The article in the Utusan Malaysia written by Mohd Riduan castigating the unborn child of the late Teoh Beng Hock can only be conceived and written by a person who is devoid of all current on going social changes, technological changes, scientific discoveries which has made the peoples way of thinking and making choices in their lives, in this world without borders, different from ancient times.

The writer seems to be oblivious to the cause of the untimely and mysterious death of a fellow citizen who was merely required to go to the MACC office as a witness, for a statement to be recorded over some frivolous on going investigations.

Whilst there was a tremendous outcry on the suspicious nature of the late Teoh’s death, Riduan Lee mercilessly created an equally tremendous consternation in our conservative civil society which gave rise to a further outcry by all the right thinking people who are realist, on the show of Riduan’s stupidity.

The civil society regardless of colour, race or religion is not like Riduan Lee who as a convert into a new faith wants to demonstrate to the world that he truly honours the Hippocratic oath that he took on conversion  to strictly follow and abide by the codes stipulated in the ancient holy book.

What Riduan Lee failed to realize is that all the ancient holy books were written at a time when the people thought that the world was flat. He fails to realize that only after the birth of the renaissance  in the 15th. century did Tycho Brahe develop by careful study the systemic approach to observe the heavens and to accurately fix the positions of hundreds of stars. Only in the 16th.century did Isaac Newton make known his theories on motion and gravity which laid the foundation of modern physics. And Louis Pasteur made his contributions to biology, medicine, chemistry and industry in the 18th century.

Are we to understand that since the above scientific discoveries were made by non muslims Riduan Lee is going to stick a label on these discoveries and SHOUT  OUT TO ALL MUSLIMS NOT TO BELIEVE IN THESE DISCOVERIES AS IN THE HOLY BOOK IT HAS NOT PROVIDED FOR SUCH AND SUCH, AND IT IS “UNHOLY—HARAM”. He would definitely not do it, because if he does such an act, he would be sent to a “mental institution” and there is one called tanjung rambutan, which may not even accept him.

We know that a lot of under aged girls and young ladies regardless of colour, race and religion have discrete sex lives with some male they desire. It happens all over the world. But what we cannot accept is WHEN A GRAND FATHER OF FATHER HAS SEX OR RAPES HIS DAUGHTER OR GRAND DAUGHTER, AND BEARS HER A CHILD.

We remember that Azlina made a lot of noise about these matters when she was in Government. What has UMNO done about it?

We have to also Caution ZULKIFLI of PKR to stop being fanatical, when it comes to religious issues. The advise to Riduan and also Zulkifli is that they should seriously think about the diverse mix that exist in the many prevailing spiritual traditions of the world.

They should also be aware that there are a diverse mix in the teachings of philosophy, poetry, social science teachings on leadership and organizations and also the extensive experience one gains in the social circle one keeps and last but not least the ready offer of inspiration and guidance provides by the internet and other channels of  broadcast or telecast.

Every one of us enjoy all the achievements made available by technological innovations  which has given birth to the modern civilization we now live in. we know a great deal about the universe than what our forefathers did.

However if Riduan and Zulkifli do not enjoy the current essence of reality and want to be dogmatic about their religious indoctrination, so be it, but keep it to your self. Do not impose your ancient acquired wisdom on others. This will only result in making the very essence of our reality, to become highly misleading, thus causing unnecessary strain to the social fabric of our diverse cultures.

We all know that God is Infallible and immortal. God does not need mortal and fallible persons to be his Supervisors, Policemen and commentators of the morality or virtues of  other persons. Each one of us are personably answerable to God.

As such, you, hyper hippocritics such as Riduan Lee do not show us that you are God fearing and are more muslim than a born muslim. And to Zulkifli just behave yourself and do not become over enthusiastic about the religion you profess. If you cannot understand us than Zulkifli you will not get our vote.

The ancient wisdom as stipulated in the various holy books are there to be used as merely a guide. Commonsense dictates that no mortal soul can ever follow all the precepts as stated therein. Each individual is personally answerable to the Divine Almighty for their acts and conduct. As such, it is not PLAUSIBLE FOR THERE TO BE A COMPULSIVE APPLICATION OF ANCIENT WISDOM TO MODERN LIVES AS EACH INDIVIDUAL IS PERSONALLY ANSWERABLE FOR HIS DEEDS OR MISDEEDS TO THE DIVINE ALMIGHTY.

It is better to follow these precepts by reason and wisdom than by blind faith.



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