In 1998 when Anwar was unceremoniously dismissed by Mahathir as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Ezam without a second thought joint forces with all the United Malay National Organisation(UMNO) supporters who were dead against the dismissal of Anwar, and formed a movement called the “Reformasi Movement.” Even Al Gore the Vice President of the United States of America who happened to be in the country at that time gave his blessing to the movement.

This movement was subsequently registered as a political party which came to be a household term known as the Parti Kadalian Raktat(PKR), in which party Ezam played a very active part and held an executive position, until Anwar,s appeal to the Federal Court was allowed and Anwar was released from his incarceration, from the Sungai Buloh Prison.

It is an established fact of life that every one of us, as human beings, had to take our time to build up our confidence in the leadership and the aims and objectives of a political party. Once we believe in its cause, we on a point of principle stay loyal to the cause of the party and give our wholehearted support to the leadership of the party to further its aims and objects and bring to realization the party’s goals. We do not jump ship at the whim and fancy of our own aspirations.

It is inevitable that wherever there is human interactions,  there is bound to be conflicts or clash of ideologies amongst the leadership in any organization. Therefore, it is not normal for the aspiring loyal leaders of any political party, to react emotionally and leave amass from a political party and form another party with the ideology that they are “reformist” and do not believe in the aims and objectives of their former party, which in this case is what Ezam had done to UMNO in 1998.

From news reports in the past based on Ezam’s press statements after Ezam left PKR and rejoined UMNO and in particular the news report in the Star on 31.10.2009 the former Youth Chief of PKR, that is, Ezam Mohd Nor has challenged PKR’s President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to kick out her husband Anwar Ibrahim from PKR as Anwar is facing “sodomy charges” and that Wan Azizah should resign as the President of the PKR if she does not have the heart to sack her husband.

Ezam may be a confused person but based on an objective analysis of his antics he is definitely an opportunist who is currently being made use of as his master’s mouth piece to state what his master is unable to state publicly.

Ezam detested Mahathir’s leadership and left UMNO. Now he has left PKR and re-enlisted into UMNO. Najib as the leader of UMNO is a tinted character. The tintinnabulation of the Altantuya’s murder and of her body being blown up with the use of C4 explosives has made news all over the world and the bells still continues to ring endlessly. Najib has been directly implicated in this murder. Najib has only made bare denials or bald statements of his role in the murder, which does not in anyway, exculpated himself based on the evidence which is in the public domain. The Judiciary have caused a judicial misconduct at the murder trial. Why was Najib not called as a Witness as nobody is above the Law, and as we know, the Law is above all mortals.

Yet, Ezam has the audacity to test our intelligence. Whilst Ezam may be confused and as an opportunist, he is not deeply immersed or conveniently does not want to know or perceive or conceive or for that matter understand the notions upon which he was a part of the birth of the “Reformasi Movement” which subsequently became a political party now known as the PKR.

But contrary to Ezam’s actions, the supporters of the PKR are now focused on the concepts, theories and the skills required by PKR’s politicians to create a new democratic, economic and civil society which has to incorporate all the important issues of the human sphere and the human spirit and the aspirations of the people, in our diverse society. And in the process of doing so, PKR has to purge from its ranks the unqualified persons who were nominated in haste before March 8 of 2008, who eventually got elected on the wave of the voting masses perception for a change, on account of the 52 years of the established UMNO, political ideology, of discrimination against the minority.

Ezam, apart from being confused seems to support Badrul Hisham Abdullah’s decision to quit PKR on moral grounds. This support given by Ezam to Badrul is a contradiction of sought. Why is it so?  In 1998 Ezam left UMNO when Anwar was charged for “sodomy” and was not yet frivolously convicted. At that time the issue of morality did not arise, but yet Ezam left UMNO and formed PKR. Now Ezam raises the issue of morality on behalf of Badrul where Badrul’s own constituents know he is incapable of serving their interest, which had become an embarrassment and a liability to the PKR. But the “politically motivated” charge has yet to be heard on its merits by the Court, but Ezam is now burdened with emotion on the new found issue of “morality” on behalf of Badrul, which cannot stand in the perception of all people who have a soul for good governance.

The antics of UMNO and Ezam are now of open knowledge of the general populace. The accumulations of the past 52 years of UMNO’s antics are so rich that even a blind man would know about it. Therefore Ezam’s knowledge of PKR is completely incomplete. Ezam has no “Locus Standi” to make the call to Wan Azizah to sack Anwar, and Najib and his spin doctors should be reminded that such a call is indeed a call that would be made only by desperate politicians to gain publicity in the main stream media who are the official mouth piece of an emotionally and intellectually dishonest and bankrupt Government.

It has now become common knowledge that UMNO apart from institutionalizing corruption in Bagan Pinang has clearly demonstrated by its acts and conduct in Perak and now in Selangor that in order for UMNO to survive, UMNO will accommodate in its fold all the politicians that are discarded by the other political parties, who have been elected on that parties platform.

We the voters know after 52 years of the deprivation of our rights under the Federal Constitution, that we have ahead of us a long and winding road to travel in our political scenario, and to bring about the required change that will be of benefit to the average man on the street.

Change we must, and there is no way of setting the clock of change, backwards. We have to ensure that we stay united for the cause of change for a better tomorrow by ascertaining that we will be complementing with the acquired knowledge of others so that we acquire more knowledge for ourselves and gain a better understanding of the mechanics of what makes our society function for the benefit of the society at large.

If only all of us allocate for ourselves some time to come to know ourselves better and we endeavour to exploit the prevailing distinctions presented to us by our politicians in our day to day life, we as a discerning people would eventually come to know these politicians and penetrate the psyches or oratory powers of these politicians, and make our discriminations at our own time in the course of our solitude and self reflection, of what we aspire to achieve for ourselves and the future of our children.

As all is not lost, and by our united actions we can ensure that PKR through Pekatan Rakyat, can succeed in bringing about the required change in our political landscape. Consequently, Ezam has no locus standi to issue any orders to PKR as when we immediately use our senses we can visualize that Ezam’s call is inchoate or in decay and to a large degree variable and is grossly imperfect.



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