There is a lesson which the Malaysian Political Leaders have to learn and that is not to take CULTURE and TRADITION for granted, and to do things according to their desire.

Here is a lesson to be learned. When somebody runs away from his COUNTRY of origin to escape being punished for his past misdeeds and thinks after a hundred years or so, that all is well and sundry and that all his misdeeds have been covered up and forgotten and starts to live in a illusion that “MALAYSIA IS TRULY ASIA” the past catches up with him.

You cannot call a dog by any other NAME as the dog is still a dog.

The same goes to the Javanese word MALAYU. It denotes RUNAWAY.

Therefore, a runaway from Jawa or Indonesia cannot erase his past and glorify his present SUPERFICIAL and artificial STANDING in the eyes of all righting thinking people in ASIA.

So this recent problem that has arisen between Indonesia and Malaysia, clearly shows that a runaway cannot get rid of his past and that he has no CULTURE, which he has forfeited, because he has abandoned it, when he ran away from his country of origin. He can APE the culture, but he has no rightful claim on it.

As an example, as the Courts always pronounce, if you infringe upon COPYRIGHT LAWS you have to pay a price. This is the intent of Parliament and the Courts enforce it.

The same goes with the CULTURE of a NATION OF PEOPLE. They have a right to that CULTURE. No one can COPY it. And this is what Indonesia claims Malaysia has done.

But now Malaysia states that the Government did not do it but it was a Company that it engaged that did it. What a LAME EXCUSE. Stand up like a man and take CHARGE of your RESPONSIBILITIES and do not run away from it. This time you cannot sweep it under the carpet.

Like wise this is the price the MALAYU has to pay. So wake up you IDIOTS and stop making a nuisance of your self.

Stop calling the ethnic Chinese and Indians immigrants because we did not runaway like you and we still retain out CULTURE.


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