The Star Publication of 13.08.2009 has seen fit to report in gross error what Najib had to state about “Patriotism”. On reading the report, one would start to wonder whether the Prime Minister understands English or not. And further what is the standard or command of the English Language the Editors of the publication have.

In the first place no racist has to tell a nation of people how to be “Patriotic”. Secondly it is the Government which for the past 52 years has maintained an “Apartheid” system and has grossly abused its powers to Govern. This is a glaring fact which cannot be denied. The “question” that has to be answered is: are only Malaysians of Malay Ethnic Origin  capable of holding all the “SENIOR POSITIONS” in the civil service and in all the other Governmental Institutions and GLC’s? Further, what has happened to the 30 wasted years of the New Economic Policy? The majority of the “Ethnic Malays” as still poor or backward.

The Little Oxford Dictionary gives the meaning of : PETROIT as, “A PERSON DEVOTED TO AND READY TO DEFEND HIS COUNTRY”.

So is not the statement of Najib a mere NONSENSE. It appears to be clearly so.

What Najib fails to realize is the fact that it has been acknowledged by Mahathir, that 90 % of the tax is paid by the NON ETHNIC MALAYS. And 90% of all the benefits are raped by the Ethnic Malays.

The Non Ethnic Malays have even under these severe circumstances in the past supported the Barasan National and that is how they stayed in power for 52 years. But  prior to March 08. 2008 saw a change in the mind set of the young Ethnic Malays. This eventually snowballed and galvanized the other Ethnic Communities to stop supporting the Government in the polls.

Najib, claims that if people do not respect the laws  to maintain the country’s peace and harmony, the people are not “patriotic” is a gross fallacy which can only be written in water that flows under a bridge. There is no substance. How such a stupid statement become the headlines as a news wordy subject only reflects the mediocre mentality of the news paper editors.

Najib, must be thankful that this nation of people are still quite tolerant, even though the Non Ethnic Malays have been deprived of their Fundamental Constitutional Rights for the better part since this Nation secured its Independence.

We all know that this is a “beautiful country” but it is idiots like the likes of you that have time and again  diabolically conceived ideas and have caused a division amongst the people, based on racial lines. If you ask us to respect the law, THEN INSTRUCT THE MALAYSIAN ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION TO CHARGE THE FORMER SELONGOR CHIEF MINISTER AND THE MALACCA CHIEF MINISTER IN COURT.

If you do not yourself let the law take its natural course, then who are you to preach to us. You must always remember that you will not have any peace of mind unless you learn to tolerate and most of all to respect all other people’s faith as you expect us to respect yours, which we have all along done by words and by our deeds.

In order to be a true Leader you have to lead with a “SOUL”. We find that you may not have one. That is the reason we do not TRUST YOU AND UMNO.

Whilst in the world, technology seems to be marching ahead, your policies on education are going to turn the FUTURE MALAYSIANS INTO DUFFERS. This will only bring about chronic social and economic imbalance, which will only make matters worse for the people of the future to live in peace and harmony.

Therefore, it is clear and apparent that the people have to make an unprecedented change to our civil society, as we are all a nation of “PATRIOTIC” people. Just wait and see.



  1. boscopa Says:

    Yes, I am

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