From time immemorial by which we mean from ancient times which would be beyond our memory, there is a school of thought, that man is basically free. This concept should hold water. That is why, even to this day, when a charge is read out by the Court clerk in any Criminal Court, the clerk will take the Charge sheet, call out the name of the accused, read out the charge, and then ask the accused, what would be his plea.

This clearly establishes the rule of law that a man must be personably answerable for his acts and conduct. In the same token a civil society expects each and every one living in a community to respect and uphold the rights of every one within the community to practice their religion without any hindrance or obstacle.

Thus Article 11 (3) of the Federal Constitution  provides as follows:-

Sub-Article (3)Every religious group has the right-

(a)    to manage its own religious affairs;

(b)   to establish and maintain institutions for religious or charitable purposes; and

(c)    to acquire and own property and hold and administer it in accordance with law.

There the issue of relocating a Hindu Temple to Section 23 in Shah Alam under Article 11 Sub-Article 3 (c) is in accordance with law, and it becomes a non issue.

Apart from our religious belief, we also uphold a common sensual relation within the community. We respect each others culture and tradition. This common sensual relationship,  is by nature inborn in man. Consequently, we are self indulgent. This has been our way of life since, way back even before we attained our Independence.

What has been most bewildering and astonishing is the fact that after “last Friday’s” cow head demonstration no one has been arrested. The icing to that demonstration was that the Home Affairs Minister Hishammuddin had a closed door meeting with these barbarians at his office at Putra Jaya and thereafter issued a press statement that these barbarians,

“had no intention at all to bring the cow’s head and invoke racial sentiments or cause tension. They are not going to be let off, scot-free. But they just feel victimised because they feel there is another valid explanation and had no intention to cause racial divisions.”

After an out lash by civil society, within 24 hours this mediocre lawyer by training who  brings great disgrace to the term “Statesman” made a reverse turn and announced that “ the action could not be tolerated as the cow was considered sacred in certain religious faith.” And the police have been told to take stern action against those responsible.

It is clear and apparent that this kris wielding racist has no integrity whatsoever. He appears to be a member of a party called the United Malay National Organization which only cares for itself. Contrary to the words “United Malay” the party is disunited and dysfunctional. That is why he has lost the common sensual feeling and the thought of caring for others in this nation of ours.

The way we see it, is that, this kris wielding moron is incapable of leadership. Civil society demands that Najib should dismiss this moron from his Cabinet. On the other hand whatever little dignity this moron has left in him, the right thing for him to do would be to make a public apology to the Hindu, and resign as the Minister of Home Affairs, and make Najib’s life a little more easy.

Whilst, the first “diabolical production of the vicitimised play” in respect to the cow head demonstration had not run it full course, we have before us a another moron with his very own production and the play is entitled “Toyo’s stupid animal play.”

Mohd Khir Toyo’s script states that “The reason (the cow’s head) was brought was to show that the (state government) had acted without thinking as the site (for the Hindu temple) was ready (in Section 18), so why relocate (to Section 23)?

“The state government did not think… the cow’s head was displayed because it is a ‘stupid’ animal, to show that the state government made a ‘stupid’ decision, and disrupted the peace of Section 23 residents. (It has) nothing to do with religious issues,”

“I don’t know who brought it (the cow’s head)… but for me, there is no sensitivity (involved) or link to the animal being holy for the Indians (Hindus),” ( Source Malaysiakini)

Now we have another theory from one of the biggest rouge and scoundrel of the disunited dysfunctional United Malay party. He claims that the cow is a stupid animal. The State Government made a stupid decision. It is not a religious issue and there is no sensitivity.

So how do we right thinking people reconcile what this MAD MAN has to say, who just came back from a visit to the holy land, with what the about turn MORON of a Home Minister said that “the action could not be tolerated as the cow was considered sacred in certain religious faith.” Both these chaps ought to have their heads examined by an independent psychiatrist, and the best recommended one would be a Jew, as he would not be biased.

This Toyo chap has to be reminded of his Holy Qur’an where in Al-Baqarah, or the Heifer(The Cow) at verse 263 which states:


So what Toyo said was contrary to his belief in the Holy book that he professes to believe in. He by opening his foul mouth only added more insult to injury.

As much as we know, there can be no common measure to the will of man, in general. All of us, who are not a moron, know that to a large extent we have the will and desire to live harmoniously with our neighbours. On the other hand we use our intellect and endeavour to find our course in life with reason and wisdom to be our beacon of light, in our difficult and trying encounters, in life.

Based on the acts and conduct of Hishammuudin and Mohd Khir Toyo it is conspicuously clear that these morons are not leaders. They do not use their intellect but make free use of their will. These men are not leaders. They happened to be at the right place at the right time, and so were made as leaders. These men are as good as the rubbish that is in the trash bin.

True leaders whilst being “shrewd” by which it would mean that they a clever and at the same time are capable of showing an astute power of judgment, of the affairs, by which they are surrounded.

Therefore, simply put, leadership is to a large degree is based on “ethic” and it is a God given gift.



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