The main stream print media reports that the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) Delegates have given the President’s men a clean sweep. It is apparent that Samy Vellu has proved his influence in ensuring that the nominated men for the top four posts got elected.

As such, the word is out that ALL of us who are observers should respect the WISDOM of the MIC delegates, who are the grass root leaders of MIC.

What ” wisdom” are we talking about. The MIC is a political party.

By the acts and conduct of the members of a component party of the BN, which party is almost “moribund” it only demonstrates that the members of the MIC are oblivious to the change that has taken place in the political landscape. They are as blind as church mice.

They do not seem to follow the change in the political landscape with reason and wisdom BUT by blind faith follow a leader who has destroyed the social fabric of the ethnic Indian community.

Thus the ethnic Indians, now have 8 political parties to represent about a little over 1 million ethnic Indians. How fragmented and disunited are the ethnic Indians in the eyes of all right thinking political observers.

Over and above having 8 political parties, the ethnic Indians are also known to be members of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the Democratic Action Party and the Gerakan party which is a component party, which comes under the umbrella of the Barisan National.

Is this what we can ever term as “WISDOM”?  If anyone thinks so, they ought to have their head examined first. To loosely use such a word as “wisdom” to give respect to the influence exercised by Samy Vellu over the delegates to attain his objectives, seem to butcher the word, wisdom and make the word lose its essence, in our way of expressing prevailing outcomes or important situations.

So the commentator’s way of using the word, WISDOM is an abuse of the English language or maybe, based on the lack of understanding of the language.

Therefore, the choice, is not to give any recognition to the MIC members choice of electing their leaders, which is based on their ignorance of the current prevailing political dynamics at play.

The MIC delegates decision is not a decision of the ethnic Indian community. It is to be considered and confined,  as a decision of an insignificant portion of the ethnic Indian community, and any respect given to the delegates, should to confined to only the MIC as a component of the Barisan National and not the ethnic Indians as a whole.

As such, if there is any wish by  the MIC to claim to be the representative body of the ethnic Indians of Malaysia, it would be an affront to all right thinking ethnic Indians in particular and all other political observers in general.



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