The dust from the outcome of Bagan Pinang elections results, have yet to settle. The Pekatan Rakyat leaders are still in search of the grounds for the way in which the voting populace had cast their votes giving Mohd Isa Samad a trumping victory. And against this backdrop, the United Malay National Organisation(UMNO) is holding its Annual General Meeting.

The UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has based his clarion call to the youths in UMNO that he wants the majority of his community to forge closer ties with the other races. He wants the youth wing members to work hand in hand with the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities to reap mutual benefits in nation building as opposed to the confrontational “Malay dominance” approach.

The reasons given in his speech makes reference to the Chinese and Indians as “ minorities” makes no distinction between the clarions calls of his predecessors of the past or his call of the present and for the future where he envisions that all local universities would be filled by Malays who are there based on merits and not  by the quota system and he has coined the term “ civilisational confidence” and only God knows what that term means. He has miserably failed to under what is provided for in Article 8 of the Federal Constitution, which is “equality.”

Khairy may have been educated in a world renown Institution called “ Oxford “ but he has failed the test of public scrutiny on the issue of morality, ethics and virtue as a politician. He was given only a warning for being caught in the act of “ money politics” that plagues UMNO. And only he knows what he means when he loosely uses the term “civilisational confidence.”

There is no doubt that every politician must be given his due for his aspirations. But then as observers, looking at the announcement objectively we are tempted to analyse political statements, as we are only human. And then, we tend to lose ourselves in the pursuit or the occurrence of the current prevailing political scenario, to become subjective to present temptations, as the political events unfold before us.

The sad thing is that the way the Barisan National and the Pakatan Rakyat  politicians act or play out their rational of governance, which gives us as the voters only inadequate ideas of the morality and ethics of how they would improve the system of government, from the state of where it is in, today. What we hear is empty salvos.

To put it simply, both the Barisan National and the Pakatan Rakyat politicians have miserably failed to address the issues that affect the future of the people of this nation.  They have failed, to argue upon all fronts. They have failed and continue to fail to argue on the prevailing and on the failing economic situation and how it has to be invigorated to be competitive as a world class player.

They do not seem to address the current mismatch of the skills required in the employment market. On the other hand, the degree mills which have produced highly qualified professionals, do not have character or are unable to perform. But in its place to a certain degree we have cheap labour.

The education system has taken a step or many steps backwards, in the name of nationalism. But then we dream of transforming the nation into a high income nation. How do we achieve such a goal when in the first place the education system is flawed and consequently the employment market is not provided the substance and the skill that is required for it to be dynamic.

Then there arises other various matters in respect of the infrastructure projects that have been planned and built and on how it is to be maintained and upgraded. The public transportation system is grossly inadequate. The health and sanitary conditions, the current administrative practices versus new theories that may have to be introduced to enhance and improve upon the delivery system for the general well being of the people who pay the taxes to keep the Government machinery functioning.

There are a host of matters relating to the duties and responsibilities of the Local Authorities and how are they being executed under the current prevailing economic situation and its significance in relation to the non economic enrichment that has resulted from previous Governments policies and a host of other factors, that have a direct impact on the daily lives of the people in general. There is also the serious issue of the loyalty of the civil servant to the Government of the day where the service is required.

Over and above all these issues, we face an alarming increase in the rate of crime, when our nation of 27 million people, have a police force of about a 100,000 men and women. It works out to the ratio of 1 policeman to every 270 persons. The United Nations required average is 1 policeman to 250 persons and we are not far from the required world average. But why then is our crime rate so high? Is it because  the police force is being mismanaged for political purpose?

Then there is the issue of the misuse of Judicial power and Judicial misconduct and the subservient manner in which the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency carries out its selective prosecution, which is again an abuse of its powers.

Therefore based on the above stated scenario, and based on the oratory speeches of politicians from both sides of the political divide, we the general populace are only able to perceive inadequate ideas of what our politicians are actually doing in life at the present as we are unable to fathom their political ideology and what they intend to do in the future.

As much as we would want participate and engage in the democratic control of our social lives as united individuals to shape and bring about a change in our destiny, we find that the way politics is being played out by the various actors both from the Barisan National and the Pakatan Rakyat based on their political dogma, we think it has to be purged of its spurious or its unauthentic immutability, before these politicians can actually bring about a change that will be of any benefit to the wider society in which we live.

In this respect as much as we want a change in the current political landscape, we hope that the political leaders from the Pakatan Rakyat will take a cue from the results of the Bagan Pinang by-elections and carry through their transformation ideally under the unified banner of the Pakatan Rakyat in alliance with the support given be the people whose aspiration is to achieve a more democratic and functioning civil society.

We do not expect a utopian state to be delivered to us for the votes we cast  But we are fully aware that in all our struggle to bring about a change after 52 years, the struggle to create or improve the current state of democracy would merely become an illusory dream or form if our political leaders from the Pakatan Rakyat do not change their mindset.

If the Pakatak Rakyat intends to see the struggle as a struggle between differing political dogmas being fought out amongst the PAS, DAP and the PKR then you can say good-bye to the social groups that are currently giving you their support.

As Socrates said: “Law is reason and not passion.” And so we the people send a clear message to all Pakatan Rakyat Politicians that your political dogmas must be shaped by reason and not by passion.

In the event that this message is disregarded, than your future survival will be determined in the midst of the voters presumed ignorance. As we are the masters of any politicians faith and let there be no mistake on this issue.



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