In the 52 years since the outset of this Nation’s Independence we as a diverse Nation of differing cultures, religion and of different ethnic origin, have only faced one major PLANED racial violence.

This is an established fact. The cause of the violence, was directed and carefully engineered by the ruling party in power. The incident did not in anyway occur spontaneously.

The Malay capitalist class wanted to ensue the rise and entrenchment of the New Economic Policy. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman has alleged that, “ You know Harun was one of those-Harun, Mahathir, Ghazali Shafie—who were all working with Razak to oust me,to take over my place…” This Quote is taken from the Book entitled May 13 by Kua Kia Soong.

At that time when the riots broke out some of the leaders first caused a coup d etat to replace the Tunku as the Prime Minister of the Government of the day. A state of emergency was proclaimed and a  National Operations Council was established, which was headed by non other than Najib’s father the late Razak.

What ever happened at that period of time is now history. But the rational for drawing a parallel once again to what is now history is only to caste  a shadow over the never ending non worthy news being published by the main stream print and broadcast media.

All forms of trivial internal problems faced by the Parti Kadilan Rakyat, the Democratic Action Party and the Islamic Party known as PAS are given prominence by these spineless human robots, in reporting the news. But we as a people have not lost our native intelligence and also our acquired intelligence to see and realize that once again an “indirect coup d etat is being engineered by Najib to destabilize the State Administrations, First in Perak, and now in Kedah, Selangor Penang and Kelantan.

Like the Adam Smith’s invisible hand theory which we studied in economics, that regulates supply and demand to bring about the price to the equilibrium point, here we have Najib being the chip of the old block, passively once again using his invisible hands and endeavours to destabilize the Opposition Parties who have in a rush appointed some dubious and highly questionable characters to stand for election under their respective parties ticket, and by the March 8 tsunami, these opportunist were elected into office.

Anwar and the other opposition leaders have mirrored this National anxiety of the people and are demonstrating their courage to weed out these opportunist from their respective parties, for the general good of creating a civil, just and democratic society.

Whilst the opposition is attempting to purge itself of these opportunist, we have  intellectually bankrupt, dishonest, arrogant and plainly, morally defunct National Leaders from the Barisan National camp who are entrancing these dubious characters or opportunist to join their party or support the Barisan National to destabilize our Elected State Governments.

For 52 years the Barisan Government and the leaders have raped our Treasury. They have ‘Built Palaces” and had not known, what was velvet but now sleep on it and clothed themselves with it, amongst other extravagant spoils, of which they do not know how to appreciate, and this is not an exaggeration.

Take for example the pictures circulating on the internet, about Toyo’s Mansion, Mukzir Mansion and to top it all the “AIR CONDITIONED” DOG HOUSES for Samy Veloo’s dogs. Remember this chap Samy started of as an office boy and now his dogs have air conditioned kennels. This is the vertical heights of the abuse of wealth, which has not been genuinely earned but raped from the people’s treasury.

When we drive down from Perils to Johore we can easily notice the staked and abject poverty of our people regardless of ethnic origin. Some live in such squalor that we sometimes wonder what has become of our Nation which is blessed with  abundance of natural resources.

We cannot for a moment allow  the Barisan Leaders to take the upper hand of what is unfurling within the Pekatan Rakyat. Neither can we let down our support for the Pekatan Rakyat. If the Barisan Leadership wants to make a miscalculation of our dynamism for CHANGE let them do so at their own risk.

But if the Barisan National by unethical means goes ahead to do what it did in Perak, then they better be forewarned that the civil activist of today will no longer be reluctant to take significant risks for the sake of equality, civility and the creation of a truly democratic society.

As Einstein once remarked, and we Quote, “ I’m enough of artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Unquote.

Barisan National, should also heed the other remark made be Einstein to Upton Sinclair, that is,

“ The day will inevitably come when you will discover that the people are deaf and dumb so that they cannot hear the voice of reason.”

Remember the year 2009 is not 1969, where the Government made an absolute mockery of the peoples knowledge. Now, it is not only acquired knowledge with native intelligence at play but also our imagination which encircles the world. We have a changed mindset, and can see through the cause of the prevailing problems.



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