The 2010 budget for Malaysia was introduced by Najib in Parliament in late October of 2009. It presumably makes provisions for the nation to aspire to become a “high income economy”. What does this term actually mean?

In giving it a purposive interpretation it would mean that the country as a whole would gain more income from its economic activity, resulting in the Government receiving a higher income from taxes set in place. This may be as a result of increased export revenue and decreased import expenditure.

But, then would it be from the taxes paid by the “individual tax payer” or from Corporate Income Taxes it is unclear. What is clear is the fact that Najib has used the term “high income economy” which can only translate to mean that the Government’s coffers would in actual fact receive an increase in income and not necessarily the average man on the street is all of a sudden going to be awarded a high income for his mediocrity.

If this interpretation is correct, then the 2010 Budget is not premised on increasing the income of the general working populace. As it is, other than the people in the Civil Service being paid reasonably well a large cross section of the lower rank of the people in the public service, commercial establishments and the various Industrial undertakings are paid a salary or a wage and taking into account overtime work, receive a monthly take home pay packet of between RM 900.00 to RM 1,400.00.

Therefore, the 2010 Budget does not contain any form of Najib’s or his Government’s interpersonal intelligence, which can categorically and emphatically demonstrate to the working class, as to how our economy is to be transformed where the peoples skills will be enhanced to enable them to jointly participate and reap the benefits of a higher income being awarded for their required services, which in return would increase their purchasing power and improve their standard of living.

Further, Najib and his Government have not come out with a clear blue print on the facts as to how they are going to bring about improvement in the pathetic state in which our Education System is in. Neither have they given any assurance that they will correct their current racial based policies in respect of employment and appointment of key personnel in the various Governmental Institutions and Institutions of Higher Learning.

With what is before us there only appears to be a fluctuating character in the presentation of the said budget. Hence what we can immediately perceive by our senses may be, that the 2010 Budget is inchoate or what is in decay from the old economic practices or such variables of the current imperfect business practices, would continue, unabated.

As we see it, complementing knowledge of other Nations economic activities and how those Nations prosper, if heeded to, is added knowledge to which we would have acquired, to assist us on our road to transform this nation work force into a “high income nation” and not just a “high income economy.” Further, we can only become a “high income economy” when we give recognition to meritocracy without regard to race, culture and religion and hold in gross contempt mediocrity, in all Institutions which includes the Government.

Maybe, when the Government wakes up to the reality of meritocracy, we would become a high income nation and the economic cake would expend, for the general benefit of the populace.



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