Our Perak Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives had decided to convene the State Assembly Sitting today. There was a police order barring the public from gathering at or around the State Secretariat.

When the Elected Menteri Besar Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin and the Pakatan State Assemblymen arrived at the State Secretariat at around 8.45am. they noted that the police had thrown a heavy security cordon around the State Secretariat. This was done with the support of the Federal Reserve Unit. The trucks and water cannon blocked the entrance of the building.

The police stopped our elected Representatives. This prompted the Perak DAP Chief Ngeh Koo Ham to argue with the police about a purported court order prohibiting the Assemblymen getting together for the Assembly.

It is learned,that the court order says the public cannot be in the vicinity of the State Secretariat Building. It did not stipulate anywhere that the State Assemblymen proceeding to carry out their duties, cannot assemble.

It must be noted that it established law and it is illegal to stop State Assemblymen from performing their duties. And the police are not above the law and the Constitution. They are SERVANTS of the law.

Our elected Assemblymen attempted to move on.They were blocked by a contingent of the Federal Reserve Unit of the police. In this ensuring struggle, Ngeh was arrested. It is now a known fact, that a reporter questioned the police, as he only wanted to do his job, but was arrested together with other elected representatives.

Being left with no other alternative the assembly was convened at the Heritage Hotel based on the doctrine of necessity.

Based on the above facts, it is clear and apparent that the RULE of LAW is DEAD in our Nation. We have become a POLICE STATE.

We are no longer Ruled by our Elected State Government BUT by the whims and fancies of policemen who are paid a salary from our tax. Their duty is to enhense public safety but on the contrary they have become a liability and have now assumed the role of giving instructions to our elected representatives on what they can do and what they cannot do.

We are a nation of people who do not subscribe to the school of thought, of carrying out a revolution. As a developing democracy, we are by nature slow in contemplating, to go on a war path. We hope against hope to bring about a change in the current prevailing state of our political climate, by evolution.

We also understand the difficulties our elected representatives are facing, owing to the diabolical acts executed by Najib and his henchmen in Perak. We have to take stock that the main stream print and broadcast media only highlight all the trivial problems faced by the Pekatan Rakyat Component Parties. And only GLORIFY the Barisan National Leaders.

The birth of a new horizon in our political landscape is at hand. We have to be tolerant and devoted to our cause of creating a just, equitable and a truly democratic and civil society. What we are now facing after the March 8 2008 tsunami can at best be described as the “delirium pendulum swing” of the moribund Barisan National.

Always remember that we are their MASTERS and every five years they have to come to us as OUR SERVANTS. That is the time we shall unleash our PENICILLIN when we go to the ballot box to cast our votes. Never for a moment forget that each ballot that we cast against the Barisan National Component Parties, would be much more powerful than any bullet currently in the possession of the police force.

With that COLLECTIVE ACT of ours we shall remove from the police force, with the mandate that we give our leaders, all the “arrogant” thorns and retain the disciplined men and women to ensue our safety and respect our HUMAN RIGHTS.




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