The dye has been cast by UMNO for the election of the Assemblyman of Bagan Pinang. This constituency has been a Barisan National stronghold. Mohd Isa is the Barisan candidate. The question is, did UMNO’s choose Isa by conveniently ignoring impulsiveness and irrationality? Or does UMNO think even though Isa was a fallen man in the past for money politics, for which he was suspended from office, he has paid the price for his misdeeds and it is simply impossible for the votes to reject him. Or could it be more than what that meets the eye in respect of UMNO’s candidate, that is, if we nominate, Isa can stand, if Isa can stand, the election commission will accept him and if Isa can enter into the election, he will win.

What UMNO fails to realize is the fact that even with the full support and publicity being given to Mohd Isa by the main stream print and broadcast media, the media is acting on instructions. The people will start to wonder as to why the main stream print media is so passive whilst the alternate media is abound with all forms of news and information about Isa’s past misdeeds.

This censorship on the main stream press from raising the issue of Mohd Isa’s suspension or his past misdeeds in respect of money politics is illusory and self defeating. By curbing the freedom of the press the Barisan National is in actual fact contributing to the success of the Pakatan Rakyat candidate, Zulkefly Omar being elected into office.

The Barisan National by channeling all their energy in making the issue of Isa’s suspension for money politics a no go area of the print media, fails to be of the realization that there are many other serious allegations that have surfaced.

There are serious allegations on the issue of rigging postal votes. News is abound  in the alternate media that in the previous elections the Barisan National had instructed and entrusted certain individuals to mark the postal ballots. There is also an  ex-military personnel known as Retired Sergeant Abu Kassim who has on his own volition exposed such dubious acts.

The other devious act of UMNO is making its rounds on the alternate media, is the use of one Tan Sri and Two Datuks who are ethnic Chinese to invest their money to make certain that Isa wins the by-election. Najib and Mahymuddin and all in UMNO know this issue. This is what they call “pay-back time.” These Chinese Towkays as they are more often referred to, are the ones who benefited or are Isa’s proxies, when Isa was the Chief Minister of Negri Simbilan.

It is apparent that these Chinese Towkays are going to go on their rounds to coffee houses and hotels in Port Dickson and wherever it is possible in Bagan Pinang to hand over the money to those who are willing to sell their soul to vote for Isa. It is a normal phenomenon, that rats desert a sinking ship. But in Bagan Pinang it appears that there will be rats swimming to the sinking ship of UMNO. The question is, are these three Chinese Towkays suckers to do the dirty work for UMNO? Or are these three Chinese Towkays merely “PROXIES” of Mohd Isa? Or is there a bigger picture that we do not know about?

The voters of Bagan Pinang should use these last four days and never fail to raise in their enquiry wherever Isa speaks,  the issue of virtue. They should also extend their enquiry to know what Isa had produced for them in the past when he was the Chief Minister from 1984 to 2004. Isa has and will never have a virtuous behaviour. Isa may even tell the votes with tongue in cheek and his fingers crossed that if they vote for him, he will not do what he did when he was caught for money politics.

This is what you can term as to “mingle seriousness with portions of lightheartedness.” This is where the voters knowledge of causality should not in any way cancel his belief in the freedom of choice of a virtuous and respectable leader.

The voters should always remember that they cannot take the chance of giving chocolates laced with alcohol to a former dipsomaniac. And Isa who has been drunk with power and money politics is more akin to a leopard that will not change its spots.

The voters of Bagan Pinang should take the money offered to them, after all it was stolen from the state, which indirectly should have been used to improve their welfare, and should go to the polls and vote for, Zulkefly Omar of PAS.



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