, regulations and laws only exist to make our lives comfortable and safe within the community in which we live and work.

As much as we know that a man is not perfect, but even in his imperfection he can aspire to improve upon and bring about social change. In this respect social change can only be brought to fruition based on the support given to the leaders who champion the cause provided the people have faith in the cause. But the current antics of some PKR elected representatives, gives us a great cause of concern.

As much as we know, in any democracy an elected leader has power which is recognized by the masses. But then the leader or leaders who hold the position as elected representatives must realize that they are there to serve and other than the allowances which are provided and the privileges they enjoy, there would be little for the taking.

On the other hand these people who are political leaders must be able to convince the masses of not only their own party, to accept their leadership role but they must in our diverse society develop and formulate policies that are not religious based or racial based but policies that would and can be acceptable by the masses of the wider society enabling these political leaders to acquire reasonable support.

It is time that Anwar Ibrahim has come forth and issued the ultimatum to his party leaders and elected representatives that they should adhere to the party’s policies. Anwar of all persons should know that procrastination is a thief of time, but nonetheless the message should be loud and clear to all those elected representatives that they should reach out to the general voting populace and strictly adhere to the party’s policies of being multiracial and for all intent and purpose should not under any circumstance bring into play the issue of religion. If anyone does do so he should be sacked from the party.

In no way do we the supporters of Parti Keladilan Rakyat (PKR) take the ultimatum issued by Anwar to mean that PKR has crossed the Rubicon that separates the opportunist that stood on the party’s platform and found an easy passage to get elected based on the peoples perception for change and the current turbulent prevailing political scenario diabolically conceived and executed by Najib and UMNO who have an extremely large war chest which may have no bottomless pit, for the present.

We as the voters want to send a clear message to the PKR  elected parliamentary and state representatives and aspiring divisional leaders who hope to be elected representatives, “DO NOT TEST OUR INTELLIGENCE” and stop raising the issue or fanning the flames of religion in an attempt to gain political mileage or kilometerage.

We can clearly distinguish between sincerity and good intention and based on our 52 years of the past experience we shall never in the future excuse the abuse of reason. Neither would we be amenable to a popular course which is filled with wisdom full of pranks. We do not have any more tolerance to mingle with political leaders with a portion of lightheartedness.

Therefore all the PKR elected representatives and divisional leaders are required to follow the rules of the party. If you follow the rules you will be safe. But in that case if you should think that you may not make much headway in the party, then by all means leave the party.



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