There was an interview held by Malaysiakini recently with the Chief Secretary to the Government. The substance of interview was that  “ the civil servants have to be loyal” to the Government.

Sidek Hasan emphasized that the civil servants have to be “loyal” to the Government of the day as the Government is elected by the people and the Government serves the people.

The question posed to Sedik was in respect of the role played by Abdul Rahman  Hashim the Perak State Secretary early this year in the rape of the Perak State Assembly by Najib and the problems encountered by the Elected Pakatan State Government.

What was indeed astonishing and beyond comprehension of all right thinking people, was the statement by Sedik that the Perak State Secretary Abdul Rahman “was following the rules as a civil servant. I would have done perhaps the same thing. As a civil servant you have to do what you think is right under the circumstances and reading the rules”.

What rules is this man talking about. He must be one of those highly qualified mediocre professionals who coasted his way through the undergraduate years in a Malaysian University and must have passed his examinations with the barest of permissible margins.

And thereafter we presume, he must have been sent, at the tax payer’s expense to some foreign university to obtain some form of useless post graduate degree. That is why he could so comfortably state without any hesitation that, “I would have done perhaps the same thing.”

That is why Ahmad Sarji in his biography as written by Lim Chang Moh, entitled “Attaining Eminence” states that universities should not be just giving out scrolls. “What is the point of having highly qualified professionals if they don’t have character.”

So the answer to Sedik statement stares at us right in our face. He is a man without character. He has to be loyal to the man, Najib, who had illegally usurped power and carried out the rape of the Perak State Assembly.

This man who has no character, has also stated that Abdul Rahman Hashim  comes from the PTD, ‘Perkhidmatan Tadbir dan Diplomatik’, but it has to be agreed to by the state government, so the service may be federal, but his government is the state government.

To another question posed by Malaysiakini, that is,

So he has to abide by the state’s decision?

“Exactly, but I suppose his was a special case seeing that you know, at that time, there was a judgement call. And according to that call, because we don’t know which one to choose… he was following the rules as a civil servant.” Does this answer make any sense to any right thinking person. So how are these mediocre civil servants ever going to serve the interest of the people, by not serve the Elected Government, when there is a “JUDGMENT CALL” they do not know which one to choose. But they fail to realize that the Elected Government is the Government.

Does this mean, that in the event some underground organization were to aspire to take over the Government, and there is a “JUDGMENT CALL” these civil servants without character would choose to give their allegiance to the underground organization!

If that is the case, would the civil servant as in Abdul Rahman Hashim’s case have committed an act of TREASON?

Is this act of Abdul Rahman Hashim as conformed by Sedik not a TRAVESTY to the established rules of governance for the proper functioning of an Elected Government?

It is clearly apparent that the leadership of the civil service has lost its purpose, as according to Sedik they do not know the meaning of service to a “GOVERNMENT” and we can safely presume that they will sell their service to the highest bidder.

We have learned over the years that any position of power vested in the hands of an individual is to be considered an honour and a privilege. The holder of the position whether in the private or public sector, is generally expected to noble and is entrusted with very important duties and responsibilities. This is particularly so in the civil service, because their acts and conduct ultimately affects the lives the people who voted the Government into office.

Now we can see that  the civil service is packed with people of no CHARACTER. This is not a presumption. It is a fact and it has been unequivocally stated and confirmed by none other that the CHIEF SECRETARY of the Federal Government. It is apparent that the current leaders in the civil service do not examine their own consciousness on the route they take in executing the trust emplaced on them.

Here it would be most appropriate to draw a close to this article on loyal civil service by taking a Quote from one of RUMI’s poem,

“If thou wilt be observant and vigilant, thou wilt see at every moment the response to thy action. Be observant if thou wouldst have a pure heart, for something is born to thee in consequence of every action.”  Unquote.

As such it is now clear to us that from the acts and actions of Abdul Rahman Hashim the State Secretary of Perak, failure to carry out his duties according to his oath of office given to the elected State Government he has committed an act of treason. He has grossly violated the honour and the privilege entrusted in him and he should be removed from office which includes Sedik Hasan and all others like them.



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