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September 15, 2009

There was an interview held by Malaysiakini recently with the Chief Secretary to the Government. The substance of interview was that  “ the civil servants have to be loyal” to the Government.

Sidek Hasan emphasized that the civil servants have to be “loyal” to the Government of the day as the Government is elected by the people and the Government serves the people.

The question posed to Sedik was in respect of the role played by Abdul Rahman  Hashim the Perak State Secretary early this year in the rape of the Perak State Assembly by Najib and the problems encountered by the Elected Pakatan State Government.

What was indeed astonishing and beyond comprehension of all right thinking people, was the statement by Sedik that the Perak State Secretary Abdul Rahman “was following the rules as a civil servant. I would have done perhaps the same thing. As a civil servant you have to do what you think is right under the circumstances and reading the rules”.

What rules is this man talking about. He must be one of those highly qualified mediocre professionals who coasted his way through the undergraduate years in a Malaysian University and must have passed his examinations with the barest of permissible margins.

And thereafter we presume, he must have been sent, at the tax payer’s expense to some foreign university to obtain some form of useless post graduate degree. That is why he could so comfortably state without any hesitation that, “I would have done perhaps the same thing.”

That is why Ahmad Sarji in his biography as written by Lim Chang Moh, entitled “Attaining Eminence” states that universities should not be just giving out scrolls. “What is the point of having highly qualified professionals if they don’t have character.”

So the answer to Sedik statement stares at us right in our face. He is a man without character. He has to be loyal to the man, Najib, who had illegally usurped power and carried out the rape of the Perak State Assembly.

This man who has no character, has also stated that Abdul Rahman Hashim  comes from the PTD, ‘Perkhidmatan Tadbir dan Diplomatik’, but it has to be agreed to by the state government, so the service may be federal, but his government is the state government.

To another question posed by Malaysiakini, that is,

So he has to abide by the state’s decision?

“Exactly, but I suppose his was a special case seeing that you know, at that time, there was a judgement call. And according to that call, because we don’t know which one to choose… he was following the rules as a civil servant.” Does this answer make any sense to any right thinking person. So how are these mediocre civil servants ever going to serve the interest of the people, by not serve the Elected Government, when there is a “JUDGMENT CALL” they do not know which one to choose. But they fail to realize that the Elected Government is the Government.

Does this mean, that in the event some underground organization were to aspire to take over the Government, and there is a “JUDGMENT CALL” these civil servants without character would choose to give their allegiance to the underground organization!

If that is the case, would the civil servant as in Abdul Rahman Hashim’s case have committed an act of TREASON?

Is this act of Abdul Rahman Hashim as conformed by Sedik not a TRAVESTY to the established rules of governance for the proper functioning of an Elected Government?

It is clearly apparent that the leadership of the civil service has lost its purpose, as according to Sedik they do not know the meaning of service to a “GOVERNMENT” and we can safely presume that they will sell their service to the highest bidder.

We have learned over the years that any position of power vested in the hands of an individual is to be considered an honour and a privilege. The holder of the position whether in the private or public sector, is generally expected to noble and is entrusted with very important duties and responsibilities. This is particularly so in the civil service, because their acts and conduct ultimately affects the lives the people who voted the Government into office.

Now we can see that  the civil service is packed with people of no CHARACTER. This is not a presumption. It is a fact and it has been unequivocally stated and confirmed by none other that the CHIEF SECRETARY of the Federal Government. It is apparent that the current leaders in the civil service do not examine their own consciousness on the route they take in executing the trust emplaced on them.

Here it would be most appropriate to draw a close to this article on loyal civil service by taking a Quote from one of RUMI’s poem,

“If thou wilt be observant and vigilant, thou wilt see at every moment the response to thy action. Be observant if thou wouldst have a pure heart, for something is born to thee in consequence of every action.”  Unquote.

As such it is now clear to us that from the acts and actions of Abdul Rahman Hashim the State Secretary of Perak, failure to carry out his duties according to his oath of office given to the elected State Government he has committed an act of treason. He has grossly violated the honour and the privilege entrusted in him and he should be removed from office which includes Sedik Hasan and all others like them.



September 15, 2009

Hishammuddin, is the Minister of Home Affairs of Malaysia. Before he went into politics he was a practicing Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

He established the Law Firm which operates in the name and style of Lee & Hishammuddin. He was a Partner in that firm before he entered politics and became what he is today.

That means he is supposed to be a learned man.

What has happened to his INTELLECT?

This is the question the common man in the street, is searching for answers. Has he consigned his native intelligence and his English education, to the dustbin of UMNO politics and policies of RACIALISM? Has UMNO politics resulted in him having over the period of time that he rose through the ranks in UMNO, chosen that UMNO was more important to him in realizing his aims, that he had to  have  a gross disregard for the Rule of Law?

Come, come Hashammuddin, please use your God given NATIVE intelligence, even if you have decided to disregard your acquired intelligence and if by some chance you have lost it on your way up in UMNO, at least you can still use your commonsense like all of us do.

