Najib pretends that his 1Malaysia concept will build the invisible bridge and bring about harmony in our multi cultural society.

Hishammuudin believes that the COW HEAD demonstrators have been innocent and have been victimized because a Hindu Temple was going to be built in a muslim majority area.

The Inspector General of the Police has demonstrated that barbarians from a muslim majority area can carry out a demonstration without a police permit.

The Attorney General has demonstrated that the Law is not made for a reason but for victimized malayu’s to demonstrate with passion.

Now after the public outcry 6 barbarians have been charged in court.

Najib and his Government are filled up with nothing else but CHARLATANS.

Their acts and conduct when taken together with the acts and conduct of the cow head barbarians are in fact the sum total of the things UMNO pretends to be.

Now we as the common people can clearly see That UMNO no longer wants to be careful of what it has all along “PRETENDED” TO BE.

We as the common people should never forget the power of our idea for a change of the Federal Government.

UMNO is in a state of DELUSION.

We should not fail in our duty to execute our ideation for the CHANGE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Remember persistence and determination in our cause for a change will only result in an evolution.


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