Another By-election is in the offering in Bagan Pinang of Negri Sembilan. The demography of the constituency comprises approximately of Malays 66%, Chinese 10.5%, Indians 19.9% and others of 3.5%.

The contest is between Mohd Isa Samad of UMNO representing the Barisan National and  Zulkefly Omar of PAS representing the Pakatan Rakyat.

What seems to be of an affront to all right thinking people is that UMNO has nominated a candidate, in the name of Mohd Isa Samad who was found guilty by the UMNO disciplinary board of money politics. This translates to mean “CORRUPTION”. Samad was banned from holding office. But the insult to our intelligence is that Najib being the Prime Minister of this nation has demonstrated how mediocre or medieval is his capability, and has announced that Isa’s culpability was a “technical matter”.

How does the misdeeds of Isa become a technical matter is beyond the comprehension of all right thinking people .We can go one step further and state that even the voting populace of Bagan Pinang who have the knowledge of causality will never be able to accept Najib’s announcement and will cancel their support for Mohd Isa Samad.

The announcement of Najib will not vindicate Isa’s culpability of being found guilty of corruption by UMNO and neither can Najib claim that he was misquoted by the press. This expression coming from the Prime Minister of Malaysia only goes to demonstrate the illusory idea of the 1Malaysia Concept which can only be expected from a tinted personality like the likes of Najib.

Najib has to be reminded that emotional corruption translates into intellectual corruption. That is why Mahathir has openly stated that Najib is not a leader but an administrator. We the people realize that Najib apart from being emotionally and intellectually corrupted, he is always led by his passion and therefore has a defective knowledge of the world. This assessment of Najib is not an exaggeration as Najib has stated in Paris at the 35th. Unesco General Conference that the “1Malaysia national philosophy can be extended to the concept of 1Region and ultimately 1World”.The world leaders must have had a good and resounding laugh in the toilet.

As we can see it, Najib lives a solitary life. He has a lot of baggage to off load. Hence being the leader of UMNO and the Barisan National he is unable to live according to common decisions as MCA and the MIC are moribund. As a consequence of his solitary life he obeys himself alone, which accounts for the disorder in UMNO. Hence Najib’s politics survives in the midst of ignorance, and if that is not the case why did he make the 1 Region and 1 World announcement in Paris like a megalomaniac.

Since 08 of March 2008 the people have come to realize that the true aim of the government is to be the liberty of the people, who put them in power. We are no longer to be used as the passive instrument of the power that may be. Neither does the people’s knowledge of causality cancel their belief in the freedom of choice of their candidate. The votes are now able to conduct their lives by making an informed decision by the rule of reason.

If the people of Bagan Pinang want to achieve fulfillment of their common desires in accordance with the true nature of democracy, then they must conclusively decide that money politics is corruption and corruption is cheating and cheating is an offence under Section 415 and 417 of the Penal Code (Act 574) and under the Criminal Procedure Code (Act 593) it is a non compoundable but bailable offence and if found guilty, the sentence is Imprisonment for five years or fine or both.

Therefore, the hocus-pocus of money politics being a technical matter can only come from an emotionally and intellectually corrupted person like the likes of Najib.

Corruption is cheating to get elected into office, pure and simple. It is an offence under the Penal Code. It is apparent that UMNO has only incapable candidates and if the people do ever vote for these rouges and scoundrels, all the promised deeds will definitely not be fulfilled and will come to naught.

We think that Barisan National and UMNO can no longer take the silent majority for a ride, like they had done for the previous 52 years. The votes now have an intuition. This natural asset gives them an immediate insight into the truth that comes from the grasp of the word “CORRUPTION”. Hence, if  all things being equal, Zulkefly Omar should be the votes choice and should be elected into office as the State Assembly of Bagan Pinang. This would be the proof of the people by their single act of mental attention of the surrounding and prevailing circumstances of Isa, for the voters to reject incapable politicians.



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