But for heavens gracious sake do not demonstrate to the world that you are being intellectually arrogant and dishonest in attempting to explain your way out of the embarrassing situation you have put yourself in, because of your over enthusiastic urge to be a racist and attempting to unseat the Selangor State Government.

Just admit it and so let it be. We are all too familiar with your past misdeeds of waiving and kissing the kris at every UMNO General Assembly. There cannot be a plea of innocence in respect to your acts and conduct, which has been at an expensive cost and a great loss of the peoples support, for UMNO.

No one will stop a politician, from playing to the gallery. That is what all of them do, anyway. You are all actors on a stage, to fish for the peoples votes. But do it with, civility and not with a medieval mentality. It does not and has not impressed anyone.

Now, with the cow-head demonstration, and you having had announced to the world at large, that the barbarians, were victims, your statement has been taken by all right thinking people to be a mere imbecility of saying rubbish, without any substance. Whilst the public understand from where you were coming, as you are a downright racist, you were in actual fact attempting to imply that the Selangor State Government, does not know how to administer the affairs of the state.

Then, after the public outcry against your statement, which was an imbecility of rubbish, you made and became a flip flop man, and announced, that the Government will not tolerate anyone disrespect for the religion, of other peoples faith..

Do not ask for further cheap publicity. We all know and even your members with intellect know that your press statement after the closed door meeting with the barbarians at Putra Jaya, was a mere imbecility of rubbish.

The commentator from the general public responded conscientiously but with, civility. We want your RESIGNATION. But you have made it clear, that you will not resign. But you have to take stock that we know that you are a person of an abnormally weak intellect and that you have been living in a state of delusion and have been unable to comprehend the demarcation and the complicated political dynamics at play, in our nation of people of diversity.


September 13, 2009

The main stream print media reports that the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) Delegates have given the President’s men a clean sweep. It is apparent that Samy Vellu has proved his influence in ensuring that the nominated men for the top four posts got elected.

As such, the word is out that ALL of us who are observers should respect the WISDOM of the MIC delegates, who are the grass root leaders of MIC.

What ” wisdom” are we talking about. The MIC is a political party.

By the acts and conduct of the members of a component party of the BN, which party is almost “moribund” it only demonstrates that the members of the MIC are oblivious to the change that has taken place in the political landscape. They are as blind as church mice.

They do not seem to follow the change in the political landscape with reason and wisdom BUT by blind faith follow a leader who has destroyed the social fabric of the ethnic Indian community.

Thus the ethnic Indians, now have 8 political parties to represent about a little over 1 million ethnic Indians. How fragmented and disunited are the ethnic Indians in the eyes of all right thinking political observers.

Over and above having 8 political parties, the ethnic Indians are also known to be members of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the Democratic Action Party and the Gerakan party which is a component party, which comes under the umbrella of the Barisan National.

Is this what we can ever term as “WISDOM”?  If anyone thinks so, they ought to have their head examined first. To loosely use such a word as “wisdom” to give respect to the influence exercised by Samy Vellu over the delegates to attain his objectives, seem to butcher the word, wisdom and make the word lose its essence, in our way of expressing prevailing outcomes or important situations.

So the commentator’s way of using the word, WISDOM is an abuse of the English language or maybe, based on the lack of understanding of the language.

Therefore, the choice, is not to give any recognition to the MIC members choice of electing their leaders, which is based on their ignorance of the current prevailing political dynamics at play.

The MIC delegates decision is not a decision of the ethnic Indian community. It is to be considered and confined,  as a decision of an insignificant portion of the ethnic Indian community, and any respect given to the delegates, should to confined to only the MIC as a component of the Barisan National and not the ethnic Indians as a whole.

As such, if there is any wish by  the MIC to claim to be the representative body of the ethnic Indians of Malaysia, it would be an affront to all right thinking ethnic Indians in particular and all other political observers in general.


September 12, 2009

There is a lesson which the Malaysian Political Leaders have to learn and that is not to take CULTURE and TRADITION for granted, and to do things according to their desire.

Here is a lesson to be learned. When somebody runs away from his COUNTRY of origin to escape being punished for his past misdeeds and thinks after a hundred years or so, that all is well and sundry and that all his misdeeds have been covered up and forgotten and starts to live in a illusion that “MALAYSIA IS TRULY ASIA” the past catches up with him.

You cannot call a dog by any other NAME as the dog is still a dog.

The same goes to the Javanese word MALAYU. It denotes RUNAWAY.

Therefore, a runaway from Jawa or Indonesia cannot erase his past and glorify his present SUPERFICIAL and artificial STANDING in the eyes of all righting thinking people in ASIA.

So this recent problem that has arisen between Indonesia and Malaysia, clearly shows that a runaway cannot get rid of his past and that he has no CULTURE, which he has forfeited, because he has abandoned it, when he ran away from his country of origin. He can APE the culture, but he has no rightful claim on it.

As an example, as the Courts always pronounce, if you infringe upon COPYRIGHT LAWS you have to pay a price. This is the intent of Parliament and the Courts enforce it.

The same goes with the CULTURE of a NATION OF PEOPLE. They have a right to that CULTURE. No one can COPY it. And this is what Indonesia claims Malaysia has done.

