The Authorship of any Government has to be premised on the type of policies that are formulated which is generally acceptable to civil society. In particular, it has to ensure that the fundamental liberties of the people who voted and put the Government in office are not eroded.

Under these circumstances, the management of, and the formulation of policies and the implementation of such policies and the  affairs of any Government, cannot and does not appeal to divine inspiration. Nor can such policies be enforced selectively, especially in  diverse society, like the likes of Malaysians. That is the reason the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has an Advertisement for the world, as “Malaysia is truly Asia.”

The Leaders of the Government are expected to be clever and astute politicians. They have to tailor their policies which are for the wider good and acceptable, by the society at large. Such policies should be implemented, without discrimination and on the basis of equality, fairness and justice.

Looking back of what has happened since 1970 when the New Economic Policy(NEP) was first introduced, and over what actually happened, the whole NEP policy sounds like a CARICATURE. Leave aside, what the ethnic Chinese, Indians or the other races and Foreign Investors think about the NEP, but even the ethnic Malays( Malayu which means  runaway in Jawa) have come to be of the realization that the NEP has been a “ludicrously exaggerated representation” of the Government, which has only benefited  the ethnic Malays who are closely connected to the Leaders of the Government.

To put it simply, the Government has miserably failed, knowingly or unknowingly to look over their shoulders and to ensue, that at the implementation stage of the NEP, the right things were done. They failed, to argue upon all fronts. They failed and continue to fail to argue on the economic situation, the education system that provides the substance and the skill for the employment market, the various infrastructure projects that have been planned  and built and on how it is to be maintained and upgraded, the public transportation system, the health and sanitary conditions, the current administrative practices versus new theories that may have to be introduced to enhance and improve upon the delivery system for the general well being of the people who pay the taxes to keep the Government machinery functioning, the duties and responsibilities of the Local Authorities and how are they being executed and the current prevailing economic situation and its significance in relation to the non economic enrichment that has resulted from previous Governments policies and a host of other factors, that have a direct impact on the daily lives of the people in general.

The Government has absolutely disregarded meritocracy. It has substituted it with, MEDIOCTITY resulting in a majority of the ethnic Chinese, Indians and those classified as others, not wanting to join the Civil Service. Hence, the Civil Service comprises of 90% or more of ethnic Malays. No doubt this will include the Government Linked Corporations.

Then we have the public sentiment, against three main Institutions. Whilst the Royal Malaysian Police Force(RMPF) and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency(MACC) would come directly under the Executive Arm of the Government, the Judiciary is required under our Federal Constitution to be Independent of the Executive. This is owing to the fact that there are to be a separation of powers for any democratic society to be a functioning democracy, that is, there would be a Parliament, the Government which is the Executive and the Judiciary which is Independent and that is why the term “JUSTICE IS BLIND” emanates. But in Malaysia Justice is Not Blind.

From the above discussion of the Authorship of Najib’s Government, it is clear to all right thinking people, that Najib’s Government is like a Ship without, a ballast, by which we mean that Najib is not very clever nor is he an astute politician. If anyone, thinks to the contrary, then the Question that begs to be answered is: why introduce a 1Malaysia Concept( which is still born) when the Federal Constitution provides for Liberty, Equality, Freedom of speech, assembly and association, Freedom of religion and the Rights in respect of Education without Discrimination.

To put the argument in its right perspective, let point out a few short comings in his leadership, as portrayed by the main stream print and broad media and the alternate media.

Before being appointed as the Prime Minister, Najib carried out an unforgivable act against the people of Perak, that is the Rape of the Perak State Assembly, resulting from which the people of Perak are left in the lurch and without a proper State Government. Now, Najib wants to take back the State of Selangor. This had resulted in the mysterious and untimely death of the late Teoh Beng Hock.

On 28.08.2009 the whole world with astonishment and bewilderment watched the video of what transpired after Friday prayers at Shah Alam, when some 50 or more barbarians who behaved more akin to lunatics,  acted out with the severed head of a cow which is considered sacred by Hindu’s and aggressively shouted out profanity, which were seditious in nature and further pronounced and declared, that they will start a civil war. Till to date of writing not a single barbarian has been arrested by the police. The irony is that the Home Affairs Minister Hishammuudin indeed found fit to have a closed door meeting with these barbarians, and thereafter issued a press statement, that he understood that these barbarians were “victimized” even though they were the aggressors.

Whilst the cow head barbarians are roaming free,  a group of ethnic Indians lead by P. Uthaya Kumar on the evening of 05.09.2009 carried out a candlelight vigil in Kuala Lumpur in protest against the controversial cow head demonstration held at Shah Alam. From the video on you tube the world can see how efficient were the INDISCIPLINED police force in arresting these peaceful people who carried out the vigil.

The question in our mind is, how is that, that the police were hyper efficient in arresting a group carrying out a candlelight peaceful vigil and on the contrary  the police became by standers and watched the lunatics with the severed head of a cow carrying out a violent demonstrating in front of the Selangor State Secretariat Building, and almost 10 days have gone by and no one has been arrested. This inaction by the authorities, is incomprehensible to all right thinking people.

So, Najib, we the people have to be bold and frank to notify you that you are not clever nor astute as a Leader of your Government. Contrary, to what your spin Doctors advice you, we can see that there is no authorship in the administration of the Government. All that we can see, is that, you are hungry for power and are in a state of dereliction of your obligation as the Prime Minister of this Nation and are incorrigible and now want to carry out the Rape of the State of the Selangor State Assembly, and you may not succeed.

As such, we will leave you with a poem of a British poet, painter and mystic, and we Quote:

“When I from black and he from white cloud free,

And round the tent of Godlike lambs we joy,

I’ll shade him from the heat till he can bear

To lean in joy upon our father’s knee;

And then I’ll stand and stroke his silver hair,

And be like him, and he will then love me.”

From the above poem, you will note that you have no love for the community. Neither do we love or respect you. You have a hunger to destroy the soul of the community. Love is human emotion and it has no meaning to you. Plato called it DIVINE MADNESS. But on the contrary what we see and visualize from your 1Malaysia Concept, is,  DIABOLISM.



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