We in Malaysia are known to be a Democratic State. Maybe it would be more appropriate to refer to it as a “Dictated Democracy.” This is owing to the fact that there is no separation of the “economic” and the “political” sphere, as we believe that the Government has no business in doing business. Further the “Judiciary” is not independent of the Government but rather its slave.

We claim to be a capitalist society. But when we observe the role played be the Government, in particular, through the various incorporated “Government Linked Corporations (GLC), it is not to difficult to draw an objective conclusion that there is a tremendous amount of conflict of interest, which ultimately undermines the “ethics” and the role and the responsibilities of elected and appointed members of the Government.

We are all too familiar with the role and responsibilities of human beings, in the society or community in which we live, work, do our business or carry out our professional practice, carry out our duties and responsibilities to our family, our employees and to comply with all laws, rules and regulations as determined by the Government of the day, from time to time.

We are also aware that all of us are mortals and that no one is above the law, which includes the Government and the “Monarchy” as the “Law” is above us.

Therefore, when we consider the role and the responsibilities of a Government with the new found insight of the voting masses, we cannot stop intruding into the domain and the realms “ethics.”

Here we find that whoever becomes the “Government” of the day, it has to be committed to conscientiously follow the base line of an unwritten “Golden Rule” which advocates that one should do or not do to another, what one wishes to be or not to be done by.

This golden rule would translate and fall squally within what Abraham Lincoln said, and we Quote:  “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.” Unquote.

No doubt when we apply this golden rule across the wider spectrum of the society in which we live and interact with the interest of others, we would have to come to the realization that the rule obviously concerns itself with one of the very basic paradoxes of our human existence.

This is owing to the fact of life and reality, as each of us have a self-conscious individuality, as we all the time perceive and judge others or others judge us based on the state of a given state of affairs or occasion on the premise of actuality. We may do so by ceaseless interaction or without divine prescience.

But then, here we are not dealing with the issue of an individual but the Government of Malaysia. It is in respect of the Auditor General’s(AG) Report where there are findings that the various governmental agencies have given out closed tenders where the recipients of the closed tenders have “over-charged” the said agencies by some RM24 billion. Following that AG’s report, a statement was made by Najib based on his ceaseless egotistic prudence that “Another Task Force” would be set up to “study” the AG’s report.

As far as we the tax payers are concerned, the findings as stipulated in the AG’s report are conclusive. The AG is the “CHIEF ACCOUNTANT” of the government. We demand that the Najib and his henchmen in government show to us as tax payers at least some decency and a minimum altruistic sympathy, for the over paid RM24 billion.

This is owing to the fact that the persons who approved the closed tenders have abused the trust and confidence reposed on them and they have acted in a gross and a discreditable manner in which his government agencies and the persons responsible have grossly misconducted themselves or may have in the process unjustly enriched themselves, which in itself is a “criminal offence,” for which the Attorney General should contemplate and start investigations and proceed to prosecute those responsible.

Najib, do not be naïve, as we are all too familiar with the antics of the Barisan National Government. Do not think and act like an “Ostrich” by proposing to set up another task force, which as we all know is “SET UP BY THE UNWILLING TO DO THE UNNECESSARY AND THE UNWANTED.”

Najib, you should stop projecting the mental level of a child who will desists from pinching when it gets pinched in return. If that is not the case, why have you not instructed the Attorney General to prosecute those responsible? Or is this a passive way of achieving the target of the New Economic Policy.

It is time, Najib, that you be more insightful and responsible and do away with your egotistic prudence and act courageously with altruistic sympathy to recover the overcharged RM24 billion or ensure that all those who are found guilty in a court of law, are sent to jail.



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