But now Malaysia states that the Government did not do it but it was a Company that it engaged that did it. What a LAME EXCUSE. Stand up like a man and take CHARGE of your RESPONSIBILITIES and do not run away from it. This time you cannot sweep it under the carpet.

Like wise this is the price the MALAYU has to pay. So wake up you IDIOTS and stop making a nuisance of your self.

Stop calling the ethnic Chinese and Indians immigrants because we did not runaway like you and we still retain out CULTURE.


September 11, 2009

When we look around us under the prevailing political scenario, we cannot help but to become quite nostalgic. It is not that the past had great fortunes placed on our feet. After all we are all mortal. But the thought of our nation goes back to the days when our founding fathers had gained Independence from our colonial masters and how they had envisioned, to develop this young nation which was in the “back waters,” so to speak.

By that, it would mean that there had been very little development planned and executed, by our colonial masters. Nevertheless, they had established proper Institutions to maintain law and order and a civil society. Beyond that, they had concentrated most of their efforts in extracting all our resources, to enrich, their motherland.

Those who were born at the period and were referred to as the “baby boomers” are the ones who would understand the vision, our founding fathers had for this nation. From being primarily an agricultural exporting nation, the Government had opened up Industrial Estates in Petaling Jaya the first satellite township. Then by the late sixties and early seventies more Industrial Estates started to sprout up all over the country, within zones, classified as “free trade zones.” Well beggars can be no choosers, but at least an effort was being made on that front, of employment creation.

At that time, even though the nation was young, we shared the experience of knowing the reason or the causes of certain things or events that occurred. To a certain degree our founding fathers were genuine in their approach of managing and administrating the affairs of the state. We as the general populace had a bond of friendship. There was no such talk about race, religion, culture, creed or what ever man can think off.

We had a political leadership which was multi racial, and it was the same in almost all the Governmental Institutions, Local Authorities and all other Bodies. But not like what it is today. Only ethnic Malays are intelligent and all else are stupid.

Then, “diabolically” the May 13 civil strife was planned, charted and effectually and efficiently executed by the late Razak,( who happens to be Najib’s father) Harun, Mahathir and Ghazali Shafie. The nation was ruled by the National Operations Council, under a state of emergency. Why was it so?

The late Razak wanted to ensure the rise and the entrenchment of a new ethnic Malay capitalist class. Razak sowed the seeds of the New Economic Policy. But then about 5 years later he passed away. Sorry for that chap he did not live long enough to see his dreams come true. So, the reigns of power went into a reluctant man, that was the late Hussein Onn. This man from what we know of him, was of integrity. But then, he had a real thorn on his side, and that is the nations greatest extremist and fanatic, who is none other that a pseudo malayu, namely Mahathir. It has now been revealed, that this chap, when he went to Singapore to read for Medicine, he registered into Med school as an “INDIAN.” That is why he is called a PESUDO MALAYU.

Apart from being a pseudo malayu he was also a fox. At the time when the late Hussein Onn was the Prime Minister, this chap was the Minister of International Trade and Industry. This chap, engineered a scheme of how to frustrate Hussein’s policies. This led to Hussein deciding to retire and the pseudo malayu, took over the reigns of the Government.

So here comes the sad part, that makes us nostalgic, of the past. Our medium of education was in English. This pseudo malayu, dismantled it, to lay his foundation to be more  malayu than all the other malayus where it has been made known, that it is a disrespected term in Javanese, which connotes to people who ran away from Java to escape punishment for crimes they had committed. That may sound reasonable, based on the instinct to survive. But how about this pseudo malayu, who is an Indian from India.

This is what we call, the vertical heights of “fiction” at play by Mahathir. As the late John F. Kennedy once remarked, “ The great enemy of the truth is more often not the lie but the myth.” So this Mahathir chap is a myth and that is where all our troubles started and has reached its “crescendo” in March 8 of 2008, where the LIONS woke up, that is, the people have made a start to say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Mahathir never followed any laws. He never followed a true process of thought. He was down right a dictator. You had to be with him or you were out. That was his modus operandi and he never had any modus vivendi. Look at what he did to Pah Lah, even though the chap slept most of the time, not being aware of what was going on in Government.

Now, during this pseudo malayu’s 22 years in office as the Prime Minister, he actually raped the nation’s resources. He brought in Diam, who was his close friend, and was not successful in his law practice or in his business activities. There was and must have been a purpose or a hidden agenda, for bringing in an outsider who was never elected into office and awarding Diam the Finance Minister’s Portfolio.

By bringing in a failed legal practitioner and a failed businessman and awarding him such an important portfolio, it only goes to show that Mahathir wanted an incompetent block to helm that portfolio so that he could use him to his advantage. But on the contrary, this chap made the best use of the open opportunity  which was before him, and amassed a fortune which is beyond spectre or mental illusions.

