Malaya as a nation attained Independence from its Colonial Masters on 31.08.1957. The chapter of a new beginning was before us. At that stage, for reasons best known to our founding fathers, there was an official grouping known as the Alliance Party. It constituted, the United Malay National Organization(UMNO), the Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA) and the Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC).

Long before Independence, the ethnic Chinese and Indians had mingled with the ethnic Malays and this Nation had seen unobstructed development, both as a trading Nation and with the setting in place of proper and adequate Governmental Institutions. Our forefathers only had to build on and improve the administration of the nation, for the betterment of the society at large, with the Institutions that were already in place.

Subsequently, on 16.09.1963 Malaya, Singapore,  Sabah and Sarawak were united into a common fold and this political entity was known as Malaysia. Two years latter Singapore left the fold and became an Independent City state. Now known as “BRAND” Singapore made in Malaysia.

From 1963 up to 2008 this nation has been dominated by racial politics. Sometime in the 1980’s the so called Barisan National was born. This formal grouping consisted of mainly the UMNO, the MCA, the MIC, GERAKAN, the Peoples Progressive Party and various Native or Tribal based parties from Sabah and Sarawak.

It was of open knowledge and of no secret that every aspiring politician was down right a RACIST. The opposition parties at that period of time were no angles. They too were down right, RACIST and they were the Democratic Action Party(DAP) and the Pan Islamic Party(PAS). There were  few other parties which were insignificant.

The turning point came in 1998, when Anwar who was the Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister in waiting, who was also the Deputy President of UMNO,  was unceremoniously sacked by Mahathir under some fictitious criminal charges leveled against him.

This situation gave birth to a new movement, whilst Anwar was incarcerated for about 6 years. It is aptly called, “the reformasi movement.” Anwar can in no clear terms be called an angle, as he had actively participated in the racial political scenario from the time he joined UMNO sometime in 1983 and stayed in there, until he was sacked in 1998.

Anwar, we believe learnt that, in life,one has to encounter adversity with persistence and determination, as it is said to be omnipotent. He may also have had the opportunity during his long period of incarceration to reflect upon his past activities, and realized that life’s greatest or deepest lessons are more often learned when one least expects it. This must have been his turning point. As they say, “ Tragedy is the author of hope. Crisis brings us face to face with our soul.”

Thus after he was successful in his Appeal on his conviction, he made his return into the highways of politics. He was elected as a Member of Parliament, based on a Noble decision and sacrifice made by his wife, who had under very trying circumstances, held the fort, in his absence.

Now that we have since March 8 of 2008 seen the dawn of a new awakening in our political road map, we can look forward with “HOPE” that as a nation of tolerant people, our social fabric which is made up of diverse cultures and religions,  would be able to face any crisis diabolically conceived and executed by morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest and arrogant, Barisan National Government.

We are a mature society. We do not subscribe to the school of thought of creating or causing a revolution. We know that the “BALLOT” is more powerful than any bullet made by man. We have our native intelligence and our acquired intelligence which we will apply, with reason and wisdom, to bring about change, by evolution.

We also realize, that the Administration of the Federal Government and the respective State Governments are not issues that merely deal with the law of averages, to resolve problems that are bound to arise.

We are also aware as “CUSTOMERS” of the Government services provided,  all these years by the Barisan National Government, as to how incompetent the various Institutions are, from the Royal Malaysian Police Force, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, the other Civil Services and Local Authorities, the Judiciary and a host of other institutions which shall include the Government Linked Corporations.

Then there is a total failure of transparency, accountability and competency. This has led to wide scale corruption, where the tax payer’s money is siphoned off by rogues and scoundrels in the name of development.

All these unethical practices were institutionalized by non other than that man known as Mahathir.

Now, after 7 by elections have taken place, it is indeed quite settled that even though the issue of racial identity has not lost its “FORTE” amongst the Barisan National Component Parties, the Pekatan Rakyat which comprises of the PKR, DAP and PAS have been able to demonstrate that they can work as a team and surmount any challenge put up by UMNO, and the moribund MCA and  the MIC.

We are fully aware that there are some mistakes being made by some of the PKR elected representatives. This may appear to favour the Barisan National.

But on the other hand the Barisan Government has carried out many dealings. Some have come out into the open, like the Port Klang Free Zone scandal. This was not a mere coincidence or something done with stupidity. It was planned with brilliance. But the political tsunami of March 8 burst the bubble.

With the lessons learned by Anwar, and with the current cooperation within the Pekatan Rakyat we can only hope that our leaders will no longer take  the path of racialism and embark on the path of Nationalism and bring to realization for all persons in Malaysia regardless of colour, race, religion or creed to enjoy all the achievements of a meritocracy. That will ensue that Malaysia becomes a modern civilization. This will definitely make the peoples physical existence much more easier, and the people will know what to do when the next time they go to cast their votes at the ballot box.

Under these prevailing circumstances we have not past the “GUARD POST” of racial politics, but the winds of change are definitely blowing in the right direction, for the present. And we hope against hope that our leaders will lead with a soul.



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