Muhyiddin has with a great deal of fan fair announced that there will no longer be a need to state the race in official forms. But the question in the minds of the people is that, in the first place there was no need whatsoever for the Government to have compelled its citizens to state their race in any official form.

This argument springs from the fact that the framers of the Federal Constitution  must have taken into account the history Malaya as it then was. There is no necessity to go into history to determine whether the issue of race played a cardinal or crucial role in the minds of the framers of our modern Constitution which has some of the features of the American Constitution. However, some may oppose this notion.

Be that as it may, the focal point to iron out the creases on this thorny issue of race and race based politics in Malaysia, is to fall back on the Constitution and see what it provides for.

Article 8 of the Federal Constitution specifically provides for “EQUALITY.” Further throughout the various Articles in the Constitution the word used is “PERSON(S) or “CITIZEN”.

So, why has the focus of the all POLITICIANS be they from the Barisan National component parties or the Opposition parties with the exception Parti Kadilan Rakyat been based on racial grounds? The answer is pure and simple. The Colonial power believed in the policy of divide and rule. The Alliance Party that negotiated and achieved Independence just adopted what their colonial masters had done. Over a period of time UMNO became dominant, and the rest is history.

As much as we all welcome this change, we are not convinced that the Government has made the announcement in good faith. This is owing to the fact that the announcement is “conditional” as the Government is “ studying a move to do away with the requirement.”

This is a clear indication that the “quality” of the announcement is highly in doubt. Therefore, the great fan fair given by the Star Publication to the announcement and the faith the people have in it is less persuasive. It seems to look like a political gimmick which comes from intellectually dishonest, arrogant and to a large extent, morally defunct leaders, who are now in a state of delirium.

We as the people of this Nation have been very tolerant over the apartheid policies implemented by the UNITED MALAY NATIONAL ORGANISATION, party over the last 52 or so years since our independence.

We have seen, all forms of rhetorical speeches and are now able  to read between the lines, the delivery of any impassioned speech. We know that beneath the declamations made by the political leaders in Government there will always be another tone. They think that they can hide behind their ill conceived illusions. But they fail to realize that with our current acquired intelligence and experience we are able to perceive that there is another vision.

We as a people of this Nation have all along had mutual respect for each other. The natural  way of our life gave the Government the opportunity to trumpet to the world that we have “unity in diversity.” They even have had the audacity to advertise to the world that “ Malaysia is truly Asia.” What the Government has failed miserably is in endeavouring to divide the people on racial lines in order for them to stay in “POWER.”

Now, since Parti Keadilan Rakyat is growing as a multi racial party, and with the Democratic Action Party and PAS following suit, the UMNO, the Malaysian Chinese Association and the Malaysian Indian Congress are becoming moribund.

The Barisan National Leaders are now being advised by their spin doctors that the longing of the people is no longer based on racial lines but on nationalistic lines. No doubt the yearning of the people for equality would not be fulfilled in the near future. We are pragmatic and understand the desire of the PKR’s effort with the DAP and PAS to work under the umbrella of the Pakatan Rakyat to at least appease our desire to live in a Nation that would to a larger extent be blind to race, religion and colour and create a level playing field for all its people to compete and get their achievement based on “meritocracy” and not one based on “MEDIOCRITY”.

So, Muhyiddin, the Government should be bold to dissolve UMNO, MCA and MIC and form one National Party to represent the people. If you mean what you say, you and Najib have to lead by example. We do not need all this fan fair of doing away with the word “RACE” in the official forms. It should not have been there in the first place, as it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

We are fully aware that what you say is not what is intended.



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