There is an email which inter alia states the character of Diam:

“Most members of Umno’s new generation are aware that Daim is an
acquisitive millionaire and a macho man with a taste of young women, but
they concede him these weaknesses because they see in him a clean and
competent Economic Adviser to the Government. But the generation of Harun
Idris, Musa Hitam and Manan Othman to name just a few of the old hands –
they are the ones to ask in order to discover who the real Daim is. “

”It was Datuk Harun who plucked Daim up from the depths of failure in the salt
business. Daim’s wife, Mahani and Harun’s wife, Salmah were good friends and an
influential pair in the early 1970s. It was wife power that moved Harun to give Daim 160 acres of prime Kampung Pandan land. And thus Syarikat Maluri was born.”

”There is no use speculating over how much Daim paid Harun. After
all, the two were fast friends. For the gory details, just ask Low Kiok Bow
or Thamby Chik. They can relate how Daim cheated a land broker and greased
Selangor state executive councillor and Mahathir’s brother-in-law, Ahmad
Razali for that piece of land.”

It appears that Diam has made no mistake, in the eyes of UMNO members. So who cleaned up his ACTS?

We have to conclude that a failed law practitioner and businessman cannot overnight become a brilliant Finance Minister. Here we are really dealing not with coincidence but a scheme which was well hatched and engineered and was executed with good and sound planning and with dexterity and brilliance.

So herein may be the answer to our spectre or mental illusion. We take another quote from an email, which states:

“Daim succeeded in making millionaires of such cronies of Wan Azmi, Halim Saad,
Tajuddin Ramli, Samsuddin Hassan, Razali Rahman and Tan Sri Basir, but Musa
in the end was cast off as a poor ex-DPM. Musa once complained to Mahathir
that Daim had stolen a number of supporters’ project proposals, but again
Mahathir ignored him. These were the first acts in the eventual breakup of
the Mahathir-Musa partnership. As the interests of Mahathir and Razaleigh
bloated, Musa got squeezed out.”

So how much is Daim worth. According to the email Daim has boasted that he is worth about RM 65 Million, and we Qoute:

“If those physical projects were not enough, Daim also took every opportunity to take wealth from the share market as well. Every time the Treasury approved a company for listing on the stock exchange, Daim cronies received
their lien’s shares. That was how in Southern Bank, Resort World, Sports Toto, Berjaya, Tanjong and scores of other blue chip firms landed with Daim and Company. Once, when share values were high, Daim boasted among friends that his visible wealth alone totalled RM65 billion. To shut the mouth of Barisan Nasional leaders, Daim gave lucrative projects to Samy Vellu and Ling Liong Sik so that their children could be big-shot in batches.”

”Daim managed to fool Umno members into believing that Mahathir would not let him go although he had asked to be relieved of his Cabinet post on a number of occasions. With Musa and Razaleigh out of the picture, Daim could grab as much wealth as he wanted without even Mahathir stopping him. Besides, he was Umno’s treasurer and he could make it look as if the companies he controlled were those in which the party had stake.”

“Daim’s avarice damaged not only his own image as finance minister, but also Mahathir’s and Malaysia ‘s reputation with the international community. It is said that he used to demand exorbitant fees for himself in negotiating contracts involving foreign suppliers. The chairmen of Japan ‘s two biggest banks – the Bank of Tokyo and Sanwa Bank – once complained to Mahathir that his Finance Minister demanded commissions that were too high when negotiating yen loans. Margaret Thatcher, too, has complained about Daim’s role as a commissioned agent. He had – or still has – accounts in Zurich , London , Hong Kong, Tokyo , Singapore , Caymen Island , Channel Island and Virgin Island.”

As far as we know from news reports in the print media, Daim resigned. But that is not true. Mahathir had used him and had enough of him. Mahathir asked Daim to leave. And we Quote from the email:

“When he was to told to resign as Finance Minister, Daim asked Mahathir to appoint Anwar Ibrahim to the job. Obviously, he thought this would help to ensure that his skeletons would remain closeted.”

“He warned Mahathir of the peril that Rafidah would be to both of them: the secrets they shared would be uncovered. Daim also persuaded Mahathir to appoint Mustapha Mohammad as Anwar’s deputy because these two could be depended on to fill up the holes he had left gaping. Anwar is nobody’s fool, but he sacrificed his idealism to protect his towkay.”

Well, at least we are now able to see through the Mahathir’s cobweb and why he decided to act the way he did with ANWAR in 1998. There were too many holes to be filled. In the mean time the Asian Financial Crisis had hit our shores. Mahathir was in a state of delirium. He had to act fast. Anwar was in favour of taking the IMF loan. But Mahathir would not have it, as all the holes had not been covered, by then, hence the sacking of Anwar.

Now we can say that the pseudo malayu has Institutionalized Corruption in this nation. He is cynical to pretend that others are corrupted, when he is not able to first look at himself into the mirror and to see the answer that would stare him, in his face.

This is a critical time for the Pakatan Rakyat to put its own house in order. Day after day we are being exposed to new facts in relation to how our trust in the Government had been hijacked because of some charlatan leaders, avarice. Since March 8 2008 we as a people are being exposed to the reality of Government being not only accountable, but is, transparent and is competent. Therefore, our knowledge of our Government will henceforth be contextually dependent based on a series of conflicting positions as we see the unfurling of certain political events.

