Hishammuddin being the Home Affairs Minister claims that he met with the Section 23 residents who staged the uncivilized protest with the severed head of a cow which is sacred to Hindus. The whole world has seen the dastardly act and conduct of, no doubt a small section of the ethnic Malays. Their acts were violent in nature. It was indeed seditious. Yet till to date no one has been arrested and charged in Court.

Whilst, Hishammuddin wants the Selangor Chief  Minister to meet the residents and resolve their purported grievances, he has with crystal clarity demonstrated to the civilized world that as the Home Minister of this Nation which aspires to be a developed nation by 2020, that he is intellectually dishonest and morally arrogant and is totally unfit to hold the office.

He has thus, on his own volition, openly castrated himself and consequently must be dismissed as the Minister of Home Affairs. Further he has only confirmed and itched in the peoples mind that he is a downright racist, and the protesters have him as a friend, in need, as he has himself openly waived the KRIS at almost every UMNO general assembly he has attended as an elected official.

His advice, given to the protestors is written on water. It is amazingly premised on political circumstances. It will only act as a catalyst to the Nations dismal economic performance and foreign direct investment.

Contrary to Hishammuddin’s statement, Najib is listening to his 1Malaysia song entries. He pretends to think that the Rakyat is with him. Whilst we know and the world is now aware, that Najib’s 1Malaysia Concept was still born.  Najib lives in a permanent state of self denial. He is hoping against hope that the appropriate song will be picked to help the public in the process of oneness and togetherness. What a wonderful dream.

Then as reported in the Star of 03.09.2009 in relation to the cow head protesters, Najib states that the police and the Attorney General’s Chambers will decide whether the group that protested against the construction of the Hindu Temple in Shah Alam had violated any laws under the Seditious Act, and he leaves it to the police and the Attorney General to decide.. But he regrets the act of the protestors. What a shame.

Najib, on taking office, announced that the Rule of Law must prevail. He himself has a lot of baggage which has not been off loaded. His cousin has made himself a first class waiver of the kris and wanting blood. The protestors have also said it loud and clear, which has been seen worldwide, that blood will flow if the temple is relocated to their Section of their neighbourhood.

On the other hand the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the PPP are almost moribund.

So the question in the minds of the people are, who is the agent of the truth? By the looks of the scenario before us, it is apparent that the Barisan National is the mass scale manufacturer of the untruth. The main stream print and broadcast media are their exclusive slaves and agents to peddle the BN’s body of propaganda against the Pakatan Rakyat.

Under these prevailing political scenario, we as the people who vote and put these politicians in office, have to be fair minded observers and make an informed decisions when ever the time calls for our concerted actions, as voters. We must be able to be sober in our thinking regardless of race, colour, creed or religion. We must be able to distinguish between the insincere pious or moral ideology used by the Barisan Politicians as well as those from the Pakatan Rakyat.

Therefore, only when we are able to understand the depth of the message being conveyed would we be able to see the complexity that prevails, which effect our day to day life. This is how we should make our decision on our life, our culture and on the current wider happenings in our society. Given the nature of the way the Najib’s Government, the police force, the MACC, the Judiciary and all the other major Institutions function, it clearly demonstrates to us, as right thinking people, that the COW HEAD protest has been engineered by someone in power.

The unfolding events over the last 7 months since Najib’s Rape of the Perak State Assembly is an highly  regrettable and unforgivable act and conduct of a Prime Minister. Now he has set his eyes on Selangor. The Barisan National is in a state of delirium.

So in order not to loose further supporters Najib is trying to show to his supporters that he has a high degree of tolerance in respect of their cow head protest. This inaction by the police and the Attorney Generals Chambers only goes to show HOW WEAK THE BARISAN NATIONAL IS, AS A GOVERNMENT.

Whilst the Barisan National Glass is cracking, we should be even more vigilant. As they say, that the last swing of a dying crocodile would be the most voracious. As such it would be more intellectually satisfying if all of us learn to be more tolerant and do not  unduly react to the seditious statements and barbaric acts and conduct engineered by the Barisan National. We shall be able to see the glass shatter to pieces.



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