The Star reports that Muhyiddin has chided the Opposition for stirring up a controversy  over Rohaizat Othman who is the Barisan National candidate for Permatang Pasir.

As we all know, it is clear and beyond doubt, that Rohaizat was a member of the legal profession. The Legal Profession Act, 1976 ( Act 166) is an Act promulgated by Parliament. The title or preamble of the Act states, that  it is “ An Act to consolidate the law relating to the legal profession in Malaysia.”

Then, there is the “ Legal Profession ( Practice and Etiquette) Rules 1978” where the title or preamble states that it is, “ In the exercise of the powers conferred by section 77 of the Legal Profession Act 1976, the Bar Council makes the following rules :”

It is trite law that every Lawyer who in Malaysia is known as an Advocate & Solicitor has to make an application in the High Court to have his call moved before the Court, subject to there being no objections raised on his call, before such person is admitted to the Bar. There upon the Advocate & Solicitor is an Officer of the Court. Thereafter, in order to be in Practice the lawyer has to make an application to renew his practicing certificate on an annual basis. The High Court issues the Certificate, subject to the certification by the Bar Council.

As far as Rohaizat Othman’s status as an Advocate and Solicitor is concerned, the Bar Council has confirmed that,

“The Advocates and Solicitors Disciplinary Board struck Rohaizat Othman off the Roll of Advocates and Solicitors on 7 March 2008 after he was found guilty of misconduct.  The Disciplinary Board’s decision arose from an investigation into the complaint lodged against Rohaizat Othman by the purchaser of a piece of real property.  According to the complaint, Rohaizat Othman failed to refund almost RM 161,000 to the complainant after the transaction was aborted.”

Before we deal with the aborted transaction of Rohaizat’s client’s complaint, let us first see what Rule 16 of the “Practice and Etiquette” Rules states, it inter alia states: “….fearlessly uphold the interest of his client, the interest of justice and dignity of the profession without regard to any unpleasant consequences either to himself or to any other person.”

It is quite clear, that Rohaizat had to “ uphold the interest of his client” when the transaction had been ABORTED. The sum of RM 161,000.00 had to be refunded to the client. But he failed to do so. The client lodged a complaint. The Bar Council gave him a full hearing. Rohaizat was found guilty. He was struck off from the Rolls.

Now, does it not appear to be strange for us as right thinking people to wonder what “LAW” is this chap Muhyiddin talking about.

LAW is LAW. All laws are passed by Parliament. The “Laws” applicable to the safety of “Animals” are also Laws.

SO, Muhyiddin, have you and Najib with the concurrence of Hishamuddin “passed a new law which even Parliament is not aware of?”

Umno is now in a state of  “delirium” and they are unable to think rationally. But Muhyiddin you cannot be so stupid and show the world that you are an idiot or for that matter that UMNO is morally defunct and does not any longer have any clean soul left in the party.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, you are equally stupid. Rohaizat “ DID NOT ENCOUNTER A PROBLEM WITH THE BAR COUNCIL”

He was plainly “DISHONEST” when he did not refund the RM 161,000.00 to his client when the transaction was aborted. Rohaizat CREATED HIS OWN PROBLEMS. The client exercised his rights. The Bar Council implemented the law. Period.

So, now the UMNO wants the people to only vote “ROGUES and SCOUNDRELS to be the peoples representatives.

There are no real issues UMNO,  that you can explain to the people during the campaign period.

Rohaizat has forfeited the confidence of the people by stealing what does not belong to him. He has been given a full chance to be heard by his follow “BROTHERS” and was found guilty. Rohaizat can never again regain his respect and or his esteem in the eyes of all right thinking people. As they say,  “ once bitten, twice shy” and even a “kindergarten boy” nowadays knows that, so how about grown up people. Think about it, before you go out to explain and clarify this matter.

In a civil society every one is subject to the Rule of the Law and there is no “law” that will confirm based on our native and acquired intelligence that “Rohaizat” has been cleared to stand for Public Office.



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