Malaysia attained its Independence from Great Britain on 31st. August 1957. The colonial masters gave the new born nation a tailor made written Constitution. Under this Constitution we have a concept of a Malay monarchy or sovereignty. But then there is no such provision in the Constitution for a system of absolute monarchy.

During Mahathir’s 22 years of leadership as the Prime Minister of Malaysia he had amended the Federal Constitution between the mid 1980 and the early part of 1990 which ultimately resulted in the decline of the privileges enjoyed by the monarchy, thus bringing into existence a redefinition of the concept of Malay sovereignty.

But in order to understand the concept of the Malay constitutional traditions we have to fall back to recorded history as a guide. The presumed concept of the Malay tradition came into being sometime in 1380 -1403 when Parameswara founded the kingdom of Malacca. He resided with some 30 families of fishermen who were the indigenous people of Laut Ethnic. He was a Hindu believer who was the son of the Sam Agi King who escaped to Malacca after being defeated by the Crivijaya Kingdom.

Parameswara thereafter embraced the Islamic faith. So it would not be wrong to conclude that the Malay Constitutional tradition and the manner of its existence is very much influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism and thereafter Islamism.

Against this backdrop we shall examine the growth and the development of the idea and the concept of the government of this nation over the last 52 years.

The Federal Constitution provides for the fundamental principles of liberty, equality without discrimination, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, assembly and association, freedom of religion, rights to Citizenship, education and property.

Then there is the provision of Article 153 which provides for the “Reservation of quotas in respect of services, permits, etc., for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak” with the caveat that under Article 136  “All persons of whatever race in the same grade in the service of the Federation shall, subject to the terms and conditions of their employment, be treated impartially.”

In reality, this has not been the practice. The system we have in operation can at best be termed as “Malay Apartheid” which translates to “Segregation and Domination by the Majority of the Minority.”

In 1970 Najib’s late father the then Prime Minister Abdul Razak who assumed office after the “May 13 riots” which was above all meant to be a Coup d etat  to depose Tunku Abdul Rahman,  ensured the rise and the entrenchment of the new Malay capitalist class, more often than not referred to as the “Ali Baba class” through the introduction of the New Economic Policy, which has now lasted for 40 years.

Then after March 08 2008 General Elections Najib with the connivance of Mahathir compelled Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down as the Prime Minister and took over the helm of the United Malay National Organisation(UMNO) and was appointed as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

No sooner after his appointment, Najib announced the formulation of a New Concept termed as the 1Malaysia Concept. This illusive concept has further been commercialized. What these UMNO politicians and all their sycophants and psychopaths from the Malaysian Chinese Association, the Malaysian Indian Congress, the Gerakan and the other component parties which comprise of the Barisan National(BN) which forms the Government, have illustratively endorsed this illusive concept which appears to them according to their ideology to be logical.

What these BN politicians fail to realize is the fact that a mere concept which is created as a passage of convenience can never replace the “Fundamental Rights” of the people as enshrined under the Federal Constitution.

Then we saw the holding of the 62nd. Annual General Assembly of the UMNO in the early part of October 2009. This time around there was no Kris wielding. Maybe it has been sent for display in a museum. But then two actors namely Khairy the UMNO youth leader and Najib the president of UMNO did reduce in their speeches, the fundamental notions of their logic of their special privileges which are impossible to be stripped from the Federal Constitution. On the whole, their notions of logic were either flawed or contradictory and were more of a myth.

Khairy’s notion was premised on “The new Malay dilemma” where he saw the need to change both the vision and the mechanism to see the Malays forge ahead with the “abolishment” of the 30% bumiputra equity in the Initial Public Offering(IPO) in public listed companies.

On the other hand Najib in delivering his Presidential Address stressed that “Those who have enjoyed the benefits of the New Economic Policy(NEP) should not be calling for its removal and deprive others who still needed help”

Najib further stressed that the main consideration when the NEP was formed, was that Malay equity was merely 2.4% and the objective was to increase it to 30% in 20 years. However the Malays managed to own only 19.2% of the economic cake.

Contrast the Presidential address of Najib’s above remarks with what Khairy, the UMNO youth chief stated a day earlier, and we Quote:

“The President himself mentioned that from RM54 billion worth of shares given to bumiputras through this mechanism, only RM2 billion remains-(the rest) sold for a quick profit. Thus proving that there are symbols and mechanisms we defended in the past, which have not succeeded in their objectives.” Unquote.

It follows that based on the “Cardinal Number” of  RM54 billion as stated by Najib and categorically confirmed and announced to the whole world by Khairy,  UMNO will continue to be crippled be its own conceived and created illusions.

Therefore on the face of the above facts it is compelling clear that there is arithmetic proof that the NEP has been achieved. UMNO seems to have an inbuilt culture which can be safely termed as the “UMNO Paradox.”

Hence the objective provisional answer to the UMNO Paradox would in all likelihood be based on the speeches of both Najib and Khairy. The propositional conclusion has to be,  that whilst their respective speeches do sound logical but nevertheless all the UMNO leaders logical pronouncements which include the 1Malaysia Concept are only good for the dustbins of logical fictions as their own arithmetic proof that there are fewer things in heaven or on earth that would make any sense in philosophy.



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