It is apparent from the above facts that Mahathir and Daim must have been the foxes who recognized traps and endeavoured to cover them, up. But we the votes have now realized that we are actually the LIONS and we can by our votes frighten off any cunning political wolves.


September 9, 2009

It is a great wonder to observe the ongoing political scenario in Malaysia. But then if one looks into the political drama that is acted out by the President of the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC), it can be both, fascinating on the one hand and disgusting on the other to observe the “fascism” of Samy Vellu’s reign of rule in this racial based component party of the Barisan National.

This man gives the impression that without him, the ethnic Indians would have no place in Malaysia. As such, he is indispensable.He fails to realise that in the thirty or more years that he held the helm of the party, he has done virtually nothing constructive to elevate the Indians from their poverty traps. The social standing of the ethnic Indians leaves much to be desired, and is at an all time low.

Now, when Samy Vellu is being criticized by his own party members, he behaves like a master strategist and endeavous to play to the gallery that he is a fearless politician and bellows out hot air which serves no purpose, by making claims that he will never bow to any form of pressure. He makes it appear that even if Najib tells him that he has become a liability to the United Malay National Organisation(UMNO), he will not step down as the President of the MIC.

What he fails to realise is the fact that his party has become moribund. Just like the Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA). The political landscape has been remodeled. The voting populace is now more in favour of a multiracial and multicultural party. The people have had enough with racial politics.

Under these prevailing political scenario Samy Vellu looks more like a Bollyhood comedian in the eyes of all right thinking people within his party in particular and the nation in general.

Here it may be appropriate to view Samy Vellu’s current standing and have a peep into the play of William Shakespeare “As you like it”. There is a part in Scene VI which may depict Samy.

Duke S. Thou seest we are not all alone unhappy;
This wide and universal theater
Presents more woeful pageants than the scene
Wherein we play in.

Jaques. All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

So we as observes can clearly see with a sober mind, that Samy has played his part. Now all forms of allegations are being hurled against him both from within his own party and from the outside.

His challengers have time and again been truncated. He has returned time and again as the President. At the March 2008 general election, he lost the Parliamentary Seat of Sungai Siput.

Whilst Samy may be of the belief that nobody can tell him what to do, he has to be sober in his observations of where the standing of his party is in relation to the current prevailing political dynamics at play.

It is apparent and clear that thirty or more years at the helm of a party and in politics is long enough. Samy has nothing new to contribute towards change in any form. He has virtually become redundant in the current political matrix. He should gracefully hand over the reigns of power to his Deputy and retire, before he is forced out of office.


September 9, 2009

Najib pretends that his 1Malaysia concept will build the invisible bridge and bring about harmony in our multi cultural society.

Hishammuudin believes that the COW HEAD demonstrators have been innocent and have been victimized because a Hindu Temple was going to be built in a muslim majority area.

The Inspector General of the Police has demonstrated that barbarians from a muslim majority area can carry out a demonstration without a police permit.

The Attorney General has demonstrated that the Law is not made for a reason but for victimized malayu’s to demonstrate with passion.

Now after the public outcry 6 barbarians have been charged in court.

Najib and his Government are filled up with nothing else but CHARLATANS.

Their acts and conduct when taken together with the acts and conduct of the cow head barbarians are in fact the sum total of the things UMNO pretends to be.

Now we as the common people can clearly see That UMNO no longer wants to be careful of what it has all along “PRETENDED” TO BE.

We as the common people should never forget the power of our idea for a change of the Federal Government.

UMNO is in a state of DELUSION.

We should not fail in our duty to execute our ideation for the CHANGE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Remember persistence and determination in our cause for a change will only result in an evolution.


September 6, 2009

The Authorship of any Government has to be premised on the type of policies that are formulated which is generally acceptable to civil society. In particular, it has to ensure that the fundamental liberties of the people who voted and put the Government in office are not eroded.

Under these circumstances, the management of, and the formulation of policies and the implementation of such policies and the  affairs of any Government, cannot and does not appeal to divine inspiration. Nor can such policies be enforced selectively, especially in  diverse society, like the likes of Malaysians. That is the reason the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has an Advertisement for the world, as “Malaysia is truly Asia.”

The Leaders of the Government are expected to be clever and astute politicians. They have to tailor their policies which are for the wider good and acceptable, by the society at large. Such policies should be implemented, without discrimination and on the basis of equality, fairness and justice.

Looking back of what has happened since 1970 when the New Economic Policy(NEP) was first introduced, and over what actually happened, the whole NEP policy sounds like a CARICATURE. Leave aside, what the ethnic Chinese, Indians or the other races and Foreign Investors think about the NEP, but even the ethnic Malays( Malayu which means  runaway in Jawa) have come to be of the realization that the NEP has been a “ludicrously exaggerated representation” of the Government, which has only benefited  the ethnic Malays who are closely connected to the Leaders of the Government.

