The actual state of affairs is that our people generally live in a civil state of innocence. We live in contentment and benevolence which is within our means.

But sad to state, we have given the Government too much power and consequently they have conveniently forgotten their contractual obligations towards the people that voted and put them into office.

On the other hand the MCA and the MIC and other component parties of the moribund Barisan National have given UMNO under the guise of the NEP the right to the so called rise of the Malay civilisation and the right to amass private ownership of property and business interest, and that is when everything started to go downhill.

This unsightly scenario has only benefited a small number of ethnic Malays. Generally the Malays by giving their support in the past to UMNO have now realized that they have been raped and robbed by their leaders, in broad daylight. So Najib being a tinted politician with a lot of  baggage to carry can only dream of having a baggy support of the ethnic Malays.

Therefore the time has come based on our observation and realisation that the people are disgusted with the abuse of the trust we have vested in the Government to exist in order that they were  to guarantee us as the citizens the right to live in peace and harmony and have a life of happiness with there being equality,  freedom of speech, choice and the right to assemble without arms.

Therefore the general scepticism of the people will and can only produce happiness because we do not have dogmatic beliefs, like the UMNO rapist and racist, and consequently we are free from worry.

Bagan Pinang based on a level playing field should fall to the Pakatan Rakyat, HOPEFULLY.



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