We live in a borderless world. The medium of communication is in English. The Star publication on 12.08.2009 reports that Muhyiddin the so called Education Minister has stated that the two subjects of Mathematics and Science would be taught “either” in Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese or Tamil and English  and in Bahasa Malaysia and English in secondary schools beginning next year.

What the man does not realize is the fact that the current level of our education system has reached too such a low level and the standard of our school leavers general knowledge is nothing to be proud off. There are paper mill Degrees being dished out by the local universities where the graduates are no where comparable to those who obtained a pass in the general certificate of education in the 1960 and 70’s.

The politicians have to realize that they cannot play politics with the future of the Malaysian Children. It is a well settled principle that a proper education policy grounded on sound teaching techniques left in the hands of capable and devoted teaches would bring out the best in a majority of the students.

These mediocre politicians who have by chance become our leaders are a shameless breed of persons who have admitted that even the teachers are not able to understand or for that matter speak in English. Yet this miserable man who is the Minister of Education has the audacity to state that” this was among efforts to provide a SOFT LANDING for students in view of the change in policy” and it is clearly apparent that his expectation is to create a nation of duffers and super mediocre unemployable graduates.

What else can the words “soft landing” mean. May be it is a direct translation of what it means in Bahasa Malaysia or some other dialect which he speaks.

We do not need intellectually bankrupt politicians making policies that gives the indication that the people are striving for educational goals that the politicians feel are unattainable.

We realize that given the chance for a proper and sound education it would be the source of any nations prosperity. The opportunity for attaining such education should be in the English Language whilst emphasis should also be made to master the National Language.

Therefore the political leaders should have the courage and the motivational force and not just plain motivation to formulate proper and sound educational policies. It must be emphasized that true motivation is known to be a function of both valence and expectancy. The political leaders may have valence, that is, like the combination or replacing power of an atom as compared with the hydrogen atom but without expectancy  it will not produce any motivation.

The peoples perception of the possibility of success in the teaching of all subjects in the English Language is centered on the current world that is without borders. English is the medium of communication and the language for acquiring knowledge. The people know that there will be a specific outcome, that is, the students and the future generation would be able to compete on a level playing field. This specific foreseeable outcome would come to fruition  as that would be the expectancy which is attainable.

Muhyiddin if you are still around, ten years from today, you can be the King of a Nation of DUFFERS. We better have a “HARD LANDIND” now than having to face a meaningless future, in having your “SOFT LANDING”.



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