To put it simply, the Government has miserably failed, knowingly or unknowingly to look over their shoulders and to ensue, that at the implementation stage of the NEP, the right things were done. They failed, to argue upon all fronts. They failed and continue to fail to argue on the economic situation, the education system that provides the substance and the skill for the employment market, the various infrastructure projects that have been planned  and built and on how it is to be maintained and upgraded, the public transportation system, the health and sanitary conditions, the current administrative practices versus new theories that may have to be introduced to enhance and improve upon the delivery system for the general well being of the people who pay the taxes to keep the Government machinery functioning, the duties and responsibilities of the Local Authorities and how are they being executed and the current prevailing economic situation and its significance in relation to the non economic enrichment that has resulted from previous Governments policies and a host of other factors, that have a direct impact on the daily lives of the people in general.

The Government has absolutely disregarded meritocracy. It has substituted it with, MEDIOCTITY resulting in a majority of the ethnic Chinese, Indians and those classified as others, not wanting to join the Civil Service. Hence, the Civil Service comprises of 90% or more of ethnic Malays. No doubt this will include the Government Linked Corporations.

Then we have the public sentiment, against three main Institutions. Whilst the Royal Malaysian Police Force(RMPF) and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency(MACC) would come directly under the Executive Arm of the Government, the Judiciary is required under our Federal Constitution to be Independent of the Executive. This is owing to the fact that there are to be a separation of powers for any democratic society to be a functioning democracy, that is, there would be a Parliament, the Government which is the Executive and the Judiciary which is Independent and that is why the term “JUSTICE IS BLIND” emanates. But in Malaysia Justice is Not Blind.

From the above discussion of the Authorship of Najib’s Government, it is clear to all right thinking people, that Najib’s Government is like a Ship without, a ballast, by which we mean that Najib is not very clever nor is he an astute politician. If anyone, thinks to the contrary, then the Question that begs to be answered is: why introduce a 1Malaysia Concept( which is still born) when the Federal Constitution provides for Liberty, Equality, Freedom of speech, assembly and association, Freedom of religion and the Rights in respect of Education without Discrimination.

To put the argument in its right perspective, let point out a few short comings in his leadership, as portrayed by the main stream print and broad media and the alternate media.

Before being appointed as the Prime Minister, Najib carried out an unforgivable act against the people of Perak, that is the Rape of the Perak State Assembly, resulting from which the people of Perak are left in the lurch and without a proper State Government. Now, Najib wants to take back the State of Selangor. This had resulted in the mysterious and untimely death of the late Teoh Beng Hock.

On 28.08.2009 the whole world with astonishment and bewilderment watched the video of what transpired after Friday prayers at Shah Alam, when some 50 or more barbarians who behaved more akin to lunatics,  acted out with the severed head of a cow which is considered sacred by Hindu’s and aggressively shouted out profanity, which were seditious in nature and further pronounced and declared, that they will start a civil war. Till to date of writing not a single barbarian has been arrested by the police. The irony is that the Home Affairs Minister Hishammuudin indeed found fit to have a closed door meeting with these barbarians, and thereafter issued a press statement, that he understood that these barbarians were “victimized” even though they were the aggressors.

Whilst the cow head barbarians are roaming free,  a group of ethnic Indians lead by P. Uthaya Kumar on the evening of 05.09.2009 carried out a candlelight vigil in Kuala Lumpur in protest against the controversial cow head demonstration held at Shah Alam. From the video on you tube the world can see how efficient were the INDISCIPLINED police force in arresting these peaceful people who carried out the vigil.

The question in our mind is, how is that, that the police were hyper efficient in arresting a group carrying out a candlelight peaceful vigil and on the contrary  the police became by standers and watched the lunatics with the severed head of a cow carrying out a violent demonstrating in front of the Selangor State Secretariat Building, and almost 10 days have gone by and no one has been arrested. This inaction by the authorities, is incomprehensible to all right thinking people.

So, Najib, we the people have to be bold and frank to notify you that you are not clever nor astute as a Leader of your Government. Contrary, to what your spin Doctors advice you, we can see that there is no authorship in the administration of the Government. All that we can see, is that, you are hungry for power and are in a state of dereliction of your obligation as the Prime Minister of this Nation and are incorrigible and now want to carry out the Rape of the State of the Selangor State Assembly, and you may not succeed.

As such, we will leave you with a poem of a British poet, painter and mystic, and we Quote:

“When I from black and he from white cloud free,

And round the tent of Godlike lambs we joy,

I’ll shade him from the heat till he can bear

To lean in joy upon our father’s knee;

And then I’ll stand and stroke his silver hair,

And be like him, and he will then love me.”

From the above poem, you will note that you have no love for the community. Neither do we love or respect you. You have a hunger to destroy the soul of the community. Love is human emotion and it has no meaning to you. Plato called it DIVINE MADNESS. But on the contrary what we see and visualize from your 1Malaysia Concept, is,  DIABOLISM.


September 5, 2009



Article written by Syed Imran

Syed Imran, an Arab-Malaysian born in Penang, Malaysia, an ex-Bernama journalist (1971-1998) and former press secretary to the Minister in PM’s Department, posted a great blog days ago, which was translated into English.

Please circulate it and let all Malaysians understand the facts.

