Nobody has to think philosophically as to what the term “RULE OF LAW” implies. We live in a Nation that has a written Constitution.  Article 4 of the Constitution states that the Constitution is the Supreme law of this Nation where it imposes restriction on banishment and the freedom of movement as provided for under Article 9(2) and subject to restrictions as provided for under Article 10(2) relating to the right to freedom of speech and expression. These rights are restricted as would be deemed necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation.

By Article 140 the Police Force Commission is established. And by Article 140(4) the King may designate as special posts the posts of Inspector General of Police and other positions of similar or superior status.

It is of common knowledge that other than the Constitution which states what are our rights, all other Laws promulgated by Parliament basically provide for provisions of what we are expected not to do. Consequently, when we run foul of the law, the law has to be upheld at all costs and not on the basis of selective prosecution.

The Police Force have three main Statutes, to rely upon to perform their duties effectively. The Police Act provides for their duties and responsibilities. Whilst the Criminal Procedure Code provides for the manner in which they are required to act which has to be read together with the Penal Code.

It is an established fact of life, that all persons are presumed to know the law. And that is why, no person who has run foul of the law can claim that he was not aware the law existed. That is why there is no law that tells us what we can do.

Now, coming to what happened on Friday the 28.08.2009 and referring to the barbaric acts and misconduct carried out by some 50 persons who claim to be residents of Section 23 at Shah Alam, we wonder, how were these demonstrators permitted, in broad daylight to walk unhindered by the police force for some 300 meters with the head severed from a cow. The other astonishing fact is that these barbarians carried out this dastardly act immediately after completing their Friday Prayers in the fasting month, in accordance with their observance of their religious obligations.

The decorum of man is by nature, to be tolerant. That is why it is more often than not stated that man is destined by nature to be tolerant and would only breach the invisible thin line of etiquette, that is, the conventional rules of social behaviour, only, when he is dispossessed of his right to by illegal means, and even at that state of mind he cannot take the law into his own hands.

So, what was the cause for this barbaric re action.  As widely reported in the various main stream media and the alternative media, these barbarians were unhappy with the decision of the Selangor State Government in relocating a Hindu Temple to be located around the vicinity of their neighbourhood. The reason advanced was outrageous and shocking. They claim that their neighbourhood is a majority, Muslim neighbourhood and as such the State Government should not have given the approval for the relocation of the temple.

What is even more bewildering is the fact that there were dozens of policemen at the scene who had given their tacit approval to the barbaric acts and conduct of these men and it is clear that the police force was equally guilty and had perpetrated in the crime of these barbarians.

Another fact that is viewed with astonishment, is that the Inspector General of the Police and the Chief Police Officer of Selangor did not take any action whatsoever. It had to take the Prime Prime  Minister to instruct the Inspector General of the Police to investigate the matter.

What is there to investigate, when what had transpired was caught on video and within minutes had been posted all over the internet, and now known, worldwide. The Seditious speech given by certain of the barbarians is loud and clear. They even threatened, that blood will flow, to obtain their objective.

A self appointed spokesman for the ILLEGAL DEMONSTRATORS, Mahyuddin  stressed,  that he was not a racist.(Malaysiakini 28.08.2009) He inter alia stated:

“From the onset, I gave importance to religious sensitivities. I want unity. We are not against the temple, we just do not want it to be built in a Muslim majority area.” This statement is incomprehensible to all right thinking people.

What will perpetually be in our minds was the manner in which the demonstrators’  carried out their despotic acts of notoriety when they took along a  blood-soaked cow’s head and paraded with it, with some of the protesters stomping and spitting on it. They were fully aware that the cow is considered sacred to Hindus.

The barbarians can be easily identified from the video recording. Why have they not been arrested and kept in remand, to carry out the required investigations.

On the other hand some months ago the Officer in Charge of the Brickfields Police Station did act like a mad man or more akin to that of a barbarian when he arrested a group of peaceful passive protesters carrying out a candle light vigil on the death of democracy. He even arrested Lawyers on Duty, who were there to advice their clients’

Then we had the arrest and detention of Thresa Kok under the Internal Security Act(ISA) based on a false police report made against her. A Chinese News Paper Reporter was arrested under the ISA for reporting a statement made by a politician, and based on public outcry was released within 24 hours, on a statement that she was arrested for her own SAFETY.

Now we are wondering, as to what is the nature of reality. We also wonder whether the police force only arrest people who are of the ethnic origin of Chinese or Indians on frivolous issues. Or is there a hidden agenda which has been hatched by the authorities to take no action when the people of the ethnic origin of Malays carry out barbaric acts. Or have the authorities given their tacit consent for such dastardly acts to be perpetrated, to test the reaction of the other races, tolerance level.

It is about time that the Government stop dreaming to take over the State Governments they lost on March 8 of 2008. It is also time to stop playing politics, which to us seems to be at an immature level. Please concentrate on formulating proper policies on Education, Health, the Economy, and a host of other issues which affects our daily needs.

We have to make it clear with total abstinence of false politeness that the RULE OF LAW has to be upheld without bias against anyone irrespective of their race, colour, religion or creed. If the enforcement officers are going to be selective in their prosecution and do not prosecute the political powerful like Toyo the Dentist or many others who abuse and misuse their powers, like in the glaring case of the last Friday’s Barbarians acts and conduct, we will not stand for it any longer.

When the time does come and the people decisively conclude, that the Rule of Law has been bastardized, they will inevitably find their own remedy. It will be too late in the hour for the Government to realize and to discover that the people are deaf and dumb and that they out rightly reject or are unable or refuse to hear the voice of reason. At that stage you will not be able to preach any more and there will be anarchy.




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