The Director of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Mohd Shukri Abdull  has suggested, as reported by the Star Publication on 16.08.2009, that all investigations involving politics be suspended, temporarily with immediate effect.

The reasons assigned for the temporary suspension on politics, is clearly related to the Port Klang Free Zone scandal. It has currently surfaced in the Print and Alternate Media that Ong Tee Keat may have been granted a purported RM 10 Million loan by Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. The Chief Executive Officer of  Dimensi Tiong King Sing has said so  Tiong has further alleged that Ong Tee Kiat has also used the Executive Jet of Dimensi for Ong’s personal travel, and has not made any payments for the use of the Private Jet.

On the other hand the Port Klang Authority Chairman  Lee Hwa Beng has on 10.08.2009 issued a two page statement that the  special task force looking into the legal and financial aspects of the PKFZ  project found evidence suggesting “POSSIBLE FRAUD, UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS AND OVER CHARGING” by Kuala Dimensi AMOUNTING TO HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF RINGGIT.

It should be noted that Kuala Dimensi is the TURNKEY CONTRACTOR of the PKFZ PROJECT.

It has also been reported on 14.08.2009 in the Star that the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Azmi Khalid has said  that the massive cost over-run could have been avoided by the Board of the Port Klang Authority.  But there was no hands on approach and that the PKA board had largely failed in its duty to oversee the PKFZ’s project.

In the meantime it has to be noted that the CEO of Luala Dimensi, Tiong King Sing is the Member of Parliament for Bintulu and also the Treasurer General of the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party and the Backbenchers Club Chairman.

This untenable prevailing situation within the fold of the Barisan National prompted Muhyiddin to weight in on the Ong and Tiong spat which was reported in the Star on 15.08.2009 where Muhyiddin has inter alia stated:

“ I do not want to advise BUT think it is important to understand the implications what they say can have on the Government Party and the public….it was .Tiong who had defamed Ong first and in doing so, has tarnished the image of Barisan. …..Ong is suing Tiong to defend his name and also the accountability of the Barisan Government.”

So it is clear and beyond DOUBT that the MACC is not an INDEPENDENT Institution which has been vested with the powers to INVESTIGATE corruption. It is a SLAVE of the Barisan National Government.

The Barisan Component Parties were over confident that they can rape the tax payer’s money as though the treasury was a bottomless pit.


It is indeed amusing and at the same time disgusting to be of the realization that the Barisan Government seems to carry out acts which goes against the grain of commercial morality and at the same time the grain of transparency, accountability and competency. Year after year the Auditor General has reported on the various short comings in the functioning of the various Governmental Institutions and Ministries. Nothing has ever been done and no actions have been taken nor has anyone been held responsible or accountable.

It is clear from the above facts that in the BN leadership there is not a single soul that is a Theoretical person. By this we mean, that there is no one in Government who is interested in the discovery of the truth. The leaders are only interested in self preservation  and in protecting their misdeeds and the accumulation of their personal wealth at the expense of the tax payer. Their political interest is primarily in holding on to power. They also fear competition  and the struggle for political party dominance and consume much of the peoples time and energy on trivial issues by using the main stream print and broadcast media to highlight non news wordy subjects and blow it out of proportion.

After having had engineered the selective persecution of the opposition parties elected representatives,  through the use of the BN slaves being the MACC, Muhyiddin realized that if the MACC is not stopped from continuing with its investigation on the PKFZ scandal, “it will tarnish the image of the Barisan” and there by instructed the MACC to stop all investigations involving politics.

So Mohd Shukri Abdull makes it look like the opposition parties are FRUSTRATING  their efforts to combat corruption when he states; “ The very people who talk about wanting to fight corruption themselves are creating all the problems.”

Mohd Shukri, we really do not know how on earth you were appointed to hold that position. You Stupid statements, are an insult to our Native and other acquired Intelligence. If you are a shameless creature so be it. The reason why you stopped the political investigations temporarily is because you were instructed to do so by your masters, that is Najib and Muhyiddin.

Muhyiddin has let the cat out of the bag by stating amongst other matters: “Ong is suing Tiong to defend his name and also the accountability of the Barisan Government.”

They have to put everything in suspense for a while to get ONG out of the mess he is in. They further cannot allow any other investigations to take place, as they have far too many skeletons in the closets which would eventually fall out into the public domain.

It is now clear and beyond doubt that the MACC is an Institution that is a SLAVE of UMNO. The Leadership of BN has no VALUE in the eyes of all right thinking Malaysians. The MACC and PDRM do not have officers with VALUE that can help shape their human behaviour. You chaps fail in your religious, social, economic and theoretical and last but not least your political behaviour.

It is time that there is a CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT and with that a large number of the officers in the PDRM, MACC, the JUDICARY and the CIVIL SERVICE would have to have their services terminated, if they are not able the rehabilitate themselves within a reasonable time frame to be service and people centered.



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    It is the general perception of the populace and there could be some truth to it.

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