Let us not forget that all politicians react to a particular state of affairs based on their experience. But this issue of the “Islamic State” and the endless debate is a waste of everybody’s time. It is time that “Anwar” comes out with a clear message as to what is his stand on this “issue.”

As far as I know it is “only” some of the PAS politicians and other insignificant politicians who are harping on this issue to gain political mileage. Anwar should know what the Federal Constitution provides for, and he should stand up and be counted before it is too late.

There is an urgent need for the PKR to reationalise the requirements and the general “identical” wishes of the general voting populace as has been done to some degree by the DAP,  that we are a secular state. Anwar should state his stand. There is no logical transferability provided for in the Federal Constitution that we, from a secular state can become an “Islamic State” unless the Constitution is “Amended” with a two- third majority vote in Parliament

So, it is my view, if Anwar is astute, he should recognise the inner workings of the intellect of the general voting populace and cancel PAS sense of imagination or sensation of wanting to gain political mileage on it doctrine of wanting to create an unattainable state without even having first obtained the peoples doctrine of recognition and the mandate,  from the voting populace, as we are and shall always be every politicians, master.

Therefore, Anwar you should notify PAS and forewarn them that they depend on the Non Malay support to defeat BN and it is only natural that in any political philosophy it is to err and PAS should be “pragmatic” in wanting to work under the Pakatan Rakyat banner to defeat the moribund Barisan National.



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