The Star Publication of 25.10.2009 reports that the Barisan National (BN) man states that the Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) has no substance. The BN’s Tenagga Batu Member of Parliament(MP) Idris Harun is of the view that the PKR exist solely for the purpose of serving its adviser Anwar Ibrahim. This statement is a gross insult to the intelligence of the voters of 83 constituencies which come under the Pakatan Rakyat(PR) who are elected Members of Parliament

It appears that Idris Harun has no knowledge of what politics is all about. His views are more akin to an old joke, that is, “So it is your contention that when you opened the cupboard to remove the bones, it was already missing.” Idris sounds like Rip Van Winkle who in the fable fell asleep in the woods for about 100 years and on awakening realized that the world has changed from what he had known it to be.

Idris apparently, had gone to his slumber sometime in 1998. Now upon opening his eyes, he is aghast to be of the realization that Anwar has with agility made considerable inroads into the United Malay National Organisation(UMNO) power base and constituencies. He is completely devastated  and agitated. Hence Idris was prompted to make a false statement which was a falsely simplified idea about the course of the current prevailing political scenario which is beyond his capacity to comprehend.

What Idris Harun has failed to realize is the fact, that the comments about PKR and Anwar are unnecessarily pedantic, whilst he seems to overrate the standing of the UMNO and the BN club. He miserably fails to realize that in the court of public opinion UMNO and the BN club are being despised as emotionally and intellectually corrupted and that the BN leaders have over the last 52 years betrayed the trust that have been entrusted and bestowed on them by the majority of the voting populace.

It has to be recognized that, politics is difficult to define as it encompasses a very wide cross section of roles, duties and responsibilities. Let us just mention a few areas such as, Parliament where laws are promulgated, the Executive which is known as the Government, the various political parties, voting and the endless political debates and arguments which provides the main stream print and broadcast and the alternate media and the general populace the every day excitement. Apart from these areas, we should not fail to realize that civil wars, guerrilla movements, revolutions, military coups and assassinations are also part and parcel of politics.

Having had stated and placed the arena of politics in the right perspective, we can conclude that the BN is still a formidable force. What the BN is endeavouring to do with its power as a Government is to successfully impose its will through its accumulated coercive resources at its disposal. We saw the naked usurpation of power in the Perak State Assembly, which has resulted in an impasse where ultimately it is the general populace who face the blunt, by not being provided with any service, for the tax they pay.

This is the motto of (Rip Van Wrinkle) Idris. By making a stupid statement which is published by the Star and other main stream media, he is attempting to generate and increase the dissemination and the acceptance of his ideology, that the PKR and the PR are weak. The BN parties and the Government are attempting to persuade the majority of their own subordinates and members and further the general voting populace that they are a “powerful” group in our society and have the right to command power and influence their standing in our society.

As a keen observer of the changing political landscape in our nation, the only advice that can be given to the general populace, is that, no one should have an abstract view or only a theory of what politics means but you should learn to understand and participate and  practice on what it is all about.

Therefore, politics is a socially constructed behaviour  based on the general participation of the people. It is sustained and improved upon by how alert every strata of the populations and it behaviour contributes to a change for the better of a civil society. This line of action in the long term will directly contribute and significantly bring about a change in power relations between the BN and the PR which will ultimately result in political stability.

We have our common sense. We can think of time as an infinite river which never cease to flow and so does the oratory of all politicians. It would be wistful thinking to implore that the river should slow down or for the matter to slow down the pace of the politicians oratory.

Neither can we rebuke the politicians ruthlessness which do at times snatch away our brief periods of happiness with out desired political leaders and hurries our treasured thoughts, maybe into oblivion. This is when we have to have the capacity to withstand the onslaught of the BN propaganda, and dismiss Idris Harun’s statement that PKR has no substance and persuade other people to disregard  Idris statement as being a falsely simplified idea of politics.



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