*Antara pendatang dan penumpang (English Translation) *

To begin with, I was quite reluctant to comment on the mess created by the statement made by Ahmad bin Ismail, the head of the Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang UMNO Division.. Whether  he made the statement in reference to Chinese Malaysians is no longer the question, as the issue has spread and has been hotly debated.

If it is not handled carefully and smartly, this  issue could make clear water murky, giving opportunity to parties who are keen on seeing this country crash, not to mention falling into the hands of foreigners. In today’s borderless world, international electronic media coverage  makes it difficult for any country to hide or deny any given event.

The main issue brought up by Ahmad Ismail revolves around the question of “squatters”, that is, that Chinese Malaysians are squatters in this country. He explained that he was referring to pre-independence days. However, it had hurt the sensitivity of the Chinese Malaysian community.

I don’t know Ahmad Ismail personally, but I was quite close to his late elder brother, Abdul Rahim Ismail, the owner of Rahim Construction Company that was once famous as  an “Earth-Prince” (Bumiputra) construction firm in Pulau Pinang. I don’t know what has happened to the company after Abdul Rahim passed away.

Personally, I don’t agree with what Ahmad  Ismail said for the following reasons.

To me, nearly 90 percent of Malaysians, especially those in the Peninsula, are immigrants, and all of us are actually squatters in the land of Allah anyways. We are anything but  permanent owners, we are merely squatters. For example, I come from a family that squatted in this blessed land. My paternal grandfather and grandmother migrated from Mecca and Brunei, while my maternal grandmother came from Hadramut, Yaman. We are immigrants and squatters, as are almost everyone else in this country.

As for Ahmad Ismail, he is also an immigrant having descended from an immigrant’s family who squatted in this country. Ahmad Ismail cannot deny the fact that his grandfather and grandmother moved from India to this country in search of a better life in this blessed land.

It is also the case  with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi whose maternal grandfather hailed from Guangdong in southern China. In short, Pak Lah’s grandfather, Allahyarhamah Kailan, whose name was Hasson Salleh or Hah Su Chiang, was an immigrant. He moved to Tanah Melayu from Guangdong in the mid-19th century. He stayed in Bayan Lepas as a rubber estate worker, a padi farmer and later became a diamond trader.

Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister, is also a descendant of an immigrant Bugis family that came from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Hishammudin Hussein cannot escape the fact that there is Turkish blood running through his veins.

The Malacca Malay Sultanate was founded by an immigrant coming from Sumatra — Parameswara, a prince who practised Hinduism.

A reading of the history of Malay Sultanates would reveal that some of them were founded by Bugis immigrants, while others were of Hadramut and Minangkabau parentage.

Almost all Malays  living in this country are from outside Tanah Melayu, but are defined as “Malay Race” by the Federal Constitution. We are “Malay” in definition by the Constitution, that is, we are Muslims; we practise Malay customs and speak the Malay language. Unfortunately, the Malay language itself seems to have been killed by the Malays in UMNO when they named it the Malaysian language (Bahasa Malaysia).

Therefore, Arabs like Syed Hamid Albar and myself, Achehs like Sanusi Junid, Indians like Kader Sheikh Fadzir and Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Bugises like Najib, Minangs like Rais Yatim, Jawas like Mohamad Rahmat, and others from Madura, Pulau Buyan, Siam, Myanmar, Yunnan (China) and the Philippines are conveniently categorized as Malays.

They are accepted as Malays regardless of whether they speak Malay or otherwise at home like those of us who speak Arabic, the Jawas that speak Jawa, the Minangs that speak  Minang, or the Mamak that speak Tamil..

These languages are anything but Malay if we look at it from the perspective of the Federal Constitution, so they should never have been declared Malays. But for the sake of political correctness, all of them are accepted as Malays and “Earth Princes” (bumiputra).

It is grossly unfair to point to the Chinese as immigrants when the Arabs, Indians, Achehs, Minangs, Bataks, Mandailings, Jawas, Maduras, and Bugises are immigrants no less in this country. We cannot deny the fact that most of the Chinese’s grandfathers and grandmothers  migrated to this country in the days of the Malacca Malay Sultanante, some of whom did so during the period of Kedah Sultanate, Terengganu Sultanate and Kelantan Sultanate  respectively. After Francis Light wrested Penang from the hands of the sultan of Kedah in 1786, more Chinese had arrived here.

We are all immigrants squatting in this country. Only the Negrito, Jekun, Semang, Jahut, Orang Laut, Orang Darat, Senoi, and other indigenous people groups (like the Kadazandusuns, ibans and bidayuhs) can be correctly considered the original inhabitants of this country.

We must never forget the contributions and sacrifices made by all the races in building our nation in all its aspects, including the economy, social structure, national defense and, most importantly, national unity. We are all taxpayers whether or not we are descended from immigrants or squatters.


September 5, 2009


Article written by a Malay- Forwarded by Syed Imran

You may have already read this article I published more than a year ago, below this is another article written by a “Malay” who I salute, that reinforces what I have said..

I’d like to challenge your article on the origins of the word Melayu.

