1. The debate of teaching Malaysians in English has been going on  for some twenty five years or more. Why is this so, is because the people have by the doctrine of recognition elected into office politicians. They have vested their trust and confidence in these men and women to manage the affairs of the nation, in the peoples, interest and for their future well being, in GENERAL. This is especially important in the current emerging borderless world of acquiring knowledge and being able to compete in all spheres of human endeavour.
  1. Upon being elected, and based on the Constitution, a       Government is established, which is recognised by the people. The Government therefore upon being recognised by the people, obtains the doctrine of mandate, to plan, formulate policies and implement these policies for the advancement of the nation and in the peoples, interest.
  1. It is not worth repeating, that we are a nation of diverse people. Every person born of a man and woman’s unity of existence, would for the first six years of life learn his mother tongue, which would be his first language.
  1. From the seventh year onwards he begins his schooling life. Education is to mould and prepare the individual for a station in life, based on his capabilities. No teacher in the world can make a student who refuses to study or take up a challenge, to do otherwise, as it is the individual, who has to persevere and be determined, to attain his goals, in life.
  1. Having had said that, we all know that to study and understand a language, it can be done in a few months.
  1. So why are our political leaders in Government showing a behaviour as though they have been born with a congenital defect after being given the doctrine of the mandate to manage our affairs, when under Article 12(1) of the Constitution  it provides:

“ Without PREJUDICE to the generality of Article 8, there SHALL be no DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ANY CITIZEN on grounds only of religion, race, descent or place of  birth”:-

  1. The Constitution makes it clear and precise. No discrimination. So why is there, this on going DEBATE about the teaching of Maths and Science in English? Why not have all the SUBJECTS IN ENGLISH? HAVE ONE ELECTIVE SUBJECT FOR THE MOTHER TONGUE!! Are we having a nation of political leaders who can only exhibit first class stupidity? Are our Leaders unable or capable of drawing a distinction between “ teaching a language” and formulating adequate policies for the “ establishment of a sound Education System”.?
  1. We do not need LEADERS who play to the gallery. What we as a nation of people, need, is that the leaders formulate their education policies WITHONT A SUBJECTIVE THOUGHT. They should implement their policies without feelings, as this is a nation of DIVERSE PEOPLE.
  1. If you have to make policies based on feelings, it would be for the long term destruction of the majorities interest. This will only result  in giving in to the actions of extremist, fanatics, political opportunist and people with an agenda of their own. Then it would not be wrong to conclude, that we  have vested our trust and confidence in Charlatans.

10.  We recognise, that as leaders of a nation of diverse people, you have a formidable task, But you have accepted the challenge. So stop being FEEBLE minded.

11.  It is not a difficult task. In the first place UMNO politicians conceived and created this situation of having all subjects taught in school, to be in the National Language.

12. What is so big about a LANGUAGE, when it can be learnt in a few months? What did you achieve? NOTHING!!!

13. Therefore, before your diabolical acts and conduct, completely destroy the little remaining trust and confidence the people have in the BN Government, it would be best that you as Leaders “ SEPARATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF” and in case you do not understand it, it simply means, “ SEPARATE LANGUAGE FROM THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM”

14. Finally, in any society, only 1% or less of the productive population, would come within  the high achievers group. The next 19% would be within the middle and upper middle class. The next 60% would fall into the average income group. The next 19% would fall somewhere between and below the average income group and the under privileged or those classified as poor. And the last 1% or so would constitute, as the hard core poor, who live below the poverty line.

15.  As a concluding point, if you as leaders are unable to make a distinction between the importance of a mother tongue as a language, and what is required in a sound and acceptable education system, and you turn it into a political issue, you are just as good as idiots. Maybe that could have been the cause of making the nonsensical announcement sometime ago that the Government is going to create or strive to make its people to obtain 100,000 Ph.D holders within a set time frame. THE WORLD MUST HAVE HAD A GOOD LAUGH.

16.  What, each and every parent requires is a sound and established education system in ENGLISH, which co-exist with the students being given the option to enrol in any other language classes. The Government does not have to baby sit our children, as we pay the taxes, and we know how to bring up our children.




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