In all nations, there exist a great tendency and focus is being placed in regard to education. Education is seen as the natural way of preparing any child for his or her future to ensue that the child, when he or she enter the employment market will and is prepared to face the realities of adulthood. The rewards and the type of jobs or positions they secure would eventually commensurate with their educational achievements.

When one is a child the parents take on the responsibility of grooming the child with the aid of some form of educational material. These material may come in the from of  poems and rhymes. These obligations are executed from the infancy of a child to the stage when the child may be sent to a kindergarten. Thereafter, the child may be enlisted into a Public or a Private school, which depends on the parent’s status in society.

The child would then go through a period of education which lasts 11 years. Thereafter, depending on the educational achievement the young adult would proceed the pre-university examination and on being successful in achieving the established grade, becomes an under graduate in any one of the discipline,  of the chosen course of study.

The other adult’s who do not perform well, would seek employment of a general nature which does not require any specific skill. These are the people who would fall into the category of what Thomas Henry Hwdey  said:

“ Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.”

For those who succeed and move on to become under graduates and there after do proceed to attain their Masters Degree or even a Ph.D. which could be a Doctorate in Philosophy or whatsoever is issued, by the issuing authority, it would only reflect the achievement of the effort and time that was devoted to that field of study. Here the words of Tryon Edwards would be applicable, as he said:

“ The great end of education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind to train it to the use of its own powers, rather than fill it with the accumulation of others.”

Whatever the standard of education a person may achieve, in the world of today, it comes with a twin objective. Some may take education for a living. Others may take on education for the purpose of making a living.

And there are others who are more akin to be compared to that of an  “hippopotamus” where they diabolically obtain dubious or sham Degrees from dubious institutions of higher learning. And we cannot leave out those who do not qualify to gain entry into local universities, on merits, but because of the Government’s Quota System, gain entry.

These are the people who will never realize what Bertrand Russell once famously remarked, when he said: “ Ones certainty varies inversely with ones knowledge.”

These sham degree holders fail to realize that education is a life long learning process. Education maybe like the term in physics, is in a state of “ FLUX” and as a consequence education is a progressive discovery  of our own ignorance. Being charlatans, they will never realize, this fact.

How on earth do these sham Degree holders masquerade in official circles their highly questionable resumes as public figures or as Civil Servants and now claim that they were unaware of the “Dubious Institution” when such prevailing situations are made public?

How is it that the authorities are unaware of such prevailing sham, acts and conduct which has been going on for a very long time?

These are not new situations in Malaysia. Some 2 decades ago a chap by the namely, Elias Omar or so who was the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur City Hall was the holder of a sham Ph. D. Degree. And since then up to the present there may be a few thousands who are masquerading with such sham degrees and providing services to unsuspecting clients or to the society at large


These are the pseudo intellectuals or charlatans who do not  know the difference between what is the port of “Rotterdam” and a child claiming that his sibling stole his candy bar and hopes the sibling gets “Rotterdam Teeth.”

When being put on notice of the acts of these individuals and others like them, as created by the Government, it makes us wonder that, maybe these charlatans do not have a sound mind, but just matter. That may be the reason that their mind is not able to exalt over the realms of their body matter.

If only these charlatans had taken time to observe the principles of mother nature AT WORK and how it works in an “ACORN” which is matter, which eventually becomes an “OAK TREE” and the many uses it is put into, they may not have deviated to such a low path to building their “CHARACTER.” Which in any event serves very little useful purpose.

They have failed to realize that from days gone bye man by his acts is a measure of all things and that “virtue” is knowledge. They  have failed to recognize the fact as stated by Bertrand Russell that “ We can only be certain of things we know by direct acquaintance.” But they took a short cut, and chose to become, charlatans. This fact also applies to our local University Graduates.

As Ahmad Sarji  in the book entitled “ Attaining Eminence” written by Lim Chang Moh, at page 218 states:

“ Decades ago, before preferential entry was introduced, entry into university was strictly on merit. We had to compete on equal terms with the best. This was reflected in the quality of the people employed by the Government during my time,” he was quoted as saying in Graduan magazine in early 2008. “ But today, many students can enter local universities with the minimum of  requirements. Coasting their way through the undergraduate years, passing with the barest of margins, they expect to get good jobs with their low passing marks.”


Maybe our Government lives in “CLOUD 9” and we live on Earth, and that is why our civil society is where it is today.

In ending this Article it would be appropriate to quote what Henry Peter, Lord Brougham said on education, that is: “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.

It is time that the Government stops dishing out paper mill degrees to fulfill the Quota Requirements and turning out highly qualified professionals who are CHARALATANS, who are just as good as the charlatans who acquire dubious degrees from sham institutions, who have no character.



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