(I hope you will not be emotional about this email and create an issue about it, but rather treat this as an intellectual argument between two matured individuals. I have presented facts here for you to review, and if you disagree please substantiate it.

Since you have come out with a blog to attempt to tell us the origins of the  word Melayu, and as a Malay, if you are really and truly keen in your own heritage and roots, I am writing to you with the facts of the origins of the word Melayu, in fact there are many scholars of yesteryear’s, Malays, who will tell you that the only original words in the Malay language are “Tanah” and “Melayu”)

Melayu is derived from the Javanese word Melayu, there are many other words in the Malay vocabulary that actually come from the various Asian languages mostly those of Sanskrit Origin.

The Sanskrit in Malay is derived from the Indian influence of the Majapahit, Srivijaya and other Indian influences in South East Asia. This particular word in Bahasa Malaysia
is derived from the word Melayu from Javanese. Javanese was the lingua franca of the people in the region having had its own script, which was actually taken from the Arabic script, the bugis and the rest have dialects close to Javanese.

The Malay language in its romanised context only evolved in the early part of the 20th century. In Javanese the word Melayu means running away, or a runaway, that is why if you go to Java and ask a Javanese if he is Melayu he will feel very insulted. The word Melayu found  on the statue as claimed in your URL; http://www.sabrizai malays4.htm thus denotes that this person was a Melayu, a “Runaway.”

These people, the runaways whether in Sumatra or in the Malay Peninsula referred to themselves as orang Melayu, it is therefore no coincidence that the word orang is placed before Melayu, people who ran away so to speak.

In the Malay Peninsular, it was gradually accepted as the word to describe the Javanese, the Bugis, the Menang, the Achinese etc. and even the Kelantanese who are actually Yunanese and have their origins in China, because they recognized the fact that at the end of the day they were all Melayu, or Run Aways from their respective homelands the word was accepted by all these communities to describe themselves.

In fact, before the formation of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), it is a fact that all the people in the country had referred to themselves as Menang, Achinese, Bugis, Javanese etc. etc. and we all know that the Kelantanese used to treat the other Melayu, that is the Menang, Javanese, the Bugis etc. as foreigners.

Well for that matter, even Mahathir Mohammed was registered as Indian in King Edwards College where he studied medicine. The Malay therefore very much like the Indians, and later  the Chinese are Melayu in the very true sense of the word because they all left their respective countries to come to this location in South East Asia called Malaysia today.

The real natives of the country are the Orang Laut, the Jakun, the Kadazaan, the Iban, the Senoi and the rest, and not the so called Orang Melayu, because these people are actually Javanese, Achinese, Bugis, people from the Mollucas islands, and other parts of neighbouring Indonesia, including those from Cambodia and even China (Yunanese). That explains the word Melayu in various parts of Sumatra too.

The Javanese people in particular were referred to as Java Kontra a term they despised and today in Sumatra they are referred to as Orang Transmigrasi which is more acceptable to the Javanese in Indonesia then the term Melayu.

For Malay citizenship and for permanent residence reasons, the Orang Java, be they Sundanese, Orang Java Barat, Orang Java Tengah or Orang Java Timor, or any other Indonesian for that matter recognises the fact that the day he becomes a Malaysian citizen, he is now an Orang Melayu that is a new word coined by Malaysians of these origins to legitimise their Bumiputraism.

And to become Bumiputra this way, that is by becoming a Melayu, he has to profess the
Islamic faith. This privilege is not extended to Dayaks, from Kalimantan, or Christian Filipinos, or for that matter Christians from among the peoples of Sumatra, Java or any other Indonesian Islands.

The irony of all this is the fact that if you look at the real Orang Asli of Malaysia as a whole you’ll find out that the majority of them are not from the Islamic faith, and that is one of the reasons why in Sabah the registration department of the Federal Government legitimised and gave citizenship and permanent residence status to hundreds and thousands of illegal Fillipina immigrants from the Southern part of the Philippines.

I therefore disagree with your attempt to legitimize the term Orang Melayu as a race, it is not and never will be. The so-called Melayu must own up to their own heritage the way the Chinese and  Indians in Malaysia proudly do. And if we are to use this word called Melayu, it should be a term used to refer to all Malaysians except the ethnic Malaysians who are orang Asli.

The term Bumiputera was coined and the Malay placed in that category to legitimize the fact that he is ethnic when he is not. It is a shame, and in fact a disgrace that they are the only group of people who by this very act, show the world that they are ashamed of their own heritage.

And who else can be so? Only those who run away or are banished from their own lands, for it is only such people who are ashamed of their own heritage. Even the customs, the traditions, the dressings, the architecture etc. point to the fact that the so called Orang Melayu of Peninsular Malaysia are actually not one and the same people.

Scroll below and read the next article by Syed Imran a Melayu and an ex Bernama
Journalist from Penang

Some time ago I wrote about the Melayu and the origins of the name Melayu, which
means runaway.

Today another “Melayu has written” totally unconnected this man, yes he is a man he stands up for the truth has written a similar article. I am sending both these articles to you for your reading and circulation