Even in ancient times men lived and maintained some form of decorum with the neighbours in the community in which they lived. So was the case during the middle ages. This form of decorum is, a seemliness nature of man. That is why it is more often than not stated that man is destined by nature to be tolerant and would only breach the invisible thin line of etiquette, that is, the conventional rules of social behaviour, only, when he is dispossessed of his right to by illegal means.

Even when faced with such a situation, in this modern day of civilization there are well established Institutions that have been set in place to which a report can be lodged to address such grievance. If he is not satisfied with the decision that has been made, he can as well move the matter before the Courts.

Faced with such a daunting situation, he may be compelled to stand up and protect his rights. The question is, in what form can he do so in this day and age, where every form of man’s conduct in a public place could be easily captured on video and posted on the internet, as in this case in Malaysiakini.

The reason this issue of man’s right to carry out a course of action as he so desires is raised, is owing to the fact that man is required by any civil society, not to be belligerent in nature. Such acts and conduct should be executed within the confines of the established conventional rules of social behaviour and through the established Institutions or else, there will be anarchy.

So now comes the purpose and the crux of this Article.

On 28.08.2009 some 50 residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam after their FRIDAY PRAYERS staged a violent demonstration by walking for some 300 meters to the State Secretariat Building, carrying the severed head of a cow, which is considered sacred to those who profess Hinduism.

When one watches the video on Malaysiakini, one would be rendered speechless and left to wonder, WHERE WAS THE SUPER EFFICIENT POLICE.

These BARBARIANS were given free reign or an unrecorded permit by the Royal Malaysian Police Force to do what ever their SOUL permitted or prompted them to do.


Be that as it may, Article 11 of the Federal Constitution provides that every person has the right to profess and practice his religion.

The issue is that the residents of Section 23 are opposed to the decision of the State Government relocating a HINDU TEMPLE from its current location to Section 23. A self appointed spokesman for the ILLEGAL DEMONSTRATORS, Mahyuddin  stressed that he was not a racist.(Malaysiakini 28.08.2009) He inter alia stated:

“From the onset, I gave importance to religious sensitivities. I want unity. We are not against the temple, we just do not want it to be built in a Muslim majority area.”

Does not this extremist and an idiot of the highest order ever understand, his own statement. Does this IDIOT not realise, that all land in the State is owned by the State and he lives on a LEASED piece of the State land. So does it apply to every citizen of the country who either, live on a leasehold or freehold piece of land.

Which part of the Federal or State Constitution is this idiot referring to, when he states, “we just do not want it to be built in a Muslim majority area” and from where did he obtain such a high authority to make that frivolous statement. Najib should nib this in the bud and the police authorities should arrest all these idiots and charge them in Court

What is the Attorney-General’s Chambers waiting for? They should initiate criminal proceedings and charge these idiots under Sections 298 and 298 (A) of the Penal Code read together with Article 11 of the Federal Constitution. Further Section 298 of the Code relates to the offence of uttering words of such a nature with the deliberate intent to wound religious feelings while Section 298 (A) is related to the offence of causing disharmony and to disturb the peace.

What is indeed more disgusting is to be of the realization that it has now been confirmed beyond doubt, that Najib is the Commander in Chief of the police force. They only act when Najib says so. As the SPINLESS Star Publication at page 25 of the 29.08.2009 issue reports, “ Najib Tun Razak has asked the Inspector General…to investigate a protest by a group against a proposed relocation of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam.”

On the other hand, Jayakumar a State Executive Councilor has stated,( Malaysiakini 28.08.2009) “The police didn’t stop anybody. The police should have arrested them and charged them for inciting hatred,” he said, adding that he could tolerate with “ethical” demonstrations.

Before the time of Jesus Christ and the coming of Prophet Muhammed the people did not have the idea of God. The earliest people believed in numerous gods. They had hundreds of gods, such as, the god of the tree, rivers, winds, the sky and the earth and so forth. Now there is a more orderly form of belief. That is why the Holy Qur’an in AL-Muminun, or The Believers, verse 91 states:

“ No son did Allah beget, nor is there any god alone with him: (if there were many gods), behold, each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have lorded it over others! Glory to Allah!(He is free) from the (sort of) things they attribute to him!

And consequently if we are civilized, we should realize that religion is a way of life. Hence, there is ONLY ONE GOD but we profess our faith in his existence in our chosen way, which has to be respected, observed and honoured by one and all in a civilized society to live in harmony.

This is the fasting period for those who profess the Muslim Faith. Further every Friday the Muslim men are required to observe their religious obligations. We can safely presume that all people go to the Mosque or the Church or the Temple to pray for divine guidance or intervention in their life or whatever the case maybe.


If that is the case EVERY BANK ROBBER OR RAPIST would do so on a Friday, and when caught in the act would claim in his defense, that after Friday prayer’s he was guided to act on divine intervention. This argument would be considered as utter nonsense. The same reasoning should be applicable to the BARBARIANS who claim to live in a Muslim majority area.

The QUESTION is why have these BARBARIANS not been ARRESTED under the Internal Security Act and then charged in Court? Are they not a treat to the security of the Nation? Or is their act and conduct considered by the Kris swinging Home Minister as honourable?

Some months ago people carrying out a passive candle light resistance were arrested by the police and maybe, were charged in Court.

The police authorities should not waste any more time. The house of worship did not unleash these DEMONS from its den. These morally bankrupt barbarians have carefully planed their actions. Further, they by placing their shoes on the  severed head of the cow were only inviting the Hindus to retaliate. This would have given Najib and his henchmen the opportunity to act.

We are more tolerant than these barbarians think. We do not have to react. We know that even if the Government does not instill order, divine providence would play its part as there is only one SUPER NATURAL BEING but we go to him our separate ways, and these barbarians are doomed.



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