Hishammuddin, is the Minister of Home Affairs of Malaysia. Before he went into politics he was a practicing Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

He established the Law Firm which operates in the name and style of Lee & Hishammuddin. He was a Partner in that firm before he entered politics and became what he is today.

That means he is supposed to be a learned man.

What has happened to his INTELLECT?

This is the question the common man in the street, is searching for answers. Has he consigned his native intelligence and his English education, to the dustbin of UMNO politics and policies of RACIALISM? Has UMNO politics resulted in him having over the period of time that he rose through the ranks in UMNO, chosen that UMNO was more important to him in realizing his aims, that he had to  have  a gross disregard for the Rule of Law?

Come, come Hashammuddin, please use your God given NATIVE intelligence, even if you have decided to disregard your acquired intelligence and if by some chance you have lost it on your way up in UMNO, at least you can still use your commonsense like all of us do.

But for heavens gracious sake do not demonstrate to the world that you are being intellectually arrogant and dishonest in attempting to explain your way out of the embarrassing situation you have put yourself in, because of your over enthusiastic urge to be a racist and attempting to unseat the Selangor State Government.

Just admit it and so let it be. We are all too familiar with your past misdeeds of waiving and kissing the kris at every UMNO General Assembly. There cannot be a plea of innocence in respect to your acts and conduct, which has been at an expensive cost and a great loss of the peoples support, for UMNO.

No one will stop a politician, from playing to the gallery. That is what all of them do, anyway. You are all actors on a stage, to fish for the peoples votes. But do it with, civility and not with a medieval mentality. It does not and has not impressed anyone.

Now, with the cow-head demonstration, and you having had announced to the world at large, that the barbarians, were victims, your statement has been taken by all right thinking people to be a mere imbecility of saying rubbish, without any substance. Whilst the public understand from where you were coming, as you are a downright racist, you were in actual fact attempting to imply that the Selangor State Government, does not know how to administer the affairs of the state.

Then, after the public outcry against your statement, which was an imbecility of rubbish, you made and became a flip flop man, and announced, that the Government will not tolerate anyone disrespect for the religion, of other peoples faith..

Do not ask for further cheap publicity. We all know and even your members with intellect know that your press statement after the closed door meeting with the barbarians at Putra Jaya, was a mere imbecility of rubbish.

The commentator from the general public responded conscientiously but with, civility. We want your RESIGNATION. But you have made it clear, that you will not resign. But you have to take stock that we know that you are a person of an abnormally weak intellect and that you have been living in a state of delusion and have been unable to comprehend the demarcation and the complicated political dynamics at play, in our nation of people